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50% off Selected Items + Free Shipping @ adidas


50% off selected items on the Adidas website
Free shipping with code: FREESHIP

Ultraboost -

Ultraboost ST -


And many more

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  • What is the difference between the normal and ST models?

    • Stability tried both prefer the normal boost .

      • Thanks!

      • Depends whether you have flat or arched feet

    • +2

      ST has support in the inner sides of the shoes.

    • +1

      ST has additional support, tongue is separate, has additional eyelets for lace locking, more material in the cage.

      I prefer the normal Ultraboost for the sock like fit.

  • Arggh, why no larger sizes, good prices on some colours. Thanks OP

  • Lots of options, Thank you for the share OP !!!!

    • +1

      Its actually the same price. Shipping is $25

      • ditto, shipping kills that website.

        • +2

          And if the shoes or clothes don't fit, so does return shipping.

  • Awesome - 50% off on Stan Smith and Continental 80. Thanks OP!

    • Do you know if the Continental runs True to size?

      • They do for me

  • +3

    Cheers. Just purchased the football boots I was considering buying from Rebel but for $60 cheaper 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Anyone tried the alphabounce RC2? It’s one of the highest rated running shoes on runrepeat, on par with the ultraboost.

  • +5

    Great deal. Ultraboost are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned!

    • Really? Have you ever tried ASICS kayano, and Mizuno??

      • +1

        Yep. Ultraboosts are better than Kayanos and the Nimbus, in comfort and build quality.

      • Yeah, ive had kayanos, Brooks beast, a bunch of Nike's… Ultraboosts are the best imho. I got my while family into them. Give it a go

  • The kids shoe sizes relate to US or UK sizes? TIA

    • +1

      Everything is US sizing for them, AFAIK.

  • For only $13 shipped, I'll give those green shorts a try haha thanks OP!

  • +6

    I must be too old, so many of these look ugly and silly, just knitted socks with soles.

    • +5

      80% are ugly but the 20% that are good are very good eg the NMD Japan

      • Could you please link the NMD Japan? I can't find it on the website, thanks! :)

        • +2

          NMD Japan I think are limited. They came out like twice from my memories.

          NMDs are not that comfy to wear compared to Ultraboost.

          I got the NMD Tri Colours and I barely wear them.

      • this. the blacks and whites look decent

    • How old is too old? The shoes look ugly to me as well.

    • You might prefer the UB s&l’s. Bought 1 one myself. They’re fire! Just saw one from JD. Thank God they’re on sale as well! :)

      • the url doesn't work, could you please check again?

        • +2

 That should work. I got the other link from the adidas app. There are 3 available colors. Apparently s&l stands for suede and leather.

          • @Izefyre: Yep, working, thanks! Reminds me of the LTD 3.0, hope they bring that colourway back to replace my worn out ones…

          • @Izefyre: Hey Izefyre, what kind of outfit would go with these shoes? Shoe seems underrated.

    • its the comfort that really matters when it comes to ultraboosts.

  • I might just buy one before everything sells out tomorrow morning

  • +1

    i just bought way too many shoes this year. need to resist…

  • +1

    Been wanting pair of Ultraboost for while and been waiting for good sale…Thanks OP

  • +1

    Great price - thanks OP. Copped the ultra boosts.

  • how do ultraboost compare with NMDs? Have some NMDs thinking about buying UB as well

    • Both have a boost? sole but UB are mo e comfy imo

    • +1

      ultraboosts are a lot more comfortable than NMDs.

    • Ultraboost for the win. Easily. Have 4 x UB and 2 x NMD.

  • Thanks Op picked up another pair of duramo's for $50.00.

  • +1

    I've been wanting UB with black midsole, but its either not on sale or only available on small sizes. :(

  • damn the site is taking a hit ..just managed to check out my cart. Cheers OP gave my CC a workout.

    • +3

      I’ve been to one and the cheapest i’ve seen is a little over $100. Are you sure they are UB’s?

      • Yup.
        All ultraboosts.
        1st time was at DFO melb
        2nd time was a few weeks ago at harbor town dfo Perth

        • I didn't see the UB at on the Sunday morning at Harbour Town.

    • +4

      Thanks for not telling us about them

  • Ultraboost pair #4 :(

    • +8

      Rookie numbers. Keep going

  • +3

    Don't forget 6% cashback from CashRewards!

    • Shopback has it for 8-15%!

  • ok time to finally see what this ultraboost craze is all about

    • They are great shoes, very light.

      Probably not worth the $240 RRP but $120 and below its worth it

  • Anyone know where is a decent price (under 150) for the UB Grey Two, Grey Three or Triple Black?.
    So many pairs just sitting at around 160, eager to get them around the 120, 130 mark.

    he best price i can find for any UB apart from Adidas 50% off promos is Wiggle with 20 off new customers (155).

    Really considering for 120 those UB black speckle since my normal black and whites are fading. Amazing shoes, got 2 so fair.

  • Do Adidas often have these kinds of sale?

  • Perfect timing! Thank you OP.

  • Damn those Predators look nice except for the literal word 'Predator' being on the back of the shoes…

  • Is everyone buying true to size or half a size up as recommended in some of the user reviews?

    • Half size up.

  • Thanks OP. Bought the last Size 10 UB

    Edit: Ordered Canceled and Purchased Size 11

    Does anyone want to trade? Blacktown - Parramatta Area

  • man who da hell beat me for the last pair of UB size 9 :|

  • So over inflated price down to normal price. Okay.

  • Are Ultraboosts good for overpronation?

    • I went to athletes foot and they told me I'm a pronator. They recommended I get ultraboost for best arch/heel support.

      • Thank you!

        I thought Ultraboost were good for underpronation?

        Did you grab a pair? Do they provide ample support? I need a pair of shoes that I can wear all day every day.

        I have a pair of Nike Lunarglides at the moment that have been fantastic but the grip is wearing off the bottom.

        • I ordered one yesterday. The black $120 ones which are sold out.

          Will find out soon if they're actually good for me :D
          But yeah the guy at Athletes Foot told me that these are good for all day every day.

          I might jump on the laceless ones as well if I get the ones I ordered delivered before the sale is over so I can atleast try the size.

  • Was gonna cop some laceless UBs but the colorways are a bit risky to purchase without trying in person. Just got some basic UB STs instead lol. Maybe I'll buy another pair in the future ;)

  • Does anyone know how long this will last?

    • A lot of stuff already running out of stock

  • adios 4 for 100 bucks is a steal, very good road racer.

  • Damn UB all sold out!! Love UB highly recommended!!

    • Nah theres more UB available but they are $10-20 more expensive

      • $120 vs $168 ?!

        • I'm talking about the S&T, ST, Laceless, womens versions. Normal UBs gone ;(

  • Kids futsal shoes sorted, thanks.

  • anybody got a shipping notification yet? do they normally take a while

    • I'm still waiting :/

      • Me too. The order is missing from my account as well.

        I tried to use the contact us form but it is refusing to submit on mobile as the form is demanding a phone number which I completed.

        What a shambles of a website. Retail like Adidas deserves to go under when they offer such a dreadful experience.

  • Killer deal, thanks OP! Bought new futsal shoes, socks, shorts and a beanie all for ~$80

  • Hey guys, late to the party but wanted to know if any of you had any experience with any of the PLR variants. Are they comfortable for people with flat feet?

  • Is there a way to tell if an item will be discounted? I see the UBs back in stock but when i try to check out, it says that only some items are eligible for the discount.

  • Received all items on Friday

  • Thanks OP copped a fresh pair of Pro Bounce Madness Low 2019 for $80. I bought a pair of Pro Bounce Low 2018 for $80 during the last sale and they have been great. These have some pretty good reviews and I love the look of these 2019 Madness so I had to get them.

  • ultraboost s&l is back with limited sizes

  • Has anyone had delivery issues. I ordered on 18th June but haven’t received anything yet. The order status does say that it’s shipped but the tracking number has nothing against it on auspost website

  • My two orders have taken forever as well. One order ready to collect from the post office on Monday though.

  • Had part of my order cancelled and the rest is delayed.

  • this is cool

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