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eBay EOFY Sale: Save up to $200 (Max 20% off) at Selected Sellers (Sydney Mobiles, Sydneytec, Tech Mall, Futu, Lenovo etc)


Seems like no one posted so sharing it

“Discount” means:
$40 off when you spend $200 - $299.99
$60 off when you spend $300 - $399.99;
$80 off when you spend $400 - $799.99;
$160 off when you spend $800 - $999.99;
$200 off when you spend $1000 or more

Selected Sellers:

American Boss Deals
Appliance Central
Appliance Giant AU
Australian Camera Sales
Be Start Australia
Budget PC Deal
Buy Cool Australia
Click Depot
Custom Home Theatre Solutions
Domain Air Online Store
Domain Appliances
Eastlakes Electronics
Flora Livings
Futu online
Gecko TV Stands and Mounts
Global Export Online
Gorilla Film Gear
IT Clearance Company
KG Electronic
Kong Computers Australia
Lenovo Australia
Matchbox Australia  
Mazuma Mobile AU
My Phonez
NES printer Specialist
OLC Direct
Press Play Audio
Pro Light and Sound Sydney
Radio Parts
Repo Guys
Repo Guys Australia
Side Kick Mobile AU
Tech Mall Australia
The Calculator King
Trinity Connect Online
Ultra Store Australia

Offer ends 30/6

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  • +10

    Can't wait to see how many listings end in $9.99

    • +3

      Amazon did this with the Nintendo labo deal.. $48.99 lol

    • +2

      Isn't it easy if at $389.99 to spend $10+ on crap .

  • Thanks Doweyy and Richard for fixing description :)

  • +3

    basically 20% off when you spend in any of those price ranges

    • +13

      20% off multiple of $100, less for all other prices - $200 item = 20%, $299.99 item only ~13.3% discount

      • -9

        don't really see any difference to what you saying

        • +61

          Guess you're pinky in this scenario

          • +9

            @glengood: okay i see now..

            i just did a quick math with the first number in each range and assumed incorrectly it applied to entire price range..
            made an overlooked mistake

            In this case, the discount % gets worst as you approach the x99.99 value
            and then it gets high again with the new range..

            so if you gonna spend e.g. 299.99,
            you should add $1 item to get to the next price range and get the higher 20% discount value.

            Yes, Brain is currently taking a nap
            and plotting to… well you know..

        • +1

          don't really see any difference to what you saying

          Username checks out =p

      • Yeah sort of but these minimum % may vary if you go to different price range

        • +2

          discount actually gets worst as you approach x99.99 number ie. 13.333% off

          So this discount is actually pretty crap if people spend more in that price range
          they get less discount % back

          if you gonna buy something that is 299 etc..
          better to add another $1 item etc to take you to the next bracket of 300, to get the maximum 20% discount..

    • +3

      Should be maximum 20% off or upto 20% off

  • +1

    max discount of 20% ….these stores have regular 20% off anyways

    • +5

      Yep, the min spend is increasing, the discount is decreasing, the price jacking remains the same.

      If they bought back CR/SB, it might help.

      • +3

        If they bought back CR/SB, it might help.

        Yeah, I really miss my 1% eBay Cash Rewards. Saved me dollars and dollars over the years.

  • +3

    20% off best case, 10% off worst case.
    Regular 20% off sellers, max discount only $200
    garbage deal

  • +2

    Search link please someone

  • Got airpods for 259 from Sydneytech. Now OOS

    • What’s the usual price

      • +1

        got the qi version which retails $319. yesterday it was $249 and was OOS within 2 mins :(
        will claim GST next month. so not a bad price i guess.

        • link please? I can't find the seller…

  • Applies to videopro_online too but not as good as 20% that was on just days ago.

    • 20% off for Videopro will most likely be back just a few days more.

  • Is there any good deal for rx570?

  • +1

    Search Link pls ?

  • +1

    Most we get is 20% off. Should have been eBay wide.

  • Iphone's much cheaper outside of here : (

  • +8

    Search link here

    Could not find a 'Buy Cool Australia' store, sorry.

    Note eBay's T&Cs exclude several categories, so don't know how helpful the link will be


    You may have more luck with these per-category links:

    Computers, Tablets & Network Hardware



    Video Games & Consoles

    Home Entertainment

    Industrial Supplies

    Phones, Smart Watches & Accessories

    Vehicle Electronics & GPS

    TV/Video Power Cables & Connectors

    Smart Home & Surveillance Electronics

    Sorry if the links still show excluded items. I've used eBay's very own landing page for this sale and many of the items listed, even when purchased in quantity which value exceeds the discount thresholds, cannot have the code applied. Once again, thank eBay for their needlessly complicated T&Cs and increasingly disappointing sales…

  • Any bargains

    • Nope back to Amazon .

  • +1

    Any deals on S10e or iphone xs?

  • +1

    Got a faulty Monitor from Sydneytec, still waiting for a refund after 3 weeks.
    Most frustrating part is the no response for 3 days after notifying them of the issue because they were "busy".

  • nothing good

  • The Fact that Ebay does not even create a search link for these deals makes me hate them even more, also eBay Plus is Ass.

  • Thanks, got the RX100 iv for $682. Not as good as the $673 on Videopro Ebay last week but good enough, plus eligible for TRS now :)

  • Thanks. Purchased a Samsung S8 (as new condition) for $460 down to $380 as a present for a friend's birthday.

    Seems like a decent deal.

    • Are all eBay purchases eligible for TRS Refund at the airport?

      I checked both the eBay order and Paypal transaction, neither list GST component.

  • Noob question but how do you find Appliance Central as a store on Ebay?

    • Dreadful. You'll have to fight if things go wrong as they ignore ACL.

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