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[eBay Plus] Sony WH-1000XM3 $289 (Sold Out), Breville BES870 $462 | + 15% off Aussie Retailers ($50 Min Spend)


Here's a hot teaser for the upcoming eBay Plus weekend sales. There's a few hundred of each in stock and sold by VERY reputable OzB regular stores. These will fly out so you'll need to be quick. Remember Bose QC35 two years ago when 650 units sold out in 3 minutes?! Each deal will have different start times across Sat & Sun. I will update the post with the unique codes later down the track. There's heaps more products that I'm not at liberty to divulge at this stage. All I can say is stay tuned. Fun kicks off Saturday at 10am AEST. And please remember, this sale is open only to eBay Plus members. Enjoy :)

news.com.au article mentions 15% off eBay Plus for Aussie retailers. Not stackable with these deals, but added to title. More to come.

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eBay Plus members only. Min spend $50. Max discount $200. All eBay Plus items with the eBay Plus logo and all items listed on eBay where the coupon redemption code PLUSWKND is displayed on the item listing, except for the following excluded items: Real Estate (10542), Coins (11116), Services (316), Cars/Bikes/Boats (9800), Tickets/Travel (11730), Other Lots More Items (88433); and Gift Cards (184609).

Mod Update: Complete List:

Saturday 22/6 10am:

Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless NC Headphones Black/Silver $289 SOLD OUT
NETGEAR VMS4330 Arlo Pro HD System with 3 HD Cameras $479
Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum $799 Sold Out
Dreamz Weighted Blanket $75
AlphaPoint Lazer Blaster $19.95
Devanti Aroma Aromatherapy Diffuser $24.99
Vertuo Black (Flat Top) Coffee Machine $149.99
Tann's Premium Gin 700ml $59.99
6x Batch X Sangiovese 2016 McLaren Vale SA $35
Crocs Comfy Men's & Women's Classic Clogs Navy $19.99
UGG Boots Premium Australian Sheepskin $39
Philips Twin TurboStar Airfryer HD9651/91 $300
Dyson supersonic Hair Dryer Pink $375
TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Curlesque Amplifier 150ml $14

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Saturday 22/6 3pm:

Star Wars R2-D2 Smart Remote Control Robot $29
Samsung Galaxy S10 (128GB) $899 $849 Code PLUSWE1 Sold out
Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Black FBC4004GL AU stock $449
Bright Starts Colourful Infant Baby Chair $49
Samsung 1TB T5 Portable SSD MU-PA1T0B/WW $169
Red Mix Wine Yellow Tail Shiraz (12x750ml) $54.99
Gro Company Ollie The Owl Sound & Night Light Sleep Aid $44
Matilda Bay Frothy Beer Case 4x6x375ml Cans $25
Kathmandu Heli Women's Lightweight Duck Down Jacket $69
Dr. Martens Unisex Lace Up Leather Boots Nappa $90
Fossil FTW6003 Women's Smartwatch Q Venture Silver $109.95
Silver Bullet Attitude Straightener (Pink & Black) $84.15
Vital Greens 1kg Tub Superfood Blend Protein $79.83
Oral B Genius 9000 Dual Handle Gen9000 $188.30

Deal Post

Sunday 23/6 10am:

Apple Airpods (Gen 2) + Wireless Charging Case $249.00 Sold out
Xiaomi Mi Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2nd Generation Australian Version $399.00 sold out
Finish 225 Tabs Quantum Powerball Super Charged Dishwashing/Dishwasher Tablet $49.00 Sold out
Breville the Barista Express Coffee Machine - BES870 $462.00
Spectre X360 (3AP43PA) i7-8550U 512GB SSD 16GB RAM $1,599.00
Matrix 20V Cordless Drill & Impact Driver Li-Ion Lithium Electric Power Tool Set $99.99
Monopoly Fortnite by Epic Games - Tilted Towers - Kids Toys Board Games Ages 13+ $19.95
NEW MTM 62cc Petrol Commercial Chainsaw 22" Bar E-Start Tree Pruning Chain Saw $81.00
Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 (purple) $48.99
Bulmers Original Cider 24 x 330mL Bottles $25.00 Sold out
2XU Compression Tights G1 Womens $44.95
2XU Accelerate Compression Tights Mens $44.95
Marc Jacobs MJ1644 Womens Henry Black Analogue Watch $69.95
New Philips Series 9000 Prestige Shaver Sp9860/13 $320.00
The Body Shop Spa Of The World Firming Selection $1.00 Sold out
Childcare Co Sleeper Baby Bassinet Storm Cloud $119.00
Parlux 1800 Hair Dryer ( 3 colour variants Red, Green, Black) $84.95

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  • Great price on the S10

    • Noob question.

      Is this 5G capable?

      • No.

        That's exclusive to Telstra shop or Telstra on contract.

      • You don't want this year's 5G phones, the modem is basically tacked on, hurting thermals and battery life.

        It's worth skipping purchasing this year in favour of upgrading next year.

        • Well it's going to be like this for more than this year, the additional modem that is…
          It will always have it's own antennas.
          On another note, just because it can do mm wave radios, doesn't mean it's sitting there all day burning through your battery trying to connect to networks that don't exist on your provider or even your continent. 3.5ghz 5G isn't that bad.

          Some people want to play with new tech, I certainly want to, I just wouldn't buy a Samsung device to get it.

          • @Danthemanz: AFAIK, the next flagship Snapdragon will have 5G built in, though Apple are cooked for a bit longer, and I'm not sure Huawei really matters in our market given what's transpired. There's no denying that even if it's not being actively used, the additional hardware hurts weight, size, thermals and battery life, and that increases the more it's used.

            It's fine that people want new tech, but people who are buying the phone for a 3-5 year life span should definitely hold onto their existing phone for longer. It's not like phone manufacturers aren't already developing updates under this line of thinking.

            • @jasswolf: "but people who are buying the phone for a 3-5 year life span"

              • Nearly no one keeps a phone this long.
              • @madgino: I plan to keep my phone for 3+ years :)

              • @madgino: Right now though, it would not hurt to keep the phone an extra year and see what is on offer in the next 12-18 months. The 5G offerings by then will be much better, and you won’t feel bad buying LTE or problematic 5G On this year’s Model and then feel like you are missing out when everyone is getting the new stuff and you have a last gen phone..

              • @madgino: I used my last phone for 5 years, mid range at the time. Nearly 1 year into current phone. Aiming for 6 years this time.

        • What do people do on their phones to be so interested in 5G?

          • @Janko: I think I just found the answer reading more of the comments here - to see ebay's site quicker before the XM3s are sold out.

          • @Janko: Outside of high congestion areas, anything that benefits heavily from lower latency and higher throughput will get an advantage from 5G.

            For people who are just browsing apps/pages on their phone, 5G isn't going to matter that much today, but as people start walking around with more smart and/or mobile devices on their person, 5G will come into its own.

            That being said, some of the benefits of 5G rely heavily on smaller cells being used in a denser network, and there are concerns as to how some of the spectrum proposed for it will impact other radio-based technologies (most notably meteorological equipment).

      • Get the normal S10+ without 5G, it's an amazing phone

        • Using the s10 right now, AMAZING!

        • Yeah, I got an S10+, it's been good so far.

          With hindsight I'd probably have just got the standard S10 and saved a few bucks, though. I've found the S10+ to be just a little bit too big in my hands, I find I drop it much more often than my previous, regular-sized phones. It felt OK in the shops, but obviously messing around with it for a few minutes there isn't the same as living with it day to day.

      • +4 votes

        5G ended up being a rushed technology in the end. Companies couldn’t wait for the standard to be properly developed, and rushed to get products to market. The IMT-2020 Standard isn’t even finished yet.

        As such, it’s only an incremental improvement over 4G in most cases, where users are a typical distance from a tower. The only times you’ll see a truly noteworthy improvement is in situations like stadiums and airports (where a cell from your provider is co-located) and you can truly take advantage of the WiFi-like speeds and lack of congestion. Otherwise, it’s going to be very much business as usual.

        Vendors are hyping up insane speeds. But they’re always testing in highly-atypical situations. For the most part, it’s nothing to get excited about (when it comes to typical consumer use-cases).

        • Yeah that's what I got told, too. When Telstra announced that free 5G upgrade offer, I went to a Telstra store and asked the person there how much faster I'd find 5G to be. She basically told me the same thing you just said - I probably won't notice much, if any, difference in speed, I'll just find it works better in crowded places like when I'm at the footy etc.

    • Would that be the snappy version?

  • is the code actually TBA or does that stand for to be announced?

  • That's the cheapest price I've ever seen for the Sony WH-1000XM3. Those are gona fly.

  • Store in title please.

  • Great price on the BES870

  • And here we go

  • Holy moly, awesome price for the WH1000-XM3! I highly recommend it, been awesome for me since October last year.

  • I'm gonna need way more information before I can be convinced to sign up to eBay Plus for this (already used my 30 day trial)

  • Just picked up my BES870 ! Oh well it's only 10 bucks cheaper

  • How do you check which item is on sale? After a Sony a7iii

  • News.com.au has reported it also :) Some other good $0.99 deals coming up too it seems!

  • Good price on those headphones! If I wasn't capped out on my $900 TRS limit I would probably have got then for my upcoming trip!

    • Won't be a problem 99% of the time

    • How are you capped to $900?

    • There's no TRS limit.

      • If you're bringing back more than $900, you need to have someone to split it with or you have to give back the TRS refund. Officially.

        If you don't declare it, I doubt they will know you brought it back in.

        • $900 post depreciation (automatic 20%).

          In practice, they've always waved me through when I declared above $1k, even computers with a $1500 purchase price.

          • @JohnHowardsEyebrows: So I bought a laptop for $1900. Can I claim 20% depreciation which would then bring the total below a combined limit for my partner and I? If I claim my laptop on TRS on the way out will I be flagged in case I bring it back in?

            • @get-innocuous: Officially no…Assuming you've paid $1900, that's like $1730 tax free, coming down to below $1400 depreciated value, which is the value you say when the customs officer asks you what you're declaring…they'll probably wave you through, but just mention it's $1400 between the two of you, maybe express confusion as to whether you can split between you both. Or you could not declare it, walking through together, and they'll probably be OK even if they ask about the laptop (our customs are pretty tolerant on the whole, so long as they don't think you're not being flat out dishonest).

              I'd go with option 1, as I've never been asked to pay when I explained the value, but IMO you're unlikely to get in any strife even if they do pull you up, given you will have less than $1800 between the two of you.

  • amazing price on the sony's, cannot recommend any other headphone more

    • …what about QC35? I had both, and after few test calls I returned Sony. Mic on XM3 is bad, or it was, at least, when I tried it few months ago. I hope they fixed it with the software update…

      • Not sure if software upgrade or just a better (and later) batch but I got my XM3 yesterday and the mic quality is fine, nothing near as bad as what can be found online. I'm yet to test it out in a city environment though.

      • I have both. QC35 is better outdoor especially when it's windy. If you're working in the office both will be fine.

        In fact, there is a review somewhere that says that Sony is better and picking up deep low pitch voice.

        If call is important to you, the new bose headphone noise cancelling 700 with 8 mic will be your best option.

        For most other folks, Sony is better in both noise cancelling (more notably people's conversation) and sound quality.

        • I've got a trip coming up (TRS refund!) and have been umming and ahhing about whether I want to splurge on the XM3, when I already have a trusty pair of Sennheiser PXC 250ii. Sure, they aren't in same league but (1) they are compact enough that I can stuff them in their carry case into a trouser pocket, and (2) I already have them! More worringly, I've heard of sound quality issues when using them in wired mode, which is where they will see a lot of their use: either plugged into the IFE system, or my wired-only DAP. Wireless use generally only when I want some silence, or possible post-trip in the office.

        • I’m waiting for the 700. I’ve always had issues when I work out of a cafe but the 700 is perfect for that scenario. Also, I prefer the sound of a Bose than Sony with mainly soft and classical music I listen to when working.

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