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UMIDIGI A5 PRO Mobile Phone 6.3' FHD 4GB/32G $100.60 USD (~ $147 AUD) Delivered @ Gotop Smartphone AliExpress


You will need to collect the $5USD coupon from the below link. note: the $5 coupons is also listed on shopback

and 15% cash back from Shopback which works out to be $20 AUD.

$127 after cashback.

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    • Better than buying an expensive crap phone (ie Apple)

      • Better options than Apple gear when it comes to Android and at least those come with warranty. This will have no Australian warranty.

        But personally i would avoid Mediatek chipset phones such as this. Mediatek Helio P23 in this instance. It's not known for performance.

        Snapdragon chipset phones are the way to go.

  • i think this was cheaper on aliexpress with the cash back.

    edit: didnt realise the link was aliexpress.

  • Is there GST on top of this?

    If so, does it work out cheaper than the DX deal (after cashback)?

    Asking for a friend who isn't very good at arithmetic.

  • I'm having an issue with the coupon link. It says Coupon Type not match

  • Only one shipping option to Australia with 43-60 day estimated delivery time and no tracking! Not a big fan of that.

  • Thanks OP - ordered one to replace my wife's old cheapo mobile - seems good value for the $$$.

  • This has cost me 105.60 USD. Is that OK? one of the screenshot says 91.00 but then I click on details it becomes 106.50

    Can someone let me know what is happening?

    T I A.



      the order amount is the amount with out the discount taken into account.

      if you click on the "View Detail" tab (which is just to the right of the order number.)

      that will take you to the item order page.

      click on the "Financial" tab.

      that will show what the actual amount is.

  • no gps no compass?


    Thanks OP.

    grabbed one.

  • I'm wondering if this is an upgrade/better than Mrs Texan's Moto G5 Plus??

    Or a Nokia 6 for $80 more?


  • How would this compare to my aging iPhone 7? Would the triple cameras, Android 9.0 trump it? The Octacore and 4GB ram looks solid too.

  • Ordered this over a week ago with express shipping and have heard nothing since. Anyone had their's shipped yet or heard when shipping will commence?

    • On the DX listing someone said theirs had been shipped from them on the 24/6 so stock must be going out.

    • According to Umidigi Aliexpress officials store Q&A answers there are customers waiting for 6-10 weeks before receiving their orders regardless of what shipping method you choose.

  • I would love to know if anyone grabbed this for $127 after cashback and if they have any opinions (good or bad). Seems like an amazing budget option

  • I bought this on 18 Jun 2019. Yet to see any update.

    Anyone got theirs shipped?

    • Nope still waiting!!

    • According to Umidigi Aliexpress officials store Q&A answers there are customers waiting for 6-10 weeks before receiving their orders regardless of what shipping method you choose.

  • Very unhappy with the complete lack of professionalism shown by this AE seller - I msged them 3 weeks back asking when the goods would be sent - after a weeks waiting I got this reply:

    Dear friend Thanks for reaching out to us and your attention We are sorry for the late reply this is a PRE-SALE model which the suppliers replied thay will product by now and dispatch the goods to us on July 15 We feel Very sorry for the delay and will provide a 3$ coupon for you hope you will still wating for this model which is with competitive price and quality If any problems please feel free to let us know Thanks for your support and kind gentleness Have a good day and wish your everything goes on well Best Regards

    I asked them where in their original sales listing was any of this stated - that was 2 weeks ago, despite asking again I have gotten no reply and the messages are showing as unread.

    I'm cool with it being presale but that has to be highlighted in a reasonable manner - and based on what I've been able to see thats not the case here.

    PS. I contacted AE customer service about this seller - advised item being not sent for over a month and seller claiming it was sold expressly as a presale item but this wasn't stated in the sales listing at all - when they were asked about this they (the seller) didn't respond despite multiple questions sent over 2 week period.

    AE said this was unacceptable and they'll be following up with the seller - so likely wrist slap but better than nothing. I advised multiple other Australian buyers were a tad confused and underwhelmed by the service received.

  • Typical AE. They are far from being a good online seller.
    If you had read anything about this phone you would have seen that all sellers listings were pre release and deliveries should not be expected until mid July or even later for some.
    No point in jumping up and down because one seller did not mention that… They don't give a damn, you are just one of a thousand waiting for their A5.
    Deceptive listing and tricky marketing is their game.

    • With all due respect - there was nothing in the sales listing I(and others) purchased from indicating it was a presale item. So for you to say it was explainable as other sales listings for the same phone had this stated is beside the point.

      The seller didn't just 'not mention' it - they clearly deliberately hid this info, thats the crux of my beef and complaint to AE - that the seller hid the info in order to get more sales.

      I'd have had no issue waiting - if it was stated from the get go - as it was a very good value phone and worth a few weeks without.

      So your 'reply' is incorrect, I'm not 'jumping up and down' - perhaps instead of crapping on people who simple lodge legit feedback to AE to stop behaviour like that you (as you seem to have major issues with AE in general - which I have to say I have not found and get much better service than via Ebay) you can instead go and use your energies to solve your gripes with AE.

      My issue isn't with you - it's with the seller, I'm posting up the info to help others - if thats unacceptable to you then move on as we can do without such unproductive sniping.

      • " there was nothing in the sales listing I(and others) purchased from indicating it was a presale item. "

        Yes there was….

        DX & gearbest have removed it from their listing…
        Banggood STILL show it on their listing…

        Even the reviews stated the phone release date…

        Mate… no need to get all pent up and get personal… many others here ordered the phone and understand that sometimes orders from these places can take a couple of months especially with new release phones.

        • Your actions are pathetic - you drop a neg on me despite my not doing that to you - what a baby.

          There was something in the original sales listing on AE??? Well show me then - where is it??? As I put it to you that you're talking baseless nonsense

          Pent up and personal? I didn't say a single personal thing about you though several things do spring to mind.

          Who gives a crap what the DX and gearbest listings said as I didn't purchase from them - thats like saying a certain thing was highlighted in JB HiFi and HN when a person is complaining about a sale they bought from Myer!

          Honestly just bugger off - you've added nothing to this thread - you're just hear to crap on others.

          Like I said I was passing info on to others to assist - as folks were confused about the delays, even when you had the stupidity to post up nonsense I didn't neg you but you've had a sook and claimed I 'got personal' with you when I did nothing of the type.

          Suffice to say I hate to break it to you but I'm not your 'mate', mate. ;-)

          • @Nikko: Removed the neg.. happy?
            All I am saying is it was common knowlege that the phone would not be released until the start of July and deliveries may not happen until mid or late July. I am not going to go looking for proof of that just for you.
            If your seller presented the item as an available off the shelf now item then there is nothing anyone here can do about that.

            • @xywolap: Wow thats big of you - removing a neg that you actually applied in violation of forum rules in the first place. Do you often throw a tantrum when someone else merely asks you to justify your contradicting of them?

              It was 'common knowledge'? Can you generalise anymore…..and you won't go looking for proof to back up your alleged contradiction of me as that'd be just for me.

              Sorry but your arguments are very weak and when you're given a chance to substanciate them you refuse.

              I like many in the thread didn't go searching near and far to find more info about the device - the sales listing we purchased from did NOT say anything about it being pre-purchase and had normal delivery timelines. So this was my gripe and remains so.

              To say it was written on other websites etc is just nothing to do with the point and you've failed to grasp the essence of whats being said - and to be frank common sense.

              And again I'll bring it back to what I said earlier - I posted in the thread only to let other buyers know I'd flagged the issue with AE - they seemed to think it was a legit issue and said they'd be following up with the seller as such tactics were banned/unacceptable. You seem to instead have just posted to poo poo what I said and essentially say AE is crap (which is nonsense as it's a marketplace made up of thousands of sellers and AE themselves are far better in my experience at regulating them than Ebay) and to essentially say sucked in for the delay. Neither very productive.

              So how about we leave it at that.

  • +2 votes

    arrived today.
    Nice phone. -aesthetically pleasing.
    Good camera. - not awesome but quite reasonable.
    smooth scrolling.
    bought it to replace my cracked meizu m6 note.

    i think they are on par in terms of performance.