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Espresso Coffee Maker 4 or 9 Cup $18.98 - $20.98 Including Postage


It can be used on any stovetop (gas or electric stoves) with its solid, rounded base. The stainless steel pot is dishwasher-safe and comes with an isolated handle and knob.

It is available in 4-cup and 9-cup designs. With the same features and durable housing, you can select which size suits your needs best. This espresso maker is easy to use. It has no unnecessary frills that would confuse the newbie in using this pot.

The espresso made is made of sturdy stainless steel, which ensures durability and speed in brewing as it is known as a good heat conductor. The stainless steel housing also makes sure that there will be no aftertaste from previous brews. The solid base of the espresso maker will sit perfectly on the stovetop. The isolated knob and handle also come in handy for safe and convenient handling and serving.

With this espresso maker, you don't have to wait very long for your favorite espresso to finish brewing. In a matter of 4 to 5 minutes, you can grab a cup of flavorful espresso.

Note: The cup size denotes how many shots of espresso can be made. I.e a 4 cup stove top will make 4 short black coffees, add hot water to these to make long black coffees, or add steamed milk for flat white and latte coffees.


  • Easy to Use
  • Fits right on the stovetop
  • Choice of 4 Cup or 9 Cup
  • Ready in 4-5 minutes
  • Stainless Steel Construction

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  • +2 votes

    There is a spelling mistake in the title "Expresso", it should be "Espresso"


    from the OzBargain 'About Us' page: "Our goal is simple — bringing the best deals and bargains in Australia to consumers"

    correct me if I am wrong (and I will remove neg) but this item is shipping to NZ only.
    This is not NZbargain.


    Ikea sells these and I am fairly sure their 3 or 4 cup model is around $20 and you can buy spare gaskets from ikea if you ever damage it.

    Buying a gasket for this model from offtheback could be hard so it may be worth spending a little extra to get the ikea model.

    But if you want the 9 cup model then buy it from offtheback as the ikea 6 cup model is $40

  • +1 vote

    This is a Moka-type coffee pot, not an Espresso maker.


      Technically, you are correct:

      However, these simple devices make a damn good coffee - better than a lot of so-called home 'espresso' machines costing much much more!

      • +1 vote

        Disagree. These devices lose a lot of flavour due to their inexact temperature controls. They are NOT the same thing.

        • +1 vote

          Nothing beats an espresso, tho as wogs we drink the perculated stuff all the time at home. Certainly craps on any instant coffee :)

  • -1 vote

    Gotta love that marketing BS.

    "stainless steel …is known as a good heat conductor"

    So why do quality saucepans have copper brazed on the bottom ?
    Stainless conducts heat 3 times worse than mild steel, 10 times worse than aluminium and 23 times worse than copper.

    The only saving grace is that this thing will be paper thin.

    Lying in marketing should be illegal…of wait, it already is.


      Oh settle down for crying out loud.
      It's a $19 item.
      I think we know what to expect.

    • -1 vote

      There is nothing wrong with the comment. Most metals are generally good heat conductors.