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Viano 49" 4K UHD LED LCD TV with USB PVR & 4x HDMI in $301.75 Shipped @ GraysOnline eBay


Purchased 2 weeks back at $284 to see how's quality when 20% off promo was running on eBay, got delivered on same week. Picture quality & functionality is perfactly fine - no issues, added my chrome cast so now it is Smart TV for me. Watch Netflix, YouTube straight on TV from my phone. With current 15% off promo this same TV is now at $301.75. Just bought one more yesterday for my Dad to replace his old bulky plasma TV. Paid $18 extra then last deal but it's just small amount so doesn't worry me much, spend way more than this when goes out with mates on dinner.

Make sure you coupon code "PELICAN" on checkout otherwise will end up paying full price $355.

4K Ultra High Definition TV
High Definition LED Backlit LCD TV Panel
4 x HDMI Input
High Dynamic Contrast
PVR Function From USB connection
Slim Panel
Dynamic Constrast Ratio: 2000:1
Brightness: 280cd/m2
Built-in DVB Tuner

Original 15% off Selected eBay Sellers deal post

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  • Big W special. Rubbish TVs just like the JVC stuff. Crap UI, uneven backlighting and horrifically tinny speakers.

    Pay the bit extra and get a Hisense that way the TV will be a lot better and last much longer, if not you get 3 years warranty

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      I think there's a market for a TV like this. Not everyone cares about even backlighting, especially people who don't watch a lot of solid colours on their screen, or kids watching cartoons. Tinny speakers can be absolutely fine for kids, or people who just watch a lot of spoken-word programs.

      It's like how there's a market for cheap TN computer monitors - some people really don't care about getting a VA or IPS monitor, they're perfectly satisfied with a TN screen as all they do is read email and news, and browse Facebook.

      UI isn't important if you just need to watch FTA TV, or just turn the TV on and off - a Vodafone TV can handle the smart functions and be just as good if not better than the UI in a cheap Hisense, and easily upgradable as well.

      Longevity - who knows. Someone in the last deal mentioned their two Viano TVs, one 7 years and one 9 years old still working fine, outlasting their LG TV.

      • No doubt I just feel that even cheap computer monitors are built to a higher standard than cheap TVs. As for the longevity luck of the draw really but does not surprise me that it outlasted the LG I've heard numerous stories where the top model LGs not lasting more than 3 or so years

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          As for the longevity luck of the draw really but does not surprise me that it outlasted the LG I've heard numerous stories where the top model LGs not lasting more than 3 or so years

          I think that highlights the problems with online reviews or comments. It's human nature to complain - if a product fails, the buyer will shout from the hills to make sure everyone knows about it. But if a product works 100% perfectly, they'll just use it happily and not specifically seek out a reviews website just to tell everyone "Works great, nothing to complain about".

          So as a result we'll hear a lot more complaints than praises about most things. LG could have sold 20,000 top-end TVs with 1000 failures (5% failure rate which seems typical) - we'll almost definitely about a lot of those 1000 failures but not much about the other 19,000 perfectly-functioning ones.

          Likewise, being a cheap TV, Viano could have a failure rate of 10%. If they sell 20,000 of these TVs and 2000 fail, we'd very likely see a lot of complaints from those 2000 unhappy customers, but not hear much from the other 18,000 who are completely satisfied with their purchase.

          I'm not saying these Vianos will last years, I'm just saying judging reliability of any brand from online comments is tricky.

          • @eug: You make a great point but at the end of the day longevity of not they are a cheap and nasty TV overall, that's why I said it's better paying even double this for a Hisense that will most have a similar life span but is 4 times a better unit

            • @DannyBoy: OK.. lifespan aside, you don't think there's a market for cheap TVs with "entry-level image quality"? There's no doubt the Hisense would have better image quality, but I think there are plenty of people who don't care that much about image quality. I mean, the Viano isn't terrible, it's just average.

              Maybe a good analogy would be, there are people who are really into good audio and would never use anything cheaper than a pair of Audio Technica M50x headphones and a good headphone amp. They really appreciate how good music sounds… the tight punchy lows, the crisp highs, the excellent soundstage…

              Then there are people who are 100% satisfied with the earphones that came with their phone as all they do is listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos on the train, or have some background music playing while they study or work. A more expensive pair of headphones or IEMs would no doubt sound better, but for the things they do, the benefits would be completely wasted.

              Likewise, I think a cheap TV like this would be fine for someone who isn't sitting down on a couch in a darkened room with the latest Bluray movie and a surround sound system - you'll definitely see the deficiencies in that situation.

              But if it's used just to watch some Stranger Things, Rick and Morty, the news, kids cartoons, or docos… or as a TV in the rumpus room or back patio to have something on during a bbq… there's not much point in paying double for extra quality that won't be appreciated anyway. I certainly wouldn't be recommending a pair of ATH-M50x headphones to my dad. :)

  • Beware with Grays, I bought the one start of the month and still haven't received it.

    They gave me a false tracking number that said it's been delivered to another state. The eBay account and support team have stopped emailing me I'm about to do a charge back.

  • Read the reviews it's a stinker. Often breaks after 1 year

  • Holy crap their are some tv snobs on ozbargain.
    I'm using a Yaeger 55" 4K TV. Probably no one's even heard of that brand. And you know what? It does a pretty good job for a $200 tv i bought off gumtree. I'm sitting about a 1.5 meters from it too.

    Playing PC games 4K & 60Hz - looks awesome.
    PS4 Pro @ 4K?
    Xbox One X @ 4K?
    Switch @ 1080p(ish)?
    All look great, yes, even the Switch…

    People really need to get their head's out of their arses sometimes, its honestly pathetic reading the comments in the tv threads on here.

    • You’re getting worked up and having a go at people because you’re having a completely different experience with a completely different product?

  • Good patio TV. Cheap enough to not care about it as the insides oxidize.