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½ Price Loacker Quadratini 110-125g Wafer Varieties $1.15 @ Woolworths


Great price on these excellent biscuits, good selection of flavours and come in a convenient self seal baggie. I have included links below for easy access to your favourite variety. Enjoy!!!!!!

This product may contain allergens (Gluten, hazelnuts, milk, soy, almonds)

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  • Hazlenut FTW. All yous other flavours is weak.

    No idea why these come in a resealable bag, they get stuffed down in a single sitting where I am.

  • Love this brand. They have a coconut bikky that isn't bad at all! This is a great deal and one that will allow me to stock up on some great biscuits.

    Gets browny points with the guests (and missus) so I can spend my savings on bargains!

    • Ah yeah, the coconut ones are dope! Tried them for the first time last time they were half price, and I was very surprised.

  • I hope they never move the manufacturing elsewhere, these are good, the quality usually suffers after that happens.

  • I quit junk food just only 2 weeks ago… This is going be a difficult week trying to resist.

  • The tiramisu ones are always out of stock no matter which Woolworths I go !!!

  • Coles is running a similar offer right now.

  • still haven't run out from the last time this sale happened, got 10 bags of each…

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    When did these unbelievably addictive and delicious squares enter regular supermarkets in Australia? Got my first taste a few weeks back and have been seeing them sold all over the place now. It's wonderful.
    Note, these bite sized squares are far superior for scoffing down than the larger rectangles sold at Costco.

  • I was wondering if there are bigger packs….so addicted to them!