This was posted 2 years 7 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Motorola Moto G7 $319.20, G7 Plus $399.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


First time to post, so please be nice.
I think it is good deal.

Moto G7 $319.2 + Delivery

According to Motorola Australia website, both G7 and G7 plus have B28 and NFC on Australian Model. However, I am not sure G7 has NFC.

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  • G6 Plus $299(Officeworks) VS G7 $319.20

    Which one is better?

  • Out of stock in Officeworks

    • G6 Plus was $299 on Amazon AU this Morning. I ordered it, but I found this deal and I think G7 and G7 Plus are new.

      Finally, I cancelled G6 Plus, and ordered G7 Plus. I paid $114 more(Amazon cashback + Delivery fee from TGG).

      Is it worth it to pay $114 extra?

      At the moment, Amazon change G6 Plus price, $445.

  • +5

    i got the G7 plus for $379.05 at office works yesterday as they beat Amazon by 5%

    • Still cheaper on eBay as many got eBay giftcards from eBay UK.

    • Also G7 Plus at $399 through Amazon Prime: ShopBack on Amazon is 4.5% ($16.32) so price becomes $382.68 delivered I think. CashRewards 3.5% ($12.70) price becomes $386.30. Amazon Prime members get free delivery. Good options if Officeworks is out of stock or won't do price beat for some reason. Officeworks may charge extra for delivery (I'm not sure), pickup should be free I guess.
      Amazon Prime link to G7 Plus:

      Good Guys delivered price with Cashrewards $398.05 ($499 - 1.4% cashback $6.35 - 20% discount $99.80 + delivery $5.20)

      • Good Information. However, Ebay is 0% cashback from Cash rewards. Goodguys price is 399.20+delivery 5.20 = $404.40. I think Amazon with cashback is best option for now.

    • Just got knocked back at my local OW on this price match. Reason given was that Amazon is a seller, not a reseller, and hence they have no way of knowing where Amazon got their stock from (even though it was the same exact model and part number).

      • Try a different OW , I didn't have any problems at Rutherford

        • Other stores are further away / with no stock, and no time left today to check, so just went with the TGG ebay deal before that expires.

  • I have a G7 plus and very happy with it - only downside is the midrange hardware but that is fair for the price - the cpu isn't super snappy (bit slow scrolling sometimes) but it is stable.

    Also, the gestures are just the coolest when you don't want to unlock the phone :)

    • Karate chop for light
    • Twist twice for camera
  • Just to clarify on the dual-sim functionality, are both sims on standby (so can receive sms/mms concurrently on both for instance) or do you need to switch from one sim or the other?

    • Both always active, can receive concurrently on both .

  • Great deal, loving my G7 6 weeks in so far.

  • Awesome phone(s)

  • My TZE from 2years and few months ago ozbargain deal died, slowly, and painfully, touch screen stopped working and screen looked like something leaking and spreading making it pitch black.

    Luckily ozbargain always comes in help.
    got 2 motog7plus and 2sd,

    I was torn between normal and plus, checked some review of the camera and the price difference was justified by that alone for me.

    Based on past experience I decided price difference with the 6plus was justified, I always went for older models, but this time price gap was not that inviting.

    Officeworks out of stock, tried to check there just in case.

    Thanks, great post and useful comments as always.

    I have a moto 3 I still keep as back up emergency phone, had to send once in warranty due to fried motherboard, but still holding up,and posting from it right now, screen is so small!

  • Anyone who ordered this having delayed delivery? Mine hasn't been sent yet…

    • I ordered 2 7plus +2 ssung sd and received 2 days later, GG sent em an email confirming the shipping on Monday arvo(I ordered on Sunday) and I got them on Wednesday.

      Sorry about the delay of your items mate

      • Thanks maybe just me then. Ordered 19/6 was expecting it to arrive by now, then realised it's still showing as unsent.

        • Did it arrive?

          Could be a blessing. Price is now better.

          • @Ulysses31: Blessing indeed! Longish story but item was never sent due to me providing my parcel locker address. Anyways that purchase has now been refunded and I've purchased at the lower price. New phone currently undergoing setup.

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