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[eBay Plus] OnePlus 7 Pro DUAL SIM 6GB/128GB $900.15 | 8GB/256GB $976.65 Delivered @ Eclipse eStore eBay

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    after recent razer saga, i feel near $1000 phone is wayyy to much

    • What razer saga?

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      Paying more than one cent for a phone is sooooo 2018…

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        mine was delivered today. working fantastic :D best deal ever

        • You have got to be kidding me… I missed it by mere seconds, and I need a new phone too. Hats off to you sir, you and the other lightning quick OzBargainers won the OzBargain roulette there

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          Sorry. I'm allergic to bulls**t

  • the OP7Pro is only a "flagship killer" in other countries. Here, you can get an S10+ for the same price, or a lil bit more

    • you cant compare OP to samsung. imo OP is for the android tinkerers and diehards. The oneplus XDA custom rom community is basically second to none. First thing I did when I got my 6T was root and install magisk, you dont even void your warranty by doing that. Good luck doing that with samsung's stupid Knox

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        when my s10+ does literally everything I want it to do and more, I don't need root/magisk, but hey everyone's needs and preferences are different

  • Is Samsung s10+ better even though $120 more expensive?
    Or depends on the user or needs

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      Can say warranty and after care is going to be way better with Samsung.

  • 777 is a fair price to go

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