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5000 Free Large Hawaiian Pizzas @ Domino's (Facebook Required)


๐Ÿ 5,000 FREE* PIZZAS ๐Ÿ

June 27th is #InternationalPineappleDay, and to celebrate we will be giving away 5,000 FREE* LARGE HAWAIIAN PIZZAS via our Instagram story!

Make sure you're following us (@Dominos_AU) & keep a close eye on our stories for your chance to get a code.

I assume this will be via Woobox and will require a Facebook login to get the unique code.

Update: All claimed!

T&Cs: http://bit.ly/2Lgw420

Please note the voucher is valid for 1 day only being Thursday 27/06/2019.

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    I assume this will be via Woobox and will require a Facebook login to get the unique code.

    Itโ€™s not the Facebook, but need Instagram

    • +3

      Yes, the link is posted via Instagram. I'm just assuming that it is like past giveaways through Woobox which would require a Facebook login to receive the pizza voucher.

    • Probably slim to none chance but if anyone has a code they don't wanna use….?

  • +10

    My F5 is primed

    • I love it when you talk dirty

    • thanks for reminder - I am applying wd40 now

      • +1

        WD40 is not a lubricant! It displaces water only!

        For optimal F5 smoothness grab some engine oil and a cotton tip, paint the high friction surfaces

        • Sounds naughty.

  • how does this work

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      Wait until a random time - the last couple have been at 3 , 3.30 or 4 pm but it could be any time

      click the wooxbox link - it needs a facebook account

      sign up with an email address and get a voucher code

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      Based on previous giveaways, Domino's will post an Instagram story with a link to http://woobox.com/blabla. It asks you to enter an email and login to Facebook. Once completed, you'll receive your unique voucher code.

      • So once the link is public anyone can use it? I donโ€™t need to get instagram it the link is posted here, right?

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    I was just watching ACA yesterday about how tens of thousands of Dominos staff have been underpaid. I like a bargain, and I might not make a difference, but the reason we get cheap/free stuff is that someone along the way is paying for it… The Dominos CEO isn't, the Dominos corporate isn't, but staff working for free and the franchisees directed to make illegal underpayments will pay.

    • +6

      Does that mean that you will not be keen on a code/free pizza due to the reasons outlined?

      • +1

        Yeah, I'll skip it but it's a good deal though - and I love Dominos, too…

        • +4

          I'm not overly keen on Dominos pizza…but that's just me :D

          • +6

            @moo: Trust me it's not just you.

    • +5

      I'm just waiting until they develop a machine that can top and cook a pizza then get drones to do the deliveries…

      Unfortunately I think the management are looking back at the share price in the past without realising time is moving on…

      • +3

        Create a startup to develop this and transform the industry. I'm sure you could become a billionaire if executed well.

        • +3

          I'd be demolished instantly, plus removing that many people from the supply chain…

          I'd be bought out by Domino's and Amazon then would probably die in mysterious circumstances after being electrocuted by my Apple iPhone in the bath or something

      • Iโ€™ve used pizza vending machines in Europe before. They were actually better pizzas than dominos anyway. That +airtasker and we have your solution.

      • +1

        Great idea except what if people purposely destroy or damage the drones?

        • -1

          How? By all rights the only time they'd be able to do that is if they are the end customers in which they'd be receiving wilful damage charges and a nice civil bill

          • +1

            @kronicmacstigator: You mean how do shitty people vandalise other people's property and get away with it? Have a look at the trains.

            • -4

              @ronnknee: Trains don't fly in the air and only become accessible to a single person whose details have already been logged by the store who owns the drone…

              I'll make it simple since thinking logically is difficult for you.

              Trains… Ground…
              Drones… Air…

              Last I checked humans aren't able to fly

              • +3


                Last I checked humans aren't able to fly

                Humans can't fly but rocks, water bottles and any other projectiles can.

                Look, I really think it's a great idea but personally my faith in humanity is not as optimistic as yours. Imagine some kids ordering pizza using some prepaid SIM cards and prepaid credit cards. Good luck on the civil lawsuits.

                Also it's not just the buyer who may potentially damage the drones. They can also be vandalised en route.

                I'll make it simple since thinking logically is difficult for you.

                I think this is a healthy discussion. No need for personal attacks.

                • @ronnknee: Yep… As if CASA and local councils will allow the drones to operate at a height less than your average apartment block… The height required will almost completely mitigate the risk of projectile strikes!

                  They won't be operating at a height of 500m but 30-50m wouldn't be out of the question at all. Plus you could program the altitudes depending on the location, terrain and other official air traffic not to mention a 'return to base' command could be programmed in whenever emergency air traffic is present

              • @kronicmacstigator: Woah you went 0 to arsehole real quick.
                Who hurt you that you gotta take everything personal.

    • +1

      Good on ya matey.

      1 down, 4999 to go.

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      Can confirm this. In the 1 year, 5 months, and 24 days that I have worked for domino's I have had to do at least 30+ hours of unpaid overtime

      • I believe that, most retail roles basically force you to do that to keep your job or you will lose it.

        • They force you until the day someone reports them doing it

          • @ryanwe: It's my own fault but I've been ripped off for not keeping an accurate log of hours not paid for in the past, one of the nation's biggest unions claimed that as it was unapproved hours they couldn't make a claim lol. Dumped them of course.

      • Iโ€™m a lawyer and do 30 hours of overtime a week.

  • +1

    Wow pineapple on pizza. You should all be jailed.

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

  • +8

    If you don't want to miss out on the deal, go to the Dominos Australia profile on Instagram and turn on story notifications. You'll receive a notification when a new story is posted.

  • -3

    Pineapple s u c k

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  • +2

    On behalf of all Qld'ers… **** you :)

    More specifically… the pineapple haters.

    Alot are grown up here! Besides… live and let live! You don't have to eat it… I love pineapple on pizza. But will gladly take a Supreme etc!

  • -3

    How is it possible to accept to put pineapple in pizza ? how ?

  • +2

    Is it possible to accept one and donate the code to a person in need/charity? I don't really like ham.

  • +1

    Expecting some good deals are on the cards with the wages fiasco……. Looks like Pizza size isn't the only thing that dominoes have reduced. Guessing their share price might go the same way.

    • I don't think consumers base their shopping patterns on wage scandals. If they did, Coles, Woolworths, 7/11, RFG Franchisees (Michel's patisserie etc.), McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Gloria Jean's would have gone bust yonks ago.

  • If you win, how long do you have to redeem it? Like do you have to redeem it tomorrow or can I redeem it on the weekend/soon?

    • The answer is in the deal description

  • can you post when the link has come out please ? Thanks

  • -1

    how do you find the woxboox link ?

  • -2

    Free pizza from dominos? No thanks..

  • +10

    All 5000 will be claimed by one guy with a script in the first 3 seconds.

    • +9

      Already learning to code buddy way ahead of you.

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      • +2

        God damn it Broden

    • If you want to find this guy, just find the guy who gained 20kg over night

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    Oh no here we go again sold out in 0.5 seconds lol whats with the stupid posts about pineapple on pizza its been around for decades!

  • -1

    Guess I'll have to pick out the pineapples..

    • +1

      You could just remove them when you order it you know?

  • Damn..am I too late now?

  • +2

    this be another foot traffic kinda thing. In 5 secs, all gone.

  • +5

    Where would I even store 5,000 pizzas? This seems like a dumb deal.

  • -3


  • -1

    Did you know that $50 notes are called Pineapples.

  • anyone know when this code is coming?

    • No idea - but I'm refreshing IG on my PC every now and again. I missed out last time!

  • So are they releasing a list of unique codes on Insta? And then you need to grab the code and use it immediately before someone else grabs it? Or how does it work?

    • +1

      They dont give a list, you click the link as soon as it appears(gotta be FAST!) and you'll get a unique code. The link appears usually from midday on at a random time. You dont need to redeem the code immediately, any time throughout the day though.

      • Thank you. Last time I just had Inst opened on my computer, waiting for them to post something. And then AFTER the promo, I realised that it had to pop up on their 'stories'. More prepared this time…. but I'll probs still miss out LOL!

        • If its the same as last time, you'll want to have already logged into facebook beforehand on your browser. Then all you need to do is authorise the promo to access fb and enter your email to receive the code.

  • Nothing yet?

    • +2

      Waiting. IG stories. Going by past experience, it is likely to come at 3:00PM or 5:00PM AEST. Just a guess, I would anyway think they will keep peak lunch hours out of this. Well, I've conveniently delayed my lunch :-D

      • +1

        what are the chances ? how quickly it ran out last time ?

        • You vs 24+ millions.

          You have a very very very low chances.

        • Ran out in a split second last time, but the quantity was far less (not 5000). This time it'd be a max 5 seconds, or if the deal is Ozbargained, then around 1 second or so.

          You gotta be fast.

  • +7

    Goddamit dominoes trolling with the "watch this space"

    • Tru that. Two pineapples dancing and "Watch this space" Aargh. Bang at 12:23PM.
      Imagine the no. of hits their IG page and handle is getting!

  • any moment now…

  • Any moment later.

    • It's going to be real soon…

  • +15

    Pineapple on Pizza time?

    New story posted at 14:58:28

    Direct link https://woobox.com/at3fiu

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