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Kogan Small 365-Day Plan $152.10 - Increased Data from 3GB to 7GB Per 30 Days @ Kogan Mobile


First time poster - please be gentle :)

Just got an email from Kogan Mobile (as used to be their customer before switching to Catch Connect with their 50% discount yearly plan)

SMALL yearly plan for Kogan used to be 3GB per 30 days.
Now it's been upgraded to 7GB per 30 days.

Free SIM included.

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  • Are existing plans upgraded too? Or just new plans

    • Can't tell you … as I said, I switched from Kogan … maybe existing customers on a small plan can comment …

    • Nope, I'm on an existing small plan with 3GB, and my last recharge (a few days ago), was still 3GB.

    • I recharged 3 days ago with 1 year small deal which I bought 3 month ago, and now I have 7GB in my account. Thanks Kogan.

    • I've been on the Medium plan since June '18 and when Kogan changed the data from 6GB to 7GB, and then again to 13GB I was given the free upgrade each time. But on this occasion it doesn't appear they are doing it for the Small plan users. My partner has been on the S plan 3GB since Dec '18 and hasn't received the upgrade.

  • another alternative boost.com.au for $150 80G with telstra network
    also aldimobile $99 15gb telstra network

    both 365 days

    • another alternative boost.com.au for $150 80G with telstra network
      also aldimobile $99 15gb telstra network

      Kogan too late, a lot of us already moved to boost.

    • boost includes free international call for some countries.

    • Interesting, the $150 for 80gb on boost sound ok

      I'm on catch connect which uses Optus network and its crap for me due to network coverage

    • Yep i also jumped ship to boost. was amazed at how quick they port your number. mine was done in like 30 mins

      • My porting even done within 10 mins! Kogan you are too late now, maybe try again next year when most of us on boost going to expire.

        • I think I got unlucky switching my mum over. It took over 2 weeks to receive the sim and another 2 and a half days to port her number.

        • 10 minutes here too. Also Kogan -> Boost

          Ozbargain surely causes a huge influx between april to june every year lol.

    • Can I buy a SIM card locally then use the $150/$300 plan? My plan expires tonight and don't want to wait until possibly Monday for a SIM card to be posted from Boost.

  • All kogan plans have increased data for around the same price of the old plans

  • Finally a decent contender for the almighty Boost deal.

    IMO Boost is still the best deal out there though

  • +12 votes

    7gb per month (no rollover) on Vodafone from Kogan for $152
    80gb per year (6.6gb per month with rollover) on Telstra from Boost for $150.

    (Closer, Ruslan, but still no deal).

    • boost plans include international calls, so win.

      • Boost plans may also actually have a signal away from the CBD….

      • -2 votes

        Do international calls include when calling from inside one of those included countries?

        • That’s called international roaming.

          • -6 votes

            @hashtagbargain: Thanks for that educational aside, very informative. Is roaming included?

            Unlimited calls and texts for $10 in Germany but not indication how long for.

            • @0jay: Here, just a google away.

              • @hashtagbargain: You call that snark then you've grown in a very sheltered space. There's not much information as to how long the $10 extra lasts for example.

                Ok looks like 7 days.

                Nope, back to square one. Critical info summary says 28 days for $15 (with $15 included), international call page says $10 gets unlimited calls and texts in Germany but no indication as to expiry.

    • Isn't the risk with boost that it's not really 6.6gb a month, and you could use all the data in the first month by accident?

  • does Boost use Telstra 4G network or they use 3G only?
    Is it full Telstra network?

  • How easy was it to port out of Kogan. My 12 month plan ends 25 Jul 19. How long was delivery of the sim. I live in Darwin.

    • quite simple to port out.
      I ported out and joined back after 30 days. The system rejected that port-in. Needed to call the call centre.

    • Simple. I ported out to Lebara. It was either Lebara or Boost… Somehow I decided Lebara was a better deal. 😅

    • Dont buy sim online.
      Just fo Coles woolies get $2 prepaid sim kit.

      Save the wait

  • For folks considering Boost, there's also Catch Connect $170/205GB 365 day prepaid (current 50% off promo) but you can get $15 cashback from ShopBack by signing up a new account, making it $155 all told.

    (Or if $150 is your threshold then there's the $135/80GB which is $120 after cashback.)

    If you don't need to be on Telstra and/or Optus network is OK in your areas, and you don't need international calls, then Catch Connect is the clear winner.

    • Word of warning, I've had issues porting to Catch from Kogan:
      - I no longer receive SMS from Telstra numbers
      - unrelated to phone (chucked sim in a mates phone, same issue)

      Spent ages on the support queue, called weekly, repeatedly told I'd get called back… until one day they emailed to say their technicians had looked at it, and there "is no issue". When I objected, they responded "If you would like to port your number away, you're free to do so at any time".

      • +4 votes

        You should contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman to deal with this issue. They will help you. See: https://www.tio.com.au/

      • If you are on an iPhone it may be the iMessage intercepting your SMS … So it is not the Sim, but the Imessage service.

        Google for fix

      • I had to wait several days without service when I ported from Optus to Catch - took daily calls to chase up. That experience is enough to go to Boost when the 365 days is up. Worse porting experience ever. I know this is not going to happen with most people but one time is plenty for me.

  • IMO Don't Rush, Lebara will be jumping Soon

  • Does anyone know if the Boost $5 Add-on (necessary for global roaming) includes data? The info about add-ons appears to indicate that data is only within Australia.

    • Yes, was very disappointed with this confusing inclusion..

      The add-on data is only for Australia. It is used before your other data.

  • Boost is where its at.

  • Part of the reasons why I'm considering Kogan is that it limits the usage for me.

    Similarly with Jeenee mobile, but I'm even more hesitant with Jeenee, apparently even with auto top-up turned off, it can still go over the limit.

    For Boost, 80 GB a year, can I limit that to 5 GB a month somehow?

    I'd hate to use up 20 GB say, in 1 month.

    • Use the mobile data setting on your phone (set the month limit, warn at say 4gb and disable at 6gb. Problem solved. Resets on the day you set for the month

      • Does that exist on iOS? Can’t see it anywhere

        • Nope, Samsung only. Third party apps are iffy on iOS too, often I don't get notifications until after I've gone way past the limit I set, since the apps can't turn the data off.

    • Same worry here, my dad unexpectedly bent thru heaps of data, asked him how he doesn’t know. With no monthly limits you could go months without data if somehow you burnt thru the 80gbs.( and usually it’s just the phone doing stuff burning thru data over night).

  • already mentioned here.

  • Boost $150 80gb 365 days is better

    I just got one :D

  • Does anyone know if any of these companies such as catch connect, boost, kogan mobile etc charge for sms delivery reports like telstra do?

  • Too late Kogan. We all at Boost now. Too little, too late.

  • For those work families in certain Asian countries, the boost I've can't be beat

  • I’ve got 2 phones on Kogan expiring in a couple of weeks, but will move to catch with their 50% off at the moment.
    30gb/month for $17/month (albeit in a 365 day plan).

    I don’t need international minutes, and will buy a sim overseas if I travel.

    • My kid has the 205gb for 1 year. Worked out so cheap (we got catchconnect cards @10% off plus 10%off UNiDAYS.) worked out very cheap (around $135). We are in metro so can’t notice signal differences (they are all great)

  • tell us bigger data plans deal? 7 GB per 30 days is useless.

  • Hey guys,

    Currently on a 'small' 365day Kogan Mobile deal (which expires end of July)..

    Considering this increased Kogan deal vs Boost… Any opinion from anyone who has used both and which is better?

    Other consideration is Catch Connect which is currently on special but haven't read good reviews about them…

    • My son still on Kogan and I am on boost, our local woolies is underground on P2, his reception completely got cut off inside and I still got just barely 1 bar and able to surf the internet, so boost won for sure!

  • Apart from the new plans, does Boost have anything over Belong?
    Belong has unlimited rollover on all the plans.. however the free international calls is included only on the $40/month plan.
    Hopefully Belong reviews their plans shortly.
    Love the unlimited data rollover and data gifting.

  • 85GB for 365? that's better deal than XGB per month…

  • General comment re these 365 day deals - I guess it means you have to monitor your own usage - you would not get the 50%/85% warning messages you would see on a monthly plan.

  • hopefully this gets common soon, my kid’s yearly plan expire end of year

  • I am on grandfathered Telstra prepaid plan which gives has 2 years expiry for $150 iirc but only 12gb data. Is there anything similar or better available? I don't need a lot of data as I mostly use it at home.

    • That sounds like a rip off. There is amaysim $10 every 28 days (so you need to recharge x13 times in 1 year) gives all unlimited And 1gb a month. Sometimes Groupon as 4 recharges very cheap. You will pay less and monthly too.

      That’s very two years? I don’t think there is anything cheaper,’

  • Anyone know when the purchased voucher expires? I think my current plan with Kogan expires in either Aug or Sept… not sure if it's worth buying now.

  • I've been using Kogan for over a year now. It uses Vodafone I get great reception where I live.
    My work phone is on telstra and when I'm home I get one bar most of the time it can't connect to telstra network.

  • $292 for 24 months here
    (2x $146/year)

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