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Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 (8", 4GB/64GB, SD660) $222.99 US (~$324.06 AU) Delivered @ GeekBuying


Continuing my trend of low prices on Xiaomi products and the combination of GeekBuying's 7th Anniversary $7 off $77 sitewide coupon brings this popular tablet down to a good price.

According to Chris @ Techtablets this is still the best 8" Android tablet to buy. It has a large deveoper community at xda and Xiaomi full of ROMs with Havoc OS being a popular choice. This Mi Pad is running the Xiaomi EU ROM with Google Play which is an English translation of the original Xiaomi CN ROM without the bloat.

Features include an 8" IPS 1920x1200 display, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, MicroSD card slot, metal body, 5.0MP front camera, 13.0MP rear camera with HDR/beauty mode, AI face recognition unlock, 6000mAh battery offering 10+ hours of life, 3.5mm audio, Bluetooth 5.0, ac WiFi, USB Type-C and powered by the mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core CPU with an Adreno 512 GPU.

  • Apply the coupon GKB07OFF at checkout to get it for $222.99 US (~$324.06 AU)

Free shipping included. AU$ based on current Mastercard rate.

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  • What's the saving on this ie compared to normal street price? What's the best ever price?


      It's already on sale for the anniversary so this coupon reduces it further. It's never been lower than $229.99 US for Global on OzBargain before with the next lowest being $226.92 US last month

      Looking at 2 competitors, Banggood is $280.48 US inc GST and Gearvita is $287.81 US

      • Thanks. How do you reckon this would compare with your Lenovo Tab 4 Plus?


          Blows it out of the water big time! This has better CPU, GPU, battery and actually receives updates.

      • Actually, it is cheaper at Banggood with the code BG0bb36b - brings it down to $199 USD + GST (and $0.06 for shipping)


          That's a good find but I can counter that with a cashback stack as Geek pay out on coupons. So $217.42 US ;) Unless I can get them to go lower tomorrow.

      • I bought one from Kogan for $320 AUD shipped a month or so ago.

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          You should have shared it as a deal because there certainly aren't any listed on the tag. Besides lower prices help those of us who negotiate with stores to get better prices :)

  • The only thing that is lacking on this tablet is that there is no woodvine for Netflix HD streaming

    Maybe they'll fix it in mipad 5

    • Is woodvine a gpu?


      Netflix quietly upped it to 540p and has been confirmed in Xiaomi forums, however that's still not HD :P It'd be awesome if Poco released the next Xiaomi tablet as they use Widevine L1 ;)

      • Awesome. I'll wait for the updated version. Cheers mate


          Everyone was saying the Mi Pad 5 would have been released by now but so far no plans from Xiaomi so we'll see.

    • With havoc and magisk installed I can run the play store netflix app. I think it's HD, can't see any way to get the app to show me the resolution though. Does that mean widevine is working?

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        To see what your device/TV gets from Netflix, search for the Test Patterns show. It'll show your actual resolution in the top right of the screen.

        To check your Widevine DRM, download DRM Info (by Android Fung). My Mi Pad 4 shows Widevine L3; you need Widevine L1 for HD Netflix.

        I actually haven't had any luck getting Netflix running yet, even with older apk files. Prime Video, Foxtel Now, and every catch-up app works just fine.

        I'll worry about Netflix when I change the ROM, which is another minor drama. The bootloader is locked for 14 days (I think to stop retailers putting dodgy ROMs on it) but you also have to jump through some Xiaomi hurdles to start the countdown and I'm not having any success with it. Dead links. I'll try again soon. Others are having success so it is doable.

        Overall I'm very happy with the Mi Pad 4. Perfect size for web browsing, gaming, and reading comics while being significantly more portable than a 10+ inch tablet.

        • 960x540 and L3 Widevine. Looking at it I would have been sure it was much better than that.

      • I read somewhere a while ago that it's missibg due to hardware for L1 is not present and Roms could not rectify it. Hence I didn't buy it

  • OP, please provide a similiar discount to the LTE one. Thanks.

  • Does it include GST or do I have to pay? Couldn’t see any GST added at the checkout. Thanks


      GeekBuying do not charge GST and none will be charged by customs either as the value is under $1000 AU.

  • A shame it's not under $300. I'd buy it in a flash and claim the deduction, but it gets more painful past that threshold.

  • Any chance the mi pad 4 plus can also be discounted?

  • Is cashback available with 7 off 77 coupon code? Doesn't seem to be listed on CR or SB and they have a clause they don;t pay on unlisted coupons.


      Sorry this deal is expired but I can ask Geek tomorrow what price they offer.

      While CR/SB do have that clause, GeekBuying will pay out on coupons that are used. I've yet to see one being denied.