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Viano 49" 4K UHD LED LCD TV $284 Delivered @ GraysOnline eBay


Wow! this is cheap - $284 delivered for 49" 4K TV after 20% off. Brand is not so popular but 49" 4K TV at this price seems bargain. How long we have to wait for other big brands at this price?

Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Maximum Resolution: 3840(H) x 2160(H)RGB
Dynamic Constrast Ratio: 2000:1
Brightness: 280cd/m2
Active Display Area (H x V): 1073.7792(H) x 604.0008(V)mm2
Display Colour (max): 1.06 Billion
Viewing Angle (H/V): 178°/178°

TV System
Colour System: PAL(DVB-T)
Sound System: B/G

AV input: 1
USB 2.0 Port: 2
Coaxial output: 1
VGA Input: 1
Component Input: 1 x Component(Y/Pb/Pr) Video Input

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  • Is a painful experience from last deal…

  • Seems like these last up to 6 months. Hard pass for me unless someone else can convince me otherwise

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    I bought this from the last deal where it was the same price. Mine came with two scratches on the screen, my friend's one was totally fine. Grays agreed to a partial refund so I'm happy with that! They were also happy to organize a courier to pick it up to swap if I wanted.

    Picture-quality wise, it's about what I expected from a cheap TV. Decent but not great. If you often watch movies in a darkened room, it might not be the best set for you as the black levels are pretty high. But for casual viewers doing casual TV watching, I think it's absolutely fine.

    Longevity-wise… no idea yet! :)

  • How is this against Kogan uhd 4k smart TV? Viano is not smart TV but apart from that has anyone got experience on new kogan 4k smart TV?

    • +3 votes

      Sorry I can't answer your question directly, but when it comes to an entry-level TV's smartness, I feel like I'd get a better experience plugging in something like a Vodafone TV instead of using the built-in smart TV functions which would likely not be updated on a cheap TV, and/or be a laggy experience.

      • Hell yeah. Love my cheap Chinese TVs but the "smart" features are just damn painful; def would prefer to pay less a non-smart version.

    • I got a Kogan 55-inch 4K "smart" "200hz" in 2017 for $499 delivered. The smart part is terrible and sluggish af: TV boot time takes half a min at least; boots into a framed channel instead of full screen by default, changing channels are sluggish blah blah blah. Heaps of dumb features.. and you can't update them! Fortunately it's just a secondary tv for news.

      As others have mentioned, for cheapo TVs best to go without the smart features. A cheap external box for non-smart TVs makes much more sense for these sort of prices. But yes, the newer Kogan smart TVs do look better and possibly faster — still a gamble.

  • "How long we have to wait for other big brands at this price?" Is this a real question? You won't. Brands like this are cheap and low quality but fulfil a certain demand in the market. Sure the big brands will always have some issues with their products, but they'd be doing their image a real disservice buy producing panels at this price/quality.

  • We have two Vianos, 32 inch 9 years, 49 inch 7 years. Daily use. Nil issues, both outlasted a way more expensive LG.

    • Except for input lag when gaming.. Ah I Cld list many other issues…

      • Lack of gaming mode is significant for a small portion of the population.
        Thanks for reminding people, but what other important issues are there?

        Personally, I'd avoid buying a no-name TV without at least a 3-year warranty.

    • Different model though.. if you check out reviews for this model, you'll find plenty more anecdotal accounts of how shlt it is

  • I think I'd rather just cruise the classifieds for a Hisense

  • What a bloody bargain this is

  • Edit: never mind, waiting for mine from past deal

    • Yeah same, I messaged Grays on eBay they gave me a con note, I put it in on their tracking website and it said it's en route to QLD… I'm in WA. Lol

  • I bought it during the last deal.. it's seems to be good enough quality..

  • Just set mine up from the last deal, seems good. Good enough for the price anyway. As a side note, the delivery company literally left it sitting on my front door, visible from the street. Amazed it wasn't stolen.

  • Can someone submit a video review or some photos of the quality of it?