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Cocoearth Grass-Fed Ghee Butter 250ml $3 @ Woolworths


Grass fed Ghee in $3, seems like a great deal

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    Grass fed Ghee in $3, seems like a great deal

    Please clarify…


    Is this indian ghee or a different thing ?

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    Have tried this, love the taste. Plus it's zero cholesterol.


    Most of the Indian ghee in the market is not made out of yogurt (which is a traditional way of making ghee). It is made out of straight milk cream.

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    Ok, so ;Grass fed' livestock maybe, but 'Grass fed' Ghee?

    Put company name, 'Grass fed', Keto & Paleo together and I call it a; BS Hipster product


      Still a good price for a hipster product.

      I've never used this stuff, but understand it's got a very high smoke point so I'll be getting some next time I'm shopping.


    I would never buy Ghee, Butter or any milk product originated from India. Most of the Dairy owners use Oxytocin injections illegally to induce letdown of milk to milk the cattle. Oxytocin is very harmful for cattle and humans (https://m.hindustantimes.com/fitness/the-milk-you-drink-may-...).

    If someone wants to buy good quality ghee, buy ‘Nanak’ ghee from any Indian or Pakistani grocery store as it is produced in Canadian.

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