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Kitchen Couture 4L Low Fat 1400W Air Fryer $33, 4.5L 1600W Digital Air Fryer $45 Delivered (OOS) @ Kogan


Kitchen Couture 4L Low Fat 1400W Air Fryer White

  • 4 litre capacity – Perfect size for family meals
  • Variable temperature control up to 200degC
  • 30 minute timer
  • Trims the fat from oily favourites

Kitchen Couture 4.5L 1600W Digital Air Fryer

  • 4.5L family size
  • Non-stick food basket and frying tray
  • Fry, bake, roast and grill your food
  • Fried food with up to 80% less fat

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  • +1

    Anyone recommend which is better? Thanks

    • I don't own either but got an Aldi airfryer few months ago. I personally wouldn't mind paying $12 extra for the 1600W version. But we use it often so if you don't plan to, maybe better to save the $12?

      • +1

        Thanks for your advice. I decided to buy the bigger one.

  • It is big enough for a 1.2 kgs chicken?

  • +1

    Never owned an air fryer - what is the advantage over an oven?

    • +5

      Same thing as a fan-forced oven but more economical especially for small/single serves e.g. if my son wants fish fingers, I don't have to pre-heat the entire oven.
      I don't have this brand, I've got another cheapo one from Aldi.

      • +1

        I also cook mainly for myself. I can cooked some salmon in the air fryer and steam some vegies in the microwave. I also don't have a sense of smell so like the fact it turns off and I dont have to worry if I left the oven on.

      • +1

        is there any smell of the plastic (when heated up or left on food)? & how easy to clean?

        i'm tempted to buy one as well. cheers

        • -2

          Really? :) It's metal on the inside.
          You will never smell or taste plastic unless you have set fire to the outside of it somehow.

          • +4

            @Deviner: I think they were referring to the toxic smell some toasters, ovens, other electrical appliances can let off.

            We had an expensive toaster let go, bought a cheapo to get by and it dead set smelled like chemical plastic being made/melted every time we used it, even after a prolonged period of use (which usually beds in and eliminates it).

            Soooo… Valid question I'd say if that is what they were referring to.

            • +1

              @db87: Hmm, interesting - you might be right.
              Never had that problem apart from maybe a deep fat fryer about 20 years ago.

              I guess that could be something tied in with the cheaper appliances.

            • +1

              @db87: u just read my mind.

              that's the exact toxic we're worrying about - huge health risk (to say the least…)

        • +2

          Definitely had the yucky plasticky smell initially.
          I think I washed it twice or more, each time placing the damp tray and ran the the airfryer and let the steam to kill off the smell.
          The smell is gone now, been using it for at least a year.

          edit: experience based on a NON-kogan air-fryer. The OP airfryer could be worse or better?

          • +3

            @xhanatos: Definitely what I'm referring to, and not a pleasant smell at all. It's not only limited to plastic appliances too but pretty much anything with a heating element.

            Being a sparky, as far as fixed appliances go, it just became habit fot me to run appliances as many times as we can before handover. Nice little touch to allow the client to use their stuff straight away AND not have to deal with the smell. Potentially why some people may be unaware of the smell I'm referring to also. 🤔

            But yes, generally the smell SHOULD go away as things 'bed-in.' As was our case, our cheapo toaster didn't and we literally just replaced it yesterday after putting up with it for about 3 months - it would have been sooner but we were waiting for the good guys credits to come through from the OzBargain KitchenAid deal. 👍 😂

    • I'm a big advocate of air fryers and try to get my friends to jump on board! I've had one for about 5 years now and it's been great. To think of all that oil that I used to buy to fry stuff, NEVER AGAIN. These are great for the kids to pop in frozen meats (chicken nuggets and strips), or even potatoes and broccoli / cauliflower. Works for steaks and chicken too but I don't use it for raw stuff. Highly recommend having one! I have a philips one second hand and it's running strong still!

  • The 4.5L looks very similar to the kmart one.

  • I just bought the Kmart one but haven't opened it yet - should I go for one of these Kogan ones instead?


    • +1

      mine left a metallic taste in fries and returned in. curious if this is the Kogan one is better

    • +9

      I've got a Kmart one and it's great. No issues and it cooks evenly.

    • +1

      I have the kmart one and have bought a few as gifts and never encountered any problems.

      • +2

        I would suggest Kmart, Target and Big W all have (good or better) refund, warranty and exchange policies for faulty or underperforming appliances than Kogan.
        Sometimes though Kogan seem to have superior specced appliances?
        The Kmart one seems to come third in the charts of either Canstar or Product review awards.

    • The Kmart ones are great but the non stick coating's worn off a lot on mine… wonder if you can put a small food rack inside the basket since you can't get replacement baskets.

      • Just spray paint it with hi temperature muffler paint. Its probably no worse than teflon anyway

  • Great deal. Thanks OP

  • Great deal and free delivery. Bought 2 for a couple of birthday gifts coming up.

  • +6

    OK was thinking of Kogan, saw the Aldi deal, but this price is crazy!
    Might jump on this one then given it's cheaper than even the Kmart one by a fair bit.

    I might deliberately stick to the cheaper analogue one too. Would be nice to get higher power and capacity, but I swear I reckon I will hate the touch screen and all the "modes". Analogue = turning one dial to set the temp, another to set the time, done! Just seems so much better. No power, mode choosing, continually pressing up or down for time or temp, etc. Some microwaves are like that and just feels over-engineered sometimes.
    /thinking cap on

    • +3

      Sounds like my dryer.

      All you want to do is dry clothes and to do that you’ve got to press half a dozen buttons, cycle through menus and then press start.

      Clothes are almost dry by then!

    • +1

      I have this issue with modern cars "cclimate control". As someone who only turns AC on if its needed, it bugs me no end that the car would run either the heater or AC when i am perfectly comfortable just because i was too lazy to press a button within arms reach. I also hate how hitting the demister button now turns the AC on in most cars, makes the car freezing in winter at the coat of using more fuel. What happemed to demisting with the heater?

  • Damn, my aldi one broke 2 days ago and just ordered the qantas one then this comes up..

    • QF are pretty good with cancellations

      • Yeh after some deep thought I dont think its worth the hassle considering my el cheapo aldi one only lasted 9 months. Luckily they are good with returns. Hoping this tefal will last me longer.

        • Got the Tefal. So far so good

  • +3

    Ordered the 4.5L one. Always wanted an air fryer but was never sure how they work. Maybe it'll end the oil splashes everywhere from late night chips.

    The 4.5L one says it grills, I'm hoping I can put my toaster waffles in there right? They don't fit in my toaster.

    • +9

      It's the #1 problem facing the nation today.

    • +1

      Sounds like you have the diet thing nailed

  • How does this compare to the Philips ones? Trying to decide if I should use my amex HN

    • same thing, the technology is to blow fan over the heated element, that cooks the food.
      Philips, I agree bit better quality, But not at the cost of 4X the price

  • +2

    why philips charge large premium?

  • Thanks bought the 4.5L one.

  • +7

    4.5L Sold Out. Waaaaaaaa

  • 4.5L looked much better, but sold out!

  • How easy is it to clean these air fryers?

    I cook for myself in a tiny room and dun have an oven. This looks useful to heat food. But My kitchen sink is tiny too so washing big item is a bitch.

      • +1

        Lol @ the negs, I actually laughed. Have a +1 from me

    • +1

      It's easy as long as you tackle it straight after food removal

      • Thanks. Do you need to clean with wet sponge? Or just wiping with paper towels will do?

        • +1

          Wet sponge, depends on what you cook but I've seen some build up after cooking I wouldn't want to be left there. Rats, Mice etc

  • +1

    Got one thanks OP. Have been interested in these but never seen cheaper than this so pulled the trigger

    • This is the first time i saw a cheaprr ome than the one I bought 5 years ago for 40. Mine was a euromade from oo.com.au but was also branded as a breville some places. I only tried it once as it was a gift for my mum. I tried to make chips and they werent crispy.

  • Thanks OP. Got one.

  • -1

    Got all exited but then read it's from Kogan

    Pass from me but thanks to the OP

    • Where did you go after leaving?

      • To tafe to take a typing course

  • Got the small one, and took the plunge and signed up for Afterpay as well. (profanity) me, is this the start of a slippery slope?

    • +1

      As an accountant who seeks to capitalise on time value of money every chance I could, Afterpay has been working great for me. Just make sure that you link it to a credit card that will have ample limit available and never have to worry about missing a payment. Because I have been so good on repayments now when I use afterpay I don't even need to pay anything "now" and first payment is in 2 weeks.

      • I'm all for using my CC, BUT, if I've got the cash, I use the card and zero it straight away. What's the point in waiting 2 weeks/4 payments?

        Care to elaborate on the time value of money part? I don't see the difference other than the money being in your possession for a few weeks longer (at most), which, as far as interest goes (for money in your account), would be neglible.

        • Well your additional effort in earning that additional interest is negligible as well. It is not big amounts but every little thing counts in Ozbargain right?

          If you repay your credit card straight away after purchasing something you're not using it most efficiently as it has interest free periods of usually up to 55 days. One would shop on it and only pay the full closing balance on the due date. This will minimise the effort required as well (as you only need to make one repayment each month, or none at all if you sign up for direct debt)

          Also for cash flow point of view it's good as well to defer payments as much as possible since you will have more free cash to spend on something else if you need it all of a sudden

          • @FutureTech: Yep, so nothing I didn't already suspect. No disrespect to your reasoning!

            I do defer payments within the 55 days (or however many I have), but as I said, I still wouldn't spend it without already having it in my savings account. This is where you lost me with the "free cash all of a sudden". It's not readily available cash if I didn't already have it - that's teetering on the edge of frivolous spending which would contradict your yearning for saving every penny possible.

            That's where the credit card becomes the emergency, knowing I'll have a pay coming soon to cover any shortfalls anyway, so again, "free cash flow" isn't needed.

            Thanks though, I'm always interested to see where one might make changes to their expenditures.

            • @db87: Same here - I have always made sure I am able to repay each and every one of my credit card statements in full but that doesn't mean that I don't utilise the credit facilities to the fullest extent possible, without incurring any charges of course, while leaving my savings as much and for as long as possible in my mortgage offset account.

            • @db87: When you have a mortgage and offset account you'll understand why.

              • @Dream-cast: I do… And 2 investment properties.

                • @db87: Then you should understand having money in your own account for as long as possible is better than having money in someone else's account.

                  • @Dream-cast: Correct, that's why I utilise a tax variation and sit on the board of my body Corp and carry out my own repairs where legally allowed. I'm very involved, just not 54 days, 59 seconds and a heap of reminders involved.

                    I just think the above is a bit of an hysterical approach. All well and good, but a few cents (not dollars) here and there isn't worth the extra effort, subjective or not.

                    It also sounds like something out of MMM/Barefoot Investor, something I still haven't and won't read into past the blurb. I can't help but laugh at the guy making millions off people for basic knowledge for, wait for it, their hard earned savings. It's like throwing money at a sinking ship.

                    It just screams get rich quick scheme (for the people struggling) thinking he has some magical method. In saying that, they does have SOME valid points that I'm sure helps those that need a little fine tuning but for those that are way off target, the above, nor MMM/BFI isn't going to help them, they have bigger fish to fry.

      • +1

        Ha, fellow accountant as well. Maybe the 'slippery slope' in my original comment was in reference to becoming an accountant in all aspects of my life!

      • As an account I applaud you to see the forest from the trees.

        Afterpay charges up to 5% to process a transaction, CC around 1-3%, EFTPOS 1%, cash (depends who you ask, next to nothing to a little bit over EFTPOS).

        next, ask yourself, whats a retailers usual profit margin (preferably before BNPL become the thing). Answer 4-10%.

        So if AP, comes and takes an extra 2-3% extra off that NPAT figure (being the average delta of the old payment methods vs the new), it'll make some retailers go bust or half the value of the most profitable ones.

        Either that, or the prices will go up overall to reflect the increase CODB to cover the increase AP charges, on average 2% is my best guess.

        Now for the TVoM. Given how low interest rates are, if you don't pay interest on a $100 purchase for a month or two, how much do you save? far less than the extra 1-2% increase in goods purchased I am absolutely sure.

        False economy when someone thinks they can get a free lunch. Or in this case, zero cost credit.

        • I was very sceptical of what value APT brought to the market. Retail is dying and discretionary spending is shrinking. I thought APT would just be cannibalising sales from other payment methods and that businesses would stop paying APT for commission if sales weren't growing.

          But a friend of mine who runs an online fashion retailer said they have no choice. The market has spoken and wants to make purchases on APT and if you don't offer it then you risk losing sales.

          Gotta hand it to APT for figuring how how to market credit to millennials.

          I wonder why the big 4 banks haven't come out with their own product. Maybe they're letting APT pave the way/test the law on whether it should be regulated as credit provider before doing their own?

          • @jaypee06:

            But a friend of mine who runs an online fashion retailer said they have no choice. The market has spoken and wants to make purchases on APT and if you don't offer it then you risk losing sales.

            I don't get that, if you're creating something that people want, they will want to buy it, whether you pay with it one way or another. People are not buying things because they can AP it.

            AP is a means to an end.

        • On the other hand, 5% isn’t all that much higher than PayPal’s 30 cents + 2.9%. And everyone loves Afterpay, you’d lose some of those customers by not offering it.

          • @AustriaBargain: So you really think, that before AP was around, people looked at a $20 item and said if i had to pay it all at once i wont buy it?

            AP in my opinion doesn't help anyone get any more customers, it just brings forwards purchases by a month and then its all the same. Except more middle men to pay and less value for those who contribute in more meaningful ways.

            If the world was all paid in AP it'll function more like a tax on goods and services more so than any other tax I've known.

            • @cloudy: If it’s so easy why don’t you start a company called Easy Pay and only charge 4%? Then you’ll be making all the easy money like AP.

            • @cloudy: I honestly had the same view as you up until I talked to my friend that does the online fashion retail.

              To answer your comment about what happened in the old days, yes there was lay-buy, and credit cards (which aren't as popular with millennials)

              And yes, APT does affect peoples' decision to buy or not which is why the take up with retailers is growing so fast. They can't afford to miss out on sales which are hard enough to come by as is.

              They've done a farkin brilliant job to market it to the young crowd.

              I agree with you that they're just a middle man and it's just bringing forward sales, but they've cemented their position in the market and retailers can't afford to ignore them.

              Interestingly though PayPal has released a similar product, and VISA too.

            • @cloudy: Afterpay targets the people who shouldn't be using the services the most.

              If you cant afford to buy this new dress or this new YSL Foundation, you have to wait until you got the money (if you don't have credit card). But now, Afterpay enables this impulse purchase. No longer you have to wait until your next pay check, or choose between A and B now. You can have them both and deal with the problem later.

              • @Ughhh: Yea, that's exactly why I say theres no value add, instead of waiting, you can have it now amd deal with problem later.

                Instead of having, say Goods A this week and Goods B next week. It's have it both this week and nothing next week.

                It hardly changes how much we can consume. But, in the process, it cuts retailers margins by 25-50%. Now, they ain't taking that lying down, they simply wont raise wages as much, or up the prices. We all lose when there is a artificial tax in cloak in place.

                • @cloudy: There's no added value to consumers, not much different to those dodgy payday loan business. But if it enables people to spend more now, then imo it does change how much we consume. Just walk into Mecca/sephora and ask a girl how many red lipsticks or make-up brushes she got. I've seen comments on reddit about how lucky there was AP, other wise she wouldn't have gotten it.

                  • +1

                    @Ughhh: How can it increase our overall consumption if we still have to pay off the goods ( a few weeks later)

                    I can see it increasing our consumption today, but delaying payment simply means less consumption a few weeks later when the pay check goes to paying the AP debt.

                    I nkow there are people who think they have consumed more and post it online ( at time of consumption) but what they are not saying is 4 weeks later, oh I can’t afford to buy the XYZ due to paying off AP debt.

                    Th short termism of our youth is doing them and society in general no favours, and bringing middle costs to us all.

                    That’s all I’m saying. I respect and appreciate the discussion though, :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Ordered small one.

  • +1

    Thanks OP ordered the 4L one

  • Bought the $99 one at BigW, and now Aldi has an identical looking one for $30 cheaper… But it's great for 1-4 people depending what you're cooking. Chicken and chips in about 23 minutes. Downside is the cleaning; I use a lot of paper towel soaking up the fat. I don't expect the non-stick coating to last real long.. a real advantage for the Philips and similar. I predict that this would be a great intro but you'll want to upgrade after a year..
    Crispy chips.. pull the basket out about halfway through and shake it up. Don't expect to do a kilo of chips at a time.

    • How much chips you reckon in the 4.5 litre one?

      • Mine works out to be ~ 3 litre. I wouldn't do more than ½ kilo chips at a time.

  • Thanks OP, ordered the 4L in black.
    The only info I couldn't find is if the food basket/tray is non-stick? Does anyone know?

    • Shit I didn't even check what colour I ordered. Too afraid it would get ozbargain'd

  • Thanks bought black one 4L, hope it is good

  • Rando question, is it a pain to clean an airfryer?

    • +1

      put 1 tablet or 1 scoop of dishwasher powder and pour hot water kettle in the compartment, let it do its work for 1-2 hours. all the crap will come off with ease, wipe it with the cloth or paper towel and you good to go.

  • +1


    using 7L bought from Ebay, very happy with it. can cook whole chicken without any issues.
    a friend of mine has 4-4.5L units, too small, I decided to buy bigger unit and very happy with it.

  • If it helps the Kogan 5.2L Digital Low Fat 1800W is $70 deliv

  • 4L is now sold out in both black & white

  • Both models are back in stock.

    • ?

  • FWIW guys, just got mine (small one) and it says 3.5L in the description on looking again too. But the listing title and everyone quoting the 4L one. Is it normal for a fryer to have 2 capacities a listed? The only example that comes to mind are hard disks!

    • I have received mine (black one) and it says the same. I'll be interested to know as well please.

      • +3

        Just did the initial washup of the bits and the only thing I can think of is the inner basket is 3.5L and the outer container is 4L. I mean numbers aside, the capacity looks about what I expected.

    • Mine to come

    • +1

      Yeah i have received 3.5L as well.

    • +1

      Got the delivery today and notice box says 3.5L and the Kogon website say 4L … That’s false advertisement i’ll be ringing them tomorrow.

      • what did cs say? Did they offer anything?

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