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Get $21 Trade In Credit (+ EB World Bonuses) for Detroit Become Human (PS4) @ EB Games


EB games giving $21 credit for your copy of detroit become human which is going to be free for july ps plus subscribers. This does not include any bonuses for being a certain tier membership or trading towards pre-orders.

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  • I'd rather own a physical copy rather than rent one from PS+

    • I'd rather get more money than have a disc that does nothing.

      • Same. Just got $25.20 at EB Games for Detroit. ($21 +20%) I paid $20 for it.

        Now I have the digital version with two extra digital games I haven’t played thrown in, Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain.

        Digital beats disc on this occasion.

    • Renting is the future according to Microsoft.

      • With the way collectors edition pricing is going, it's certainly looking like something I'll be considering. The only reason I buy physical is for the extra physical content, and I don't really trade much in anymore.. but I'm not paying $430 for Cyberpunk 2077.

      • See: all ebooks purchased via Microsoft.

      • To be fair that PC gamepass thing for 1AUD enabled me to finish Metro Exodus and try a whole bunch of other relatively new releases/indies… when the bloody client decided to work -_-

        I don't hate the system in theory and when priced right.

      • how is this any different from PS now??

        • Games with Gold actually downloads and runs the game on your XBOX/PC. This means there is no input delay or video stream clarity issues and you can play the games while offline.

      • Look at Netflix. Theres your future of gaming no doubt

    • I forgot it was the year 2003.

    • I'd rather own a physical copy rather than rent one from PS+

      What do you do when you've seen every ending of a story driven game. Do you actually play through it again? Doubtful.

      • +12 votes

        What do you do when you've seen every ending of a story driven game. Do you actually play through it again? Doubtful.

        What do you do when you've seen the ending of a brilliant movie? Do you never, ever watch it again? Does your all time top 10 list of movies consist of 10 movies that you've only watched once? What about your all time favourite albums? Listen to them once, no point in ever listening to them again?

        "Wow, that was absolutely amazing, what a great experience. I am never, ever watching/listening/playing that again"?

        • If I had to watch a good movie through 20-50 times to see all of it, I would not watch it again no.

        • It's more analogous to movies than music.

          Most movies I watch, like most games I play, are not going to be so wonderful that I replay/rewatch them over and over and over. As a result, there's no need to physically own either, unless they're among your absolute favourite movies/games of all time.

          You don't need to own most story-driven single player games, because most games aren't worth playing multiple times.

        • Nice analogy. But a 2 hours movie and a 15 hour game are a bit different.

          Movies are also passive which makes them easier to go through again.

          • @ScruffTheJanitor: More of a comparison than an analogy. If you don’t want to play through a game more than once, then you don’t. If you, you do. But it’s ignorant to say something like “What do you do when you've seen every ending of a story driven game. Do you actually play through it again? Doubtful.” Like every game is the same, and every player is the same?

            I finished Days Gone and enjoyed the shit out of it. Will I play through the main story again? Probably not. But I couldn’t tell you how many full play throughs of other single player, narrative driven games like The Last of Us, God of War, Alan Wake and Final Fantasy VII to name a few I’ve done. It’s a lot, I know that. Just because I’d seen the endings to those games didn’t mean I didn’t go back and do it all over again, multiple times, and enjoy th heck out of it.

          • @ScruffTheJanitor: I've played 60-100 hour games again just for the fun of it. It's absurd to not want to own games because you're less likely to play them again.

        • That comparison between playing videogames and listening to music. XD

    • I'd rather pay nothing to finish a game than paying for a physical copy to have it take up more space in my room

      • You can play for free? When did they make these subscriptions free?

        Is Netflix also free?

        What about Amazon Prime?

      • Yeah paying nothing is pretty sweet but we don't all have friends who give away games once they finish them.

  • This is a deal, how?

    • If you bought 100x from this deal @ $19, you'd have $200 free credit?

    • They are saying that if your own a physical copy, trade it in and get credits. Meanwhile you can get the psplus copy for free so you still own the game

      • +14 votes

        you can get the psplus copy for free^

        ^after paying a monthly subscription fee

        • If you have a ps4, you probably already pay for it. It's an assumption.

          • @onlinepred: I definitely don't and I have a PS4 and tons of online games. In fact, the president of Sony has stated that only half of all PS4 owners have PS+.

            • @Tacooo: It's different in Australia, as we have a larger percentage of people with spare change than other countries like Brazil etc.

              I get it for the free games. I paid $150 for 3 years of plus. The games I get and play make it high value. I can understand why some wouldn't for sure. I have received over 60 games, most of which I played.

          • @onlinepred: I don’t have PS Plus. But I guess it’s a good PSA for those that do.


      Agreed. This is their standard trade in price and is not a bargain.

  • that's a bit different to exodus sub 10$ trade in during e3 - and everything else during e3 when the alleged trade boost was on….

  • I presume you asked for it’s trade-in value, as opposed to spotting a promo/flyer somewhere?

  • This is basically based on comments from the PS Plus July deal. Thing is, this deal is based on many assumptions:

    • You purchased Detroit Become Human at a price lower than $21.
    • You have an active PS Plus.
    • You don't mind downloading the game again (since the digital version in PS4 world is a different version - though save games will work).
    • You will be able to make good use of the EB world credit.
    • No, the deal is not about making money. Its about getting good value for your game without too much trouble (ebay, fb, gumtree). Since you can get this free soon.

      21 is alot for what it is. And with eb tier bonus and preorder maybe push it over 25.

      • Did you ask for its value over the counter?

        • It's actually correct.

          $57/2.75(updated divider)= $21 will ebworld 1x1.? (Multiplier)

          Works mostly or will be close with any of the web pricing.

          Every game you trade in it's worth nearly 1/3 of their selling price but it stacks with ebworld and birthday bonus

  • Thanks op. Made made 4 bucks from my trade in today with level 3 status.

  • OP you should give me credit for pointing this deal out in the other thread

  • My PS+ is due for renewal next week. Might have to do this swap so it's cheaper :)

  • Damn. I just traded my PS4 for a Pro. If I only knew about this post then this would save me a bit of money and cost me $208. I haven't gotten to play the game yet. It's still in shrink wrap.

  • I wonder how quickly it will drop.

  • Expired? Went to local EB Games today asked about trade in for Detroit PS4 said no. If anyone goes to EB Games and ask a staff and can confirm if still available? This was at Ashfield Sydney.

    • Detroit$57

      Ebgames cannot survive without trade in business, get the staff name if they say they can't trade in and you can make sure the person loses their job.

      Trade in price for non member is $21 without ebworld

    • What was his/her reason?

      • There was no reason, I just went to ask if they had any trade in deals for PS4, I mentioned Detroit, staff said no. Today I went to Bankstown NSW and confirm deal is still on for $21 trade in deal.

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