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Toolpro Sliding Compound Mitre Saw 18V - $130.22 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Supercheap Auto eBay


A great looking saw which would be handy and portable with a couple of batteries. The cheapest I've seen it go on sale and the code brings it down even further. Great for people interested in self-sufficiency, hobbyists and small scale building/ renovations.

EDIT: Price has increased, so no longer the bargain it was (at ~$138).

Don't forget your preferred cashback site.

Thanks to @AMLagonda for heads up about item being back on sale.

Original 15% off Plus Items on eBay Deal Post

Enjoy! :)

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  • Just what I was looking for

  • 18cm blade for a mitre saw ia really small, better get a circular saw for that price ans size.

  • This or the aldi one? I feel like the batteries would almost be a disadvantage.


      I wondered the same thing, but I'd go for Toolpro over Aldi. Still, I don't have any experience with Aldi electricals so maybe somebody else could offer an opinion.

  • Please be aware that making an accurate cut with this is rather difficult. OK for crude things that doesn't require perfect angles but if you are planning on building things like like furniture, it is best to avoid this.

  • Sounds cheap but blade seems small. Even though this is sliding it seems like it has to be because the blade is so small…

    Bunnings ozito don't seem to have a sliding cordless version.

    Tempting… No idea what I'd use it for… But then again I always find I should've bought the tool in advance on sale before I needed it…


      Good point. I thought it could be useful for making art canvas frames, other art projects I work on, or building a bird/ possum/ wildlife house.

  • Need a 225mm blade to make any saw worth while, this is just too small.


      The reviews here sound quite promising, actually. I'd say, at ~ $140, it's a great investment for the jobs I have roughly outlined, and no doubt many more.

      In fact, I just found this YouTube video which shows it in action, used by a professional tradie who got some great results and was very happy with it.

      I look forward to putting it to use and maybe laying down a new back deck.

      • Look this thing is a beast on the road where you cant get power but its uses are limited, it all depends on the situation I guess. :)


    Just noticed the price has increased. Always worth checking YouTube or googling items to determine if an item is worth buying.

    It was definitely a great price.

  • Can you use this corded?

  • Price is back…

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