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Google Chromecast - Charcoal Grey (3rd Gen) $47.20 @ The Good Guys eBay


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This Google Chromecast allows you to stream online entertainment from your favourite apps open on your compatible Android smartphone or tablet, iPhone or iPad, Windows or Mac laptop, or Pixelbook straight to your TV screen. Whether it's free-to-air catch-up TV, YouTube videos, live sport and replays, movies and TV shows via subscription services like Netflix, the Google Chromecast streaming device is the easy way discover the latest entertainment on a TV that doesn't come with built-in Wi-Fi. Simply plug Google Chromecast into your TV HDMI port, connect it to your Wi-Fi, and tap the Cast button in a cast-enabled app. You can also view videos from your laptop's Chrome browser to your TV, and mirror photos and presentations from your Android phone or tablet on the TV screen. Pair Chromecast with Google Home or Google Home Mini (sold separately) to stream entertainment from your device just by asking. Google Chromecast is a smart, easy way to watch, listen and play everything on your TV.

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  • I would need to check but I have the first editions of these I briefly used one at start and out in back in box,I have two of first edition and I'm curious the difference on this one and first one. I have got google mini and I believe you can use mini with these but what? And is there be differences I have no 4K yet.

    • I've got this one and the first edition, the main differences are:
      - Newer version casts and load shows a lot faster. (Difference can be huge)
      - Support 5ghz wifi and has better wifi in general.
      - Support 1080p 60fps.

  • Chromecast into your TV HDMI port, Does it have to be tv,my tv has 3 hdmi ports one for my Apple TV, android box and one for my soundbar which is hdmi arc which im having issues with so pretty much hdmi is all being used up,can this be plugged in elsewhere?

    • Don't your Android box have Chromecast?

      • My minix does not I'm sure but I got another android box for bedroom yet to set up as moved house and I'm sure that has and google assist,I was just looking to take advantage or the google mini and talk to tv in main living area, I have a smart tv in cinema room which would be good to have google mini talk to that but will my chromecast do that with smart tv.

        • Dolly Doctor would think you have too many devices in your life. Just get rid of your android box.

          • @cornbeef: Android box no chance it's the best box of the bunch

          • @cornbeef: I think 99% of us have too many devices in our lives now. I find I am forever helping others sort out their devices (of course everything operates differently too), when I have my own device issues I cannot fix. 😀

    • nope. HDMI only.

    • Does your soundbar have an extra hdmi connector? That's what I do with my chromecast.

    • My Panasonic has only 3 HDMI ports also but I picked up a HDMI splitter relatively cheap which can turn one port into 3.

      I have dvd recorder, blu ray, wiiU and Switch all connected at present. A remote comes with the splitter with a button to select which of the 3 outlets you wish to use. I have the WiiU and Switch going through the splitter. I imagine there are better quality ones to buy than I purchased though.

  • Has anyone used the Google Chromecast 3rd generation with Kayo?

    • I use Kayo almost everyday with my 3rd gen chromecast.

      Some random app crashes once in a while, but that is probably more of a stability issue with the app. Works perfectly fine on most occasions otherwise.

    • Bought one recently to use with Kayo. Works great most of the time, have had the playback freeze occasionally but can easily fix it by restarting the cast.

      • I've been getting constant buffering freezes using Chromecast 1 and Kayo even though I have a good modem and am getting 93 megs down.

        Would upgrading my Chromecast 1 to a 3rd Gen fix my issue you think?

        • Sorry only just saw this. I don't have any experience with the older models so I can't say if the 3rd gen would help, however if you're confident changing settings on your modem/router then I would experiment with different WiFi channels. There might be a lot of interference from neighboring networks.

  • I noticed there is also a ultra I take this is just for 4k

    • Yea ultra is for 4k, also supports hdr and has an ethernet port. It's better in every aspect really, but not really necessary unless you're gonna do 4k or you just wanna splurge on a faster version.

  • I like to get one for my mom so she can cast from her phone but she doesn't have internet at home. Does this need WiFi to cast?

  • I have a Smart Panasonic 3D tv but I have trouble having it connect to our NBN wifi for some reason. It is an early "smart" tv. Have had it work with some catch up tv apps but not all so usually just watch through an iPad that picks these up the wifi fine, no lagging etc.

    My question is whether this Chromecast work better than the Smart features of the tv do already? And also, when you said "Simply plug Google Chromecast into your TV HDMI port, connect it to your Wi-Fi …" I have assumed you don't mean direct wire connected to the wifi, as opposed to just picking up the signal.

    • This Chromecast has no Ethernet port. You need the Ultra version if you want that.

      • The tv (not 4K either) is not situated near the NBN box or modem, so I cannot connect try this ethernet connection alternative either.

        Would you think item would work better for me than relying on the tv's lacklustre connecting to wifi? I have been pretty dusillusioned with the tv's "smart" ability so far. I don't think it is a "distance from wifi" issue either as the ipad works great picking up wifi and the catch up tv apps fine all over the property.

        My mobile wants to "cast" things to the tv also but it never works so I just don't try any more.

        • I can't say for certain, but I would think so. I've always read to avoid smart TV's (hard these days though) , people say they start lagging and never get firmware updates.

          For $50, why not try? If it doesn't work as well, you can always sell it for at least $25 and get some money back?

          • @John Kimble: Believe you have convinced me to try one. Guess my son could try use it in his room with his paraphernalia too, if it does not help my situation.

            Find I don't use the dvd recorder as much these days with the catch up tv apps, but can recommend these if someone doesn't have wifi internet handy for those catch up tv apps.

            My TV is one of the earliest Panasonic smart versions so paid a bit for it at the time. Playing 3D movies on it is quite impressive though. I don't buy new anything until I absolutely have to, and my old Panasonic tv prior to that still works fine for son, so doubt I will be updating anytime soon.

            Thanks. 😉

  • grabbed one, thanks

  • Works well. Easy to set up and use. 😊