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Where's Wally Books $3.99, Travel Adaptor $19.99, Wet/Dry Vac $69, Tape $2.99, VDE Set $8.99, Pressure Cleaner $399 @ ALDI


"Where's Wally" Books $3.99 (Starts 26/6)

  • Where's Wally Original?
  • Where's Wally Now?
  • Where's Wally Picture Hunt?

Universal Travel Adaptor $19.99 (Starts 29/6)

  • 4 USB ports
  • 2 AC sockets
  • Interchangeable power adaptors

Digital Luggage Scale $9.99 (Starts 29/6)

  • Large Backlit Display
  • Simple one-touch operation
  • Weighs in kg, gms, lbs and oz
  • Weighs up to 50kg
  • Automatic power off
  • Overload Indicator

VDE Steel screwdriver set with ergonomic handles $8.99 (Starts 29/6)

  • Magnetic, hardened blade tips
  • Insulation protection up to 1000V
  • Sprayed on insulation for blades
  • Includes 125-250V voltage tester
  • 4 Slot Head
  • 3 Phillips Head

Assorted Tape 50mm x 50M $2.99 (Starts 29/6)

  • Duct Tape
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Packing Tape


Mod Note: Removed reference to Gerni for Pressure Cleaner.

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  • I'm in it for Wally/do

  • Where's a Gerni Original?

  • Are these the same Wally books they normally sell? Looks like it from the picture I think. We need 1 more to complete the set. Out of stock last time!

  • 5 year warranty for the gerni is really good.

    • Anyone used this petrol "gerni" pressure washer before???

      I am in the market for one.
      Was going to buy the $399 electric gerni one from bunnings…

      now I am tempted to buy this petrol one


      • Petrol is the way to go.

        • Only if you need the super high pressure.. and don't have easy access to a power point.

          I had a similar looking one (Jet USA brand) and it was a pain in the butt compared to the electric Gerni (actual gerni brand) that I have now.

      • Depends on your usage.

        I used to pressure clean roofs for a living, and I've probably owned 5 or 6 domestic pressure cleaners.

        Electric is OK for convenience and is usually cheaper. I have one and that what I get out to spray the dust off the car. If I need to do some heavier work, like pressure clean a rendered wall, concrete, tiles, bricks, whatever, then I'll get the petrol one out.

        I like the convenience of not needing a power point with the petrol one too. Sometimes that saves a lot of stuffing about.

        Something to be aware of though is that the widespread obsession with the PSI of the unit is missing half of the equation; litres per minute (LPM) is also crucial. Less than 12 = "slow". Most domestic stuff is well under that, unfortunately.

        Also, if you get a petrol unit at least, be sure to read the manual on how to store it. Most of these units die early because the pumps fail and the pumps fail because they're not properly treated.

        Sixtyfiveford has a video that's informative - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIS3iEbsdAM

  • Is it actually a Gerni branded pressure washer?

  • Awesome, looking forward to buying an ozito wet/dry vac soon

    • I got the power take-off version for $69 about 6 months ago due to a ticket error (they matched the cheaper version). The 20L Ozito power take off is $99 RRP usually.

      If bunnings match this, I can say it's well worth the buy. Mine has been great for the reno and now I've been using it in the garage and for the car to save destroying the dyson on anything other than house duties.

      This Aldi one does look a bit bigger though, the Ozito ones are 20L and slow down once they start to fill up. Bags are readily available though but I usually empty mine and I'm still on the first bag! I still think I'd trade the size for the Ozito (if the aldi one is in fact bigger), due to the fact that you have somewhere to exchange it should you ever have any issues.

      I'll add too that I have a full host of "big-name brand" automotive tools and makita battery tools so I think I can comment on quality as far as tools go and I can happily say the Ozito has been a worthy investment. Worth springing for if bunnings come to the table. 👍

  • The golf umbrellas for 9.95 - has anyone got any feedback on these from the past? Looks like a great deal.

    • Firstly I don't play golf so cant comment on what they're like for a round of 18. I have however been in the situation where I was away from my home and had to call this umbrella up for duties. It did a great job, exactly what it was supposed to do. It kept me dry. The umbrella is quite large so on a windy day it can be a bit of a fight, even with the slits to help alleviate it. I can also say it has never flipped inside out either. Overall very happy with it.

    • It's taken a stroke off my game.

  • Thanks for the catalog

  • +1 for effort

  • Can anyone vouch for the quality of the luggage?

    • There was a Choice review of a previous set of aldi luggage (as well as Kmart, Samsonite, etc), and the aldi ones did not do great. This model looks different though, especially the hard shell one, so it may be new, in which case there won't be any feedback yet. But the 2.8 kg weight for the 78 cm soft roller is actually very good, Samsonite hit the same weight a year or 2 ago, so that's about the lightest you can currently get for a 78 cm soft shell case. The Samsonite costs way more though ($239 is around the best price I've seen), and it scores very well with Choice, has a 10 year global warranty.

      • Thanks! I don't think I'll risk it then. I know Ozbargain I'd all about saving money but sometimes saving money is buying quality.

        • +2 votes

          In the Choice Nov 2018 review of cabin size cases, the Aldi skylite 56cm carry on scored very highly (second top). It was a soft sided version though, which doesn’t appear to be available this weekend. They don’t seem to have included the Aldi check-in size cases in their review of the larger size unfortunately.

          • @Hen: Thanks for the info. Do you recommend subscribing to Choice?

            • @Hogg: I like it. However, these days with so many review sites available online, it’s a little less ‘must read’. At least it’s impartial. The magazine version has lots of interesting articles on products of all kinds, the online version subscription is great if it’s mostly reviews you’re after. You could always subscribe for a few months to see if you like it (it’s easy to unsubscribe).

  • The VDE Screwdriver set is quite good.

    Throw the death-trap "voltage tester" in the bin though.

    • They're good, not great though.

      There's no substitute for a better quality VDE set. I found the #2 Phillips to be sufficient. The smaller sizes are quite "soft" and not of perfect shape compared to my more expensive sets (Felo and Wiha) and they don't seat in Phillips screws as well. The flat blade stuff tend to bend or chip on the corners quite easily too but at 1/5th to 1/10th of the price of "better" sets, they're a good backup and suitable for low torque applications.

      Then again, if you're using a VDE set, I doubt it's for anything other than electrical work so I'd expect to be replacing them pretty soon or buy more sets if you're planning to use them commercially and not just DIY.

      Electricians 2c

      • Thanks for the extra comments from a longer field trial. I've used mine for serious work, mainly the larger sizes, but only for a shortish duration (weeks, not years). Enough to wear off the printed labels but not enough to damage the heads as you describe. I do tend to treat my tools carefully though!

        I'd be very happy if Aldi offered a Pozidriv set, that's most of the screws I see lately and it's not pretty when people use Phillips on them (or vice-versa).

        Never could justify a Wiha or Wera set for my usage patterns, as tempting as it is…

        • Don't get me wrong, they're a good set and I definitely look after my tools (one of those OCD electricians but I'm fairly sure the trade attracts them. 😂).

          I just know from previous years that cheaper quality tools in this sector (see drill bits, holesaws, spade bits, etc.) are cheap for that reason and I'm yet to find a cheap set that HASN'T been made of soft metals. They either burn out, snap, chip or all of the above much quicker than the more expensive stuff. Again, selective tasks and you can get a bit more life out of them

          The smaller flat blade stuff for example, isn't even suitable for small terminal blocks or even some [down]light transformers.

          If you're seeing a lot of pozi-drive stuff I'd definitely stay away from cheaper drivers. The slightest variance is enough to strip those out even with a pozi-drive bit.

      • Any recommendations for high quality screwdrivers that are not for electrical work?

  • Any news on what output the USB ports in the Travel adaptor are?

  • Any thoughts/feedback /comments on the noise cancelling headphones for $39.99 on page 11? I don't fly regularly enough to remotely justify the Bose for ~$315, but would like something with noise cancellation for an upcoming flight. Is this the best option for $40 or less, or can I do better?

    • If they are the ones im thinking of, there a good set of headphones for the price. Battery lasts ages, sound quality is about a 7/10. not sure how they are for noise canceling.

  • If anyone is after a welder, DO NOT buy the one from aldi. For an extra $100 you can get a industry grade mma welding machine UNIMIG welder

  • Any comments on the travel adapter? Up to OzB standard?

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