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[PS4] PS Plus July 2019 - Detroit: Become Human Deluxe Edition and Horizon Chase Turbo @ Playstation Store


Solid line up this month! Sony have swapped PES for Detroit and it's ready to download now!

From the blog page:

Update: We are making a swap to the PS Plus games lineup for July. This month, we are adding Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition, which also includes Heavy Rain (Beyond Two Souls), to the July games lineup instead of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Enjoy :)

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  • +27

    Amazing swap out - was about to buy Detroit. Not interested in PES.

    • -3


      Let us choose!!

      I already have Detroit (great game).

      I don't have PES.

      Was looking forward to PES.

      Let us choose!!

      Not Acceptable.

      • +2

        You know there's a free trial of PES where you can play online? All the full game has on-top is career mode.

  • +20

    Backflip accepted.

    • and PS PLUS Renewed in 3.. 2.. 1..

  • ROFL.

  • +7

    Damn that’s crazy value for a relatively new and quality game.

    selling my bid w copy now, am halfway through the story.

    • +5

      I just finished it and it's a terrific title. Was thinking I could sell it for a bit of dosh and recoup some fraction of my $29. How the heck do I manage to sell it now!!!???


      • Eb games trade in

      • +2

        Wait until next month when it's gone from PS+.

    • Does big w accept returns for opened games?

      • I believe they do within 7 days but I've only had experience with pre-orders. Is 14 days if you are a member.

  • +1

    No need to apologise, thank you Sony!

  • +3

    So what happens to PES game ? I just got it with PS Plus moments ago .Do I still keep it ?

    • +4

      is it still up? was looking forward to pes lol

      • +1

        Nah man completely off the list.

      • This will be interesting . Just checked email and there's an invoice for PES purchase . Not home to check PS itself . I Was really looking forward to this one .

        • +4

          If you already added it to your collection I don't see why it would get removed from there. Damn lucky to keep both!

          • +1

            @knight321: It doesn't look like it's there . Just checked my list on browser it's not there . I will actually follow this up tomorrow . Sucks if they do not give it .

          • +1

            @knight321: He bought the free Add-On, not the main game. There's two PS Plus exclusive member bonuses in the PS Store.

            Not sure what it contains though.

    • +2

      You probably got PES lite which is the free to play version, basically a demo. PS Plus free games don't go live until the 8th of the month normally.

      • +3

        No it's the first Tuesday (EU) of the month. It's live now.

        But I think he did get PES Lite as it wouldn't have been updated in time.

        • In my email invoice doesn't say PES Lite . This is what it says…PES 2019: PlayStation® Plus Member Bonus (Game Pack).

          I already have Lite version on the list from last month not downloaded.
          I'm pretty sure I got it just before they did swap . Will try to get some answers today .

          • @denzele: I just searched that in the PS Store and it's an Add-On for the main game.

            The main game is titled: Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Standard Edition

            It would've been impossible to buy the main game for free before they refreshed the new monthly offerings.

  • This was the game sent by CyberLife.

  • Nice move!

  • +1

    I've already got Detroit Become Human on a physical copy.
    Is it possible to just download the DLCs with this?

    • +4

      Why dont you download it and sell/trade the physical copy? Free money ;)

      • +1

        My internet is too slow to download an 80gb game :(
        The value will probably go down now, due to it being free on PS Plus and a lot of people selling their copies.

        • +3

          I can confirm that you can download the DLC separately. Just download the game and they will all pop up in your downloads. Give it a go and see if it works with your current copy

          • @knight321: When you say DLC, you just mean the digital versions of Heavy Rain right?

            I didn’t think Detroit had its own playable DLC.

        • Enable rest mode on your PS4 and then start the download. It will download while your PS4 is alseep so you can just wait a day and it'll be done.

          • +1

            @Agret: With my internet, it would probably take a 1-2 weeks :\
            Managed to get the DLCs without downloading the game anyway.

        • +1

          I feel your pain. I'm less than 5km from Brisbane CBD but I'm far from the nearest exchange. My area is still white in the NBN rollout map. No NBN until probably well into 2021. Been looking at mobile data options but the price isn't quite there yet for me.

    • +3

      You will most likely need to download the full digital copy again. For PS4, digital versions are generally treated as a different version (though save games will work).

      I had similar issue with Horizon Zero Dawn (had physical, but switched to digital complete edition) - had to download the whole thing again. Hopefully, it is like knight321 mentioned, the DLC works with either physical and digital version.

      But, if you just want to add/play Heavy Rain, I reckon if the deluxe edition has it as a separate download, you would be able to just download that.

      • +2

        Download the extras now separately as I already have the physical install. Since these extras are not access via the game, you can download them separately without needing to download the game as well.

  • Interesting how some countries swapped HR for BTS, strange.

    • BTS has been given away previously for us.

  • amazing move but I just bought Detroit lol

    heavy rain and beyond: two souls had already been on PS Plus.

  • +10

    Sweet went from a shity month to an awesome month for me, i haven't played become Human yet.

    • +9

      Went from an awesome month to shit month for me. Was really looking forward to PES.

      • Agreed. I love PES but don't have 2019… would have easily played 100 hours of Master League.

        I haven't played Detroit, but I've played Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, which is enough to kill any enthusiasm I might have had for another David Cage game.

  • +2

    Bought Detroit on release. Wanted PES.

    Anyone know why they changed?

    • +3

      People complained to Sony - I guess most people dislike PES and the Horizon Chase game is…. well, it was kinda okay when it was released on Android/iOS… but a mobile game on console.. So lousy games for consecutive months even since no more PS3 and PSP free games.

      • +1

        it wouldn't be their first lousy month. Even when it was 6 games they've had all-obscure-indie months.

      • +2

        People complain every month. Sony don't give a damn about the complaints - I'm not aware of this ever happening with PS+ before? Certainly not on the very day of release.

        More likely it's an issue with Konami deciding to back out for some reason.

        • +1
          • +1

            @netsurfer: There is literally nothing in that article to suggest that any supposed "fan backlash" had anything to do with this decision. They stick that in the headline but then provide absolutely no evidence in the article to back it up - they don't even MENTION the "fan backlash" in the article. The backlash this month is no different to any other month when people bleat about it because the games that month don't match their personal tastes.

            People complain every month, and in many of those months it's been far more justified than this month because the games have been far more underwhelming than PES. So again, there's something unusual happening this month that has caused them to change the games, but the whingeing from users is not it - otherwise they'd be changing the games at the last minute every month.

            • @AngusD: I agree … doubt it would be due to fan backlash, and more likely some form of renegotiation from the PES developer / publisher.

              Either way, works in my favour as I'd rather Detroit over PES :-)

    • because they saw PES already has a lite edition and it does not appeal to all users.

      • +1

        Nothing appeals to all users.

  • awesome! the digital deluxe includes heavy rain too so its an even bigger bonus!

    • +2

      Not really a bonus to some people… not if you have been on PS Plus for a while. Heavy rain was a free game for July 2018 PS Plus - interestingly, one year ago.

      • Oh yeah you're right, just checked and I already have it.

  • +2

    Detroit is a great game, so much so that I didn't mind paying for it when it wasn't free, and still don't mind now that it is free!

    • Is it QD's best game would you say?

      • +2

        I personally think Heavy Rain is their best, but Detroit is definitely the most polished and the most enjoyable to play.

        • -1

          HR's movement controls were very weird. And the voice acting was bad.


          I hope the movement is better now.

          • +1

            @lostn: QD games, to me they feel more like interactive movies. Not a fan of QD games, but this one is a current gen console game so I might check it out now that it's free for PS Plus. The story doesn't interest me though.

            I'm greedy, I would have preferred Sony kept PES and add D:BH this month.

        • I will have to play Heavy Rain, I never played it because the name always reminded me of the Chubby Rain scenes from Bowfinger lol

  • Hmmm.

    I might just use my 12 month subscription code after all.

    But I'll wait till later in the month to start it. The last time I had it, it expired the day before the games changed over. Could have claimed the new games if I had just one more day.

    • If you are a fan of QD games or expect to play this game for weeks, then you could use the code. Otherwise, just create a new account to get 14 day trial and play the game.

      You didn't get it when it was $8, so the game is not really worth that much to you. Odds are August free games could be lackluster as Detroit is offered this month.

  • +1

    Considering I was contemplating getting Detroit during Days Of Play, and had no intention of playing PES, I'm pretty happy with the backflip.

    • Ooh, I was considering it back then too. It was $8 on US store. In the end, I didn't get it, don't remember why. Would have been spewing now if I did. Though it has happened several times before anyway.

  • +2

    Damn bought Detroit from this deal last month and still unopened in wrap :(

    • If it’s still in shrink wrap you might be able to return it. Will probably have to pay for return shipping though.

  • OMG I bought from PSN sale in June how unlucky.

  • crazy good, was considering buying it to play soon. that said the freebies have been lackluster for a bit, almost overdue for a freebie with a higher than avg value tbh, you get a couple per year…

  • +2

    Noob to PS Plus. When my ps plus membership expire… would I still be able to play Detroit?

    • +2

      No. You only have access to PS+ games while your subscription is active. If it expires and you re-sub, you’ll be able to access your old games again.

  • Thanks Sony, cashing it in for PC port of Detroit.

  • If I were to buy the current deal for Indonesian PS plus to get it cheaper, would I be able to get this if I had the Indonesian account active as a primary account?

    So I could access the Australian PS store on my main account and still get Detroit Become Human. Or are you only able to get PS plus free games from the country of your subscription?

    • Set the Indonesian account as your primary account. Your Australian account can then access PS Plus games and online play from the Indonesian account.

      Please note that cloud/online storage will not be accessible through your Australian account so all your saves will be stored locally on the console itself only.

      • So it would be fine to get this game?

        Any other downsides to buying the Indonesian PS plus?

  • +4

    Damn, just purchased Detroit during the days of play sale. That was unlucky.

  • A quality AAA title nearly a year old? Good form Sony.
    I had a lot of fun with Detroit. Enjoy the freebie those who haven’t played it yet :)

  • Nice.

  • +2

    Literally just bought it $19 still in wrapping, $7 to return… urgh

    • +1

      Just traded in my Detroit game at EB for $23.10 lol

      • Got $23.10 also

        • thx for tip

  • tallkid123 on 27/06/2019 - 08:24
    "Terrible. I hate sport and racing games. Is this a byproduct of Dry July?"

    "Hinee on 27/06/2019 - 09:19
    We better contact Sony guys, tallkid123 doesn't like sports or racing they need to go over this again ASAP"

    Well, what do you know. Sony pulled through and with no intervention on my part.

  • What's the controversy?

  • This is a movie, not a game.

    • Uh, no. It’s a game.

  • Finally a great line up…

  • What's the trade value of Detroit at EB?

    • always better to sell it yourself than EB trade in

    • +4

      Based on past experience, probably about $3.

      Plus, if the store isn't too busy at the time, you might get to have a nice chat with the person at the counter about the game you're trading in if you both happened to be fans of it. And really, how does one attach a monetary value to a good conversation? So go forth and trade, my son.

    • I just got $23.10 for trade in at EB

      • +1

        Thanks, just got $25.20 for being lv 4 :-)

  • My 12 months is over and I don’t use ps anymore :( waiting for ps5

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