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$20 Signup Credit with Ritual App


I sign up for the $1 Melbourne deals. When I was picking up my order I notice the shop had a tablet promoting the app and mentioned a $20 signup credit.

So text it to my friend who signup up and confirmed in the app a $20 credit.

It's much better than the $10 referral credit which the referrer only gets 1000 points which is like 50c.

So if you haven't and was thinking about it, this doubles your credit. And there's another week of the $1 food deal. Enjoy!

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Referral: random (228)

$10 credit or 1000 points for referrer, $10 credit for referee ($5 at sign-up, $5 after first purchase)

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    the shop had a tablet promoting the app

    Panadol ?

  • this didnt work for me

    • +1

      Did you click the link and dl the app?

      • yes link works for me now

  • +2

    This app is pretty good. So worth joining especially for those $1 food deals.

  • What was the code your friend use to sign up for the $20 credit?

  • +1

    It gives you $5, then $5, then $10 credit. Note only seems to have coverage in Melbourne and Sydney.

    • So do you have to use up $5 then you get another $5 then use that up and you get the final $10?

      • Nope, you can spend $1, and then spend the remaining on future orders.

        • But from the wording, I think the 2nd $5 is applied automatically to your 2nd order. So worth ordering something that's $5 or more in the next order.

          • @firestint: You’ll receive $5 credit after your 1st order, and another $10 after your 2nd order.

    • Can confirm this is how the credit is applied. I got the $10 credit after my second or third order. All good.

      • +1

        So all up $20 with REALPEASD?

        • +1

          I used KENNYSCAFED from Kenny’s Cafe ($5+$5+$10), I presume it’s all the same from participating vendors.

  • $1 lunch for the whole week is awesome!!

  • do you need to enter credit card details to use the signup credit and app?

    • +1

      No.. U don't need to add your credit card details to use the app or signup credit..

      They will send a verification sms to your mobile number though when you sign up…

      • Not getting the sms code. Anyone else had this issue?

  • The promo code was applied successfully but I didn't get the initial $5 credit.

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