[Pre-Order] [PC] Cyberpunk 2077 GoG Key $63.59 @ CD Keys


Very hyped for this especially after the Keanu Reeves announcement and $64 seems like a really good /safe price to pre order at

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    Someone was pimping it for around $90 last week, maybe steam? Nice price.

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    What does preordering even achieve? Can't you just buy it when it's released? What if it's terrible?

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      Buy now and forget. 2020 you will thank 2019 you for the free game come April.

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      If CDPR is sticking to what they are good at, there is almost a 0% chance it will be bad.

      They were confident enough to show 1 hour of gameplay like a year and a half before it was going to be released, I think its safe.

      As for the why preorder question, its usually cheaper at launch.

      I got Read Dead Redemption 2 for $47, Sekiro for $52 etc… If its bad you can always return it if you get it from a reputable retialer like steam, amazon, jbhifi etc. You wont be able to get a refund from a grey market site like cdkeys.com however.


        “As for the why preorder question, its usually cheaper at launch”

        That’s true, but we’re nowhere near launch, so there isn’t yet retailers listing their launch pricing. This price is good but I doubt it’s anything you won’t see weeks to a month out from launch.

        I’d hold off unless something really great drops like a sub $50 price.

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          Its best to preorder on Amazon since you don't have to pay untill it ships and it automatically adjusts the price to the lowest it has been in the time you had the order placed. You also get it shipped for free on release day if you have prime.


      Maybe to create hype?

      Could be a way to gauge their marketing, if there aren’t enough pre sales they could ramp it up a bit.
      It could even be to start the cash flow. Get money rolling in now instead of waiting till release day.

      I’m just taking wild guesses here

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    must not pre-order…must not pre-order……

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    Pre-orders are a great excuse for game developers to get lazy before production


      You do realise games aren't made available for preorder "before production"? They've usually been in development for years. Do you have any clue about what you're talking about, or are you just jumping on the 'preorders are the devil' bandwagon?

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        If it was from any other developer you wouldn’t be saying it. Lol you CD Projekt fanboiiis. Soon they will become greedy like any other successful AAA company does.


          Actually, I’ve never preordered a CDPR game, Cyberpunk included. I’ll preorder anything by Remedy and virtually every Sony first party studio though. So yeah, not really a CDPR “fanboiii” at all.


          I’ve never actually played a Witcher game but they would be shooting themselves in the foot if they did do that. It wouldn’t just affect their games profits but GOG (which they own).

          Their entire image is focused on being consumer friendly, producing quality games, being DRM-free etc. They even announced that they will be trying to better combat working conditions during crunch time/release date to not overwork their employees i.e. basically normal working conditions for every industry except gaming.

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    No true oz bargainer would pre-order a product instead of waiting for it to come out and be reviewed thoroughly.

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      Usually the cheapest you can get a game at launch in Australia is by pre ordering.. sooooooo


    I have never ever preordered a game before. Is this a wise decision?

    I usually wait for 2 + years before I buy a game (cheaper that way), but for some reason that I cannot fathom yet, I am pretty hyped to get my mitts on this game as soon as it gets released. I dunno.

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      Patient gamer here.
      My logic…
      If you run a 2-5 year lag on titles you get the following benefits…
      Much much cheaper… There are 10's of titles in my steam library that were literally $1 and many many more that were <$10 (Thanks to Steam sales, humble bundles etc..)
      Better experience on moderate hardware at a moderate price rather than needing bleeding edge gear back when the title was launched.
      Lower costs = more games, so i lack nothing to play.. becomes an issue though when you have hundreds of games and need to decide which AAA title to play next.
      Bugs and patches are well established.
      If the game turns out real bad you can avoid it all together.

      I'm not much for multiplayer, but this can be a pro and a con.
      + MP community has time to build and become established.
      - In a few cases MP community peaks and then declines if you wait too long.


        Haha, then there are times where there is “nothing to play”
        It’s like when you’re a kid, you open the fridge full of food and think there’s nothing to eat!

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        Also you can usually pick up the GOTY edition or whatever for the cheap price if you wait and get all the DLC as well in one go

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      I preordered Star Wars battlefront… never again after that.. EA are a joke


    Buying now gives you time to build a system that will run it.


    Does this issue a key immediately?


    i think this game will be overhyped and a disappointment to people who have been waiting.

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    You're breathtaking


    Still deciding if I should preorder Star Citizen.