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10% off CAT5e Ethernet Networking Cables (from $0.99 for 1.5m) + $13 Shipping at Execab


Save on our Cat5e clearance sale! From $0.99 All Cat5e Stock is priced to clear to make way for newer stock! Shipped Australia Wide!

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  • Big $$$ should mean to save big $$$. A saving of 10% …10 cents…is not big $$$.

  • +16 votes

    $13 shipping is a killer

  • I bought a 2m or so cable yesterday at MSY for like $4. Delivery absolutely kills this.

  • It's just a flat, cable. Shipping wouldn't cost that much. CPL/MSY or even eBay with their free postage way cheaper with lots of +ve feedbacks.

  • A cat 5e cable for $12 is not a bargain.

  • Recently bought 50M cat 6 for $8.95 each including shipping from eBay.

    Took ages to ship though.

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      There is no way that could even be legal. probably direct from china. Does it even have Australian compliance on it?

      • It’s comms cabling not power cabling. Legality prob not an issue.

        If not up to standard user will pay with lower bandwidth, not fines.

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          legality is if you have a issue say insurance, and it is directly or indirectly connected to a problematic item which requires insurance cover it can be knocked back. many issues arise in uncertified cabling such as Power over ethernet in CCA cabling which is Copper Clad Aluminium, its a fire risk.

    • I bet you're kicking yourself now. You could have bought 97% less cable and only have paid 34% more

    • Do you have a link to this? Sounds like a good deal :)

  • This is great value if you need to order in bulk. say I needed 120 1.5m cat5e patch… this works out nearly half the price of fs.com. fs.com is free shipping over $99 and execab charge $40. it's is still about $295 at fs and $160 at execab.

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      FS.com and I have an email to prove it, DO NOT have any Australian certifications to sell in Australia. if you are putting these into a workplace or commercial environment you can be fined for doing so. They are a Chinese company that came to Australia to sell here without learning the local market

      see from their email

      Hi Neil,

      Thanks for sharing this with me.

      May I know the products you order for your company use or resell?

      As I know, our products don't have Australian compliance markings, but our products passed RoHS, FCC etc, you can learn more at https://www.fs.com/company/quality_control.html

      We ship many orders to Australia every day, it seems we have't heard customers feedback what you mentioned. Thanks.


      • Fined under what law. And what’s is your “certification”


          you mean fair trading laws, s008 wiring rules, telecommunications act? WHS Act, your kidding me right?

          All manufacturers have to be responsible suppliers and licensed to do so, using a permit number issued by the Australian Communications & Media Authority. All products prior to sale must be sent to a certified laboratory and tested and approved with a certificate issued to you before sale.

          when you look at a cable it will have the old A-tick or new RCM followed by a number Nxxxx that is the manufacturers number and that's what gives you the right to sue someone in case something goes wrong.

          • @execab: When referencing a standard helps to pin point the actual item. Instead of rattling any standard / act you can think of.

            The telecommunications act doesn’t specify technical requirements. Ie AWG sizing you refer to before is American standard not Australian.

            Are you kidding me that you know what you are talking about.

            Just lol

    • It's bargain - but the postage is criminal.

  • 13 dollar for a cable… i would better to buy from paddy's market :P

  • i wish you are well to sell 1 million cable for 13 dollar…. but for this offer i would say no deal !

  • postage…..

  • Negging again because the postage makes this not a bargain.