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[eBay Plus] Google Pixel 3 64GB Clearly White $763.30 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


AU stock from what I can tell. Free delivery with eBay Plus. Comes with 24 months warranty.

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  • Good price for local stock but single sim

  • Still about $100 or so more than what they're worth imho.

  • This was considered like best camera last year. How's it stand these days especially sub 1000$ mark?

    • I currently use the Samsung S10e, while my partner uses the Google Pixel 3. As an amateur, I really can't tell the difference. But if you know what you're doing, Google Pixel 3 seems to have more/better tools.

      • Google's advantage is from all the photos people auto upload to Google Photos being fed to their AI neural nets. That's why Pixels can compete with other brands with fewer cameras and still come out on top after post processing.

        Pixel Visual Core hardware is a thing, but it's just meant to be a more efficient way of applying their algorithms, the end result is the same. The Pixel 3a does not have the Visual Core, so it takes a few seconds to process images, but the end result is the same as full fat Pixels.

        Nobody else can compete in terms of pure volume of big data. Having the guys from DeepMind (who created AlphaGo, AlphaGo Master, AlphaGo Zero, AlphaZero, AlphaStar, etc) under the same umbrella doesn't hurt either.

    • General consensus is that the p3 is still the more consistent point and shooter, i.e. performs well in more varied scenarios. Anecdotally, I've heard the s10 range suffers in low-light/indoor settings. Night sight is still unrivalled for low light phone computational photography.

      • Oh really. I thought the larger sensor and better focal point? Would've made s10 good at low light but I guess that's it. Post processing etc of pixel 3 has given it that touch. Nice to know. Thanks!

        • You wouldn't believe how good night sight is until you've tried it yourself.

          Blows my mind sometimes, it's no good in "no light" but definitely a game changer in "low light"

          Portrait mode in Google camera is amazing too, very DSLR-like