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[eBay Plus] PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB (Black or White) $254.15 Delivered @ Big W eBay


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    I feel slightly disappointed that I bought yesterday at $269, but LOL at the Broden’s that were buying 7 at a time yesterday.

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      So do I, my friend.. So do I… on the upside if I'm lucky it'll be delivered this Friday in time for CTR instead of Expected Delivery Monday with this deal

    • Can you cancel yesterday's order and re-buy because it probably wouldn't have been shipped yet? I'm a bit of an ebay rookie, not sure if you can do things like that.

      • You could request it, but having sent an inquiry or two to the Big W eBay account in the past, I know that they can be very slow to respond. Even if they did end up agreeing to cancel the first order, by then this deal could have expired or stock could be depleted. Bit of a gamble. And hey, I'm greatful to have picked one up for $269.

        • Fair enough. Yeah I think it would be too much of a gamble. Just stings the ozbargainers spirit when $15 could have been saved!

  • Great post OP. Have honestly wanted the Pro for so long but this is tempting..

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      What's the main differences between this and the pro?

      • 4K i believe

        • Yeah 4K is the main thing for me.

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        Higher res gameplay, better effects (anti-aliasing, lighting, foliage density, shadows etc), stable frametimes & higher fps (in some games)

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        Ps4 can't do 4k. It's a fake 2k upscale and it struggles at that. You get 30 fps and it's really badno. Don't go the pro because you want 4k. Go the pro for better performance (I've got both the pro and slim). God of war plays best on pro but in performance mode

        • Most games are still a locked 30 on both consoles with some exceptions where the base PS4 just gets raped. Some games do have a higher fps mode which is also a + to the pro as you said. The visual quality difference is just astounding and I highly urge anyone who has the money to buy the pro.

  • I've been waiting for the ps4 to go on sale for a while now. Like cala90 I've been waiting for a pro to go on sale. Only console I'm missing in the last 5 generation.

    Might be time to cough up, really keen to play gow and spidey.

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    Sorry for the noob question - if I buy it and I don't like it, can I sell it at the same price?

    E: should clarify I have grown out of gaming and rarely touch my XB1, but there are a few exclusives I'm keen to play, not sure if I will or won't enjoy them.

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      All depends on the second hand market. As soon as the box is opened, people won't perceive that it has the same value. This is a fairly generic statement across all consumer goods.

      If sales like this continue, why would someone buy it from you at the same price if they can get it from a store with consumer rights attached?

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        Fair enough. I should've said "without much of a loss".

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          I'd look at the local gumtree/facebook market near you. What are similar PS4's listed for? Then think of a reasonable offer you'd put forward to them. You'd usually knock off a bit to start the bargaining process. You'd get something around that mark for it if you sold it. It's fairly straightforward, you're most likely going to make some sort of reasonable loss on it.

          If you aren't really into gaming anymore then is a same gen console with different games really going to capture your attention for that long? I feel you've already answered your own question and would most likely only play it for novelty and grow tired quickly.

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            @sghetti: I've been keeping my eye out on 2nd hand ps4s around my area with fb market place. I haven't seen too many under 200bux, phat or slim.

            I don't reckon you'll loose that much if you sell in the next few months.

            Just my thoughts.

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          I've seen heaps of stuff on eBay getting higher prices used than I know I can get them for brand new. YMMV…but I think when something like a console is selling at a very decent price, you are probably safe to assume that you won't lose too much on it if you have to turn it over (and possibly, you might get your money back completely).

          eBay has usually delivered me better prices than selling locally though (Gumtree or other classifieds). It also costs a little more though.

  • Very good price, Prime Day soon might squeeze another bit off.

  • The one I got from Amazon was defective, sending back. Getting this instead. Saving nearly $70 too.

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    Already got an Xbox one but pulled the trigger. Looking finally to play how, Spiderman and horizon

  • What are the must have ps4 exclusive titles?

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      spiderman, god of war, persona 5 if you're into that, last of us, red dead 2. Feel free to add more, I just bought the ps4 to play the exclusives too

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        Red dead not exclusive. And you forgot Horizon Zero Dawn, best PS4 game ever.

    • Bloodborne

  • Gawd dammit :(

    Now I feel ripped off at my $312.87 (incl. 2yr Warranty) I paid yesterday :(

  • Thanks OP, got one. Sold my old one for $200 already, hopefully the slim is a lot quieter

  • Tempted to get one just for FFVII remake coming out Q1 next year, but similar to Tuftsdude I'm an extremely light gamer these days. Wondering if it's worth holding out till Christmas for the price to drop further or this is as low as it'll get?

  • Sorry i dont quite understand the post. Is this only for ebay plus members? I clicked on your link and it shows the normal price of $299

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      You'll need to use the code "PLINK" to bring down the price.

      eBay Plus members get 15% discount whereas non-members only get 10%.

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    These deals usually expire pretty quick and I um and ahh about it and then it expires. So yesterday when I saw it, I got my house mate to buy it for me cause I couldn't do it at work and now that I see it is still available, I'm disappointed :(

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      Just cancel the order and wait for the deal to expire. Problem solved.