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Google Chromecast Ultra $79.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Good longer-term Chromecast option than the Chromecast 3 which is currently also on sale. The Chromecast Ultra offers support for 4K TVs plus it also has an additional Ethernet port which can be really helpful in some situations. Thanks to TA for the original deal.

Original 20% off The Good Guys on eBay Deal Post

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    +5ish for shipping

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    Good longer-term Chromecast option than the Chromecast 3 which is currently also on sale.

    Especially if you plan on signing up for Stadia…by 2039

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    Wouldn't the Vodafone tv box still be a better buy? I think its free shipping too

    • You can't cast Netflix to the box, allegedly. Although the box itself does include the Netflix app.

    • +1

      Honestly yes, the damn thing is almost perfect.

  • How’s the app support on this?

    Anyone know if it has the 7now app that you can get on the iPad?

    Or would anger decide be better (my Xbox one and pa3 don’t seem to have this app)
    Also need a cable connection like this.

  • This + Plex app + computer is how I stream all 1080P and 4K content onto my living room Tv these days

    No ragrets

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      Vodafone tv is better for this. Better hardware coded support, direct streams more.

      • Yeah I switched my sister and parents from chromecast and bought them both VTVs. I find it nicer rather than taking up your phone. Probably a bit more parent friendly too.

      • No thanks. Prefer to have less clutter and using phone as the only remote. Going for the cleaner look in my living room so the Chromecast is better for that purpose

        In terms of hardware, it's handled everything I thrown at it and has been buttery smooth so no complaints there

  • What can this do that the Vodafone TV can't?

    • Please can some who know let us know please? I want torn between two, since I read VTV includes chromecast ultra built in

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        Just get the voda tv. I just took the dive on two

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          I liked my vtv so much i bought my folks one. My dad cant get enought watching videos off it in living room.

  • Is it worth paying extra for the ultra rather than the chromecast 3?

    • +1

      If you have a 4k tv. You would get the ultra.

      • +1

        Thanks, I'll just get the Chromecast 3 then.

  • So I got a Chromecast 2nd gen, Minix box for network streaming & a Laser box for Live TV.

    The above mentioned Vodafone TV will replace Chromecast, Minix & Laser box if I'm not wrong? I presume the chromecast built in is similar to chromecast ultra?

  • I'm gonna throw in my 2 Bob here. I think the Vodafone TV is the better option, as many others have suggested. Price is nearly the same. The Vodafone TV can be used as a 4K chromecast (and it does a hell of a good job of it) but where it shines is the things the Chromecast can't do.

    I'm sure these are many, many things but I will list one, because I use this a lot. Amazon Prime Video, I can't or don't know how to cast it to a chromecast, but I have the app loaded on the VF TV and it works so well. In conclusion, this one feature that I use for Seinfeld, it well worth the slight amount of extra room it takes up on my TV cabinet.

    • Fair point, I haven't ised the Vodafone TV box, I use nvidia shield primarily and have a chromecast. I think Amazon prime video can be used on the shield aswell.

  • Does anyone know where you can buy a new Vodafone TV? I can find the Vodafone product page but nowhere to actually buy it.

    • Vodafone stores have these for $72.

  • Great, thank you! Sounds like I'll have to head in store.

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