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Fly Garuda Indonesia to Asia Starting from $608* Return Including Taxes


Garuda Indonesia is offering travellers the chance to scoop up a bargain with up to 32 per cent off fares* to Indonesia and beyond as part of a four week sale beginning yesterday.

Bagus Y. Siregar, Senior General Manager Australia/SWP Garuda Indonesia commented: “Garuda Indonesia is continuing its expansion throughout Asia and has recently enhanced its flight frequencies and connection times to its Asian gateways.

“To celebrate the launch, we’re delighted to be offering our Executive and Economy class customers exceptionally priced fares to all-time favourite destinations throughout Asia”.

Effective immediately and for a limited time only the offer includes:

   Return Economy Class

Ex Sydney to Jakarta or Denpasar for only $608* per person including of taxes 
Ex Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur for only $714*per person including of taxes
Ex Sydney to Hong Kong for $883* per person including of taxes
Ex Melbourne to Singapore for $721* per person including taxes
Ex Sydney to Bangkok for $742* per person including taxes

Return Executive Class

Ex Sydney to Jakarta or Denpasar for only $2050* per person including of taxes 
Ex Melbourne to Singapore for only $2463*per person including of taxes
Ex Sydney to Hong Kong for $2775* per person including of taxes

Flying with Asia’s leading service quality airline, passengers will be able to enjoy the Garuda Indonesia Experience with an in-flight menu designed by award winning chef William Wongso, warm Indonesian hospitality - reflected in the service, on-board décor and its staff - and a Video on Demand (VOD) entertainment systems offering 25 feature films and 250 audio tracks.

Passengers travelling from Sydney to Jakarta can also take advantage of Garuda’s visa on board processing facilities allowing passengers to fast track through immigration; avoid currency exchanges and notorious airport queues.

For all travel bookings contact Garuda Indonesia on 1300 365 330
* Conditions apply. Prices are per person return Economy / Executive class air travel ex Sydney and Melbourne. All fares include taxes fees and surcharges. Bookings must be paid and ticketed by 08 July 2011 for Economy Class and 30 June 2011 for Executive Class. Airfares are valid for the following travel departures 06 Jun – 19 Dec 2011. Seasonal surcharges apply, tickets must be issued within 48hrs of bookings, tickets are non-refundable and changes not permitted on Economy class fares.

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  • -3

    While this is probably a bargain I have concerns flying this airline in regards to it's safety.

    • +4

      Better not get in a car or cross the road then. They fly around 15 million passengers a year so you should be right, or really unlucky.

      • +1

        I'm comparing to other airlines who fly internationally. I do know statistically the car is more likely to kill you however apparently this airline has a below par safety rating.

        • +2

          Not anymore.

          It is now the safest airline in the world.

        • +1

          I flew with Garuda back in January and I can tell you they are pretty good, I had also flown with them back in 2001 and they weren't that good but this time around they were very good. Much better than Qantas.

        • -1

          Yep, and it's only by pure luck and supreme fortune that Qantas hasn't had a major disaster in the last 3 years. Just look at the long list of incidences involving Qantas in recent years.

        • +1

          Garuda Indonesia wins World's Most Improved Airline award at 2010 World Airline Awards:


        • So how safe are they now? Very good? I heard something about them being prohibited in the EU? Do they compare well against say, Thai Airways or Singapore Airlines?

        • Garuda were prohibited from flying to Europe for 2 years between 2007-2009.

          They have had a good safety and service rating in recent years, comparable to or exceding most other airlines. Singapore Airlines rates better but you can count on one hand the number of airlines that can compete with them in terms of quality service and safety.

        • +1

          COmparing Garuda Indonesia with Singapore Airlanes is like comparing Bally with Adidas. Everyone knows SIngapore Airlines is Stunning and they have really good service. Garuda Indonesia, based on my experience, is better than Jet star and Malaysia Airlines. At least, I never almost get in to an accident (I almost got in to an accident when I was flying with Malaysia Airlines). I flew with Garuda for 10 times, and they are good. The bad thing is they sometimes delay the flight…

        • This airline HAD a below par safety rating.

          The previous management got sacked and the government has pretty much "rebuilt" the airline and enforced much tougher regulations to bring it back to an international standard.

          As mentioned by a previous poster, they won the World's Most Improved Airline award, so you can rest assured (at least for the next few years) that they are at least as good as most low cost carriers.

  • I have used them twice many moons ago when going to Bali. Never used them since

  • -2

    watch the news post before fly with them.

    • +2

      They've flown more than 50 million people since that accident without incident. The EU also allow them to fly to European destinations. I think you'll find they have improved on safety standards since 2009.

      Read the news before you get in a car or cross the road:

  • +5

    Its up to the individual to decide, but a news story from 2007 is not going to discourage me if I think it is cheap. I think if you scoured all the news sites on the internet, you will find most major airlines have had incidents in this time.

    • +1

      True, look at Air France. People are still flying with them.

      • -4

        thing is that no experienced well trained pilot would ever come too fast to land even if they do they is so many things they can do to slow down like flaps or spoilers or go around. Boeing 737 has early warning system which alerts the pilots if aircraft landing speeds is exceeded . Even co pilot was asking for go around but with Garuda airlines so called one of the chief pilot or the senior captain if he is like this then we can imagined mentality they been trained.

        • +2

          Charlie: Ray, all airlines have crashed at one time or another, that doesn't mean that they are not safe.
          Raymond: QANTAS. QANTAS never crashed.
          Charlie: QANTAS?
          Raymond: Never crashed.
          Charlie: Oh that's gonna do me a lot of good because QANTAS doesn't fly to Los Angeles out of Cincinnati, you have to get to Melbourne! Melbourne, Australia in order to get the plane that flies to Los Angeles!

    • +3

      Its about the cheap deals guys !! not bashing x airlines ….

      • +2

        Last year when Garuda got a deal and posted here people also went into bashing frenzy….

  • Called Garuda. Ticket only valid for 14 DAYS.

    That is, the return leg has to be completed within 14 days of departure date.

    • were there still seats?

    • Where does it say 14 days within departure date?

      • That was the first thing that the lady at Garuda call center told me when I called about the promo. Too short for what I needed so I said no thanks and hung up.

        Also at http://netfare.com.au/

  • I trust Garuda when flying around the major routes. They placed a better operational procedure on these flights compared to the small regional routes.

    Flown with them twice, great service and easy going flight attendants. Way better compared to Tiger and the likes.

  • +3

    I don't think Garuda has had any major/minor accidents in the past 2 years. I have heard more about Qantas near miss accidents lately :)

  • -1

    I wonder if they serve halal beef?

    • I think if you travel out of Sydney, the food are supplied from local catering company (it's near the airport). I don't know about other cities in Australia.

      • I think Hugh here is being sarcastic.

    • surely you meant halal bacon? >:)

  • +1

    No love for Perth. Darn!

    • give em a call ..?

  • +1

    Reviews from travellers can be found in
    Their ranks have been lifted to 4 star airline by international skytrax rating system. So it's a good indication the airline is making a lot of turn around (improvements) :)

  • It's a lot of money to fly on a whim. Make it $208 return and I'm in!

  • -1

    my friend called their call centre today and being told melb to jkt only $518.

    • WOW, that is cheap, really cheap. I paid $1140 back in January to Jakarta.

      • yup, never seen this price so low.

        • no idea who vote negative on every single of my comment
          psycho? who knows :)

        • Yep, there's a lot of them on ozbargain.

        • u mean a lot of ozbargain member are psycho? hahahhaa

        • Yeah, someone is negging mine too, makes you think

        • .

        • has anyone buy it :)

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