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New Telstra Prepaid Long-Term Expiry Plans (200GB/12m for $300 (Sold Out), 60GB/6m for $150)


200GB/12m for $300 is now out of stock

Telstra has finally introduced their long expiry prepaid plans, 200GB for $300/12 months and 60GB for $150/6 months. Might not be the as good as Boost long expiry plans, but comes directly from Telstra and also is on its full 4G network with VoLTE & VoWiFi.

The $300 plan is advertised as 150GB data + 50GB Bonus - ends 8 July.

Both come with Unlimited standard international calls to 20 destinations, $50 or $100 Extra Credit for international calls and texts, roaming and premium SMS, and Data Banking ("Save up to 200GB of unused data when you recharge before expiry.").

Note that these plans are just new recharge options on Telstra Prepaid Max with more data and longer expiry. The total amount of data on this offer is your current recharge data amount PLUS your current data bank. E.g., in my case, after a $300 recharge I now have ~400GB (200GB from the last recharge + 200GB banked previously) with a 12 months expiry on the 1st 200GB part and no expiry on the 2nd.

Critical Information Summary.

Hopefully soon we'll see some discounted $150 and $300 starter kits on sale in Woolworth and Coles.

Mod Note: 60GB for 6 months has dropped to $120

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  • +6

    about time it needed to compete

    • This time around you're correct.

    • their network should be the best but I live in melbourne and the internet always stops working as soon as I am approaching CBD tunnels on a train. optus is working fine! dont know what happened to telstra these days

      • at my home and office and in Gippsland, Boost is always slower than Kogan/Voda & Catch/Optus.

    • +1

      tempura on 04/07/2019 - 06:15 new
      about time, it needed to compete

      I put in the missing comma for you. :-)

      • -1

        no comma needed; don't put words in my mouth.

  • For every 6 months, you save a month based on the monthly $30 recharge.

    • +1

      $30 is not monthly. It is 28 days. That means if you recharge that way, you need to recharge 13 times a year.

      • If you set up direct debit (payment on same date every month) you only pay 12 times a year as they give you the extra two/three days for nothing ;)

        • -4

          You lose the databank !!

          • @CI: For those who don't care about rolling their data over it works out better.

            You still get 10GB on the $30 recharge, which is more than enough for most people.

          • @CI: Are u sure? Please let me know. I am about to set up this direct debit, and rep on chat said i dont lose it.

          • +2

            @CI: I've been doing this for years and I have never lost my databank.

          • +1

            @CI: You didn’t when I was with Telstra six months ago. Has something changed?

            Monthly recharges basically meant you got three days free, data bank and all.

        • The way it works is that automatic recharges give you an expiry date 31 days from the recharge date. If you're careful, you can get several free days by shifting the recharge date after the months with less than 31 days. If you're not careful, you will get an extra recharge within days of your last one… yes I did that once :(

        • oh yeah, i guess i forgot about auto recharge.

  • +23

    No deal. $150 for 80GB, unlimited talk/text and certain international calls/text for 12 month on Boost.

    • Unless one uses a 20% off discounted recharge voucher, they still lurk on eBay.

      • 20% discounted recharge voucher for these new Telstra prepaid plans?

        • Yes, they can be found on eBay, if you're brave enough. You can recharge an existing Telstra Prepaid Max number with a $150 or $300 voucher. These plans are just new recharge options with more data and longer expiry.

          • +3

            @uk3000: been doing this for years and never had an issue. If you are braver you can buy direct from them and get 30% off

            • +3

              @Mines: I bought 10 when it was 30% off.

            • @Mines: that guy on ebay doesnt have any listings anymore, have you been able to find any? i stocked up on 7 months worth and just ran out

          • @uk3000: i cant find them anymore have you had any luck? the guy doesnt list anything on his website or ebay store

            • @furythree: I'm still good for another ~5 months with the $150 voucher I bought, but it appears this guy's been cut out from his supply. It was almost too good to be true anyway, given how long it lasted for, but let's wish him good luck.

              • @uk3000: ah ok did you hear that from him directly?
                that sucks i shouldve bought more last month when he was still around

                oh well at standard 150 voucher is still roughly the same as the individual $30 ones i was buying

                • @furythree: No I haven't reached out to the seller directly. I'm not gonna have a need for new vouchers for a while.

      • 20% on $150 for 6 months isnt 12 months compared to boost…

    • -4

      Except if you wanted more data, then 200GB for $300 is better.

      • +10

        Boost has 240GB for $300.

        • +7

          If being on the Telstra network isn’t important, Kogan has 486GB for $315.

          • @jjjaar: Or, you could do a Kogan SIM @ $14.90 for 60GB for 3 months, port out to an Optus /Vodafone deal that has 20GB for $10 (plenty of these kind of deals going around) and then port back in rinse and repeat. Partner is currently paying $6.22 p/m for her calls + 20GB data.

            Phone and data doesn’t have to be expensive. Unfortunately, for people that are in the country they may not be able to access these kind of deals due to Telstra being the only ones to give them access. In most cases, Boost is your go to!

    • Came here to post this but you beat me :(

    • I know Telstra does not allow this type of sims to be chucked in a modem. How about Boost, for the 150aud for 80gb, can we use that in a pocket wifi?

      • +1

        Yeah customer support told me recently data won't work in a modem and this was true in their 4G usb dongle, however Boost works fine in the 4G dongle. Both Telstra and Boost work nicely as a hotspot, unlike Optus as I unfortunately realised this week.

    • Is there any difference between being on Boost and being on the full Telstra network?

  • Great to see. Excellent coverage and a premium network. This will be a knock in the knees for the likes of Logan and Catch Connect. I think Telstra have realised that they were not price competitive in the prepaid. Also this pages thee way for Telstra to allow esim access for their prepaid as this is an attractive offer.

    • Where is anything about esim access?

  • +4

    Can someone explain to me the attraction of the 'bonus data'? I mean, why don't they say it comes with 200GB rather than 150+50GB? It's just confusing.

    And same with the $x of "extra credit." Maybe it's just because I'm old, but I don't really get it.

    Btw are there any plans any more with which you could use such extra credit on Google Play, like we could a few years ago?

    • +2

      No to your last question; that loophole's been closed for over a year now

    • +7

      "Bonus" data allows them to market it as a temporary deal that they can withdraw at any time. If they call it 200GB, and later want to reduce it back to 150GB, that would not look good on them, and the customer will see it as them taking away something they paid for, rather than rescinding a bonus.

      They can also attach conditions to that bonus.

      • +4

        Plus advertising as a bonus - they can spin it as the customer is getting something “extra” - which is always attractive to people if they think they are getting something for nothing.

  • Do these still qualify for NRL live?

  • What's the roaming policy on this one?

    • Same as before. It's still the same Prepaid Max offer, just with new recharge options offering more data and longer expiry. According to Critical Information Summary:

      Using my service overseas
      Your plan automatically has International Roaming activated
      on this service. Call 125 88 80 to deactivate. Your recharge
      credit or Telstra Pre-Paid Max credit can be used overseas to
      selected countries, at a higher rate than in Australia.

      • What about data roaming?

  • +1

    been on the $150 one since the beginning of may i think.

  • What happens when you have used your data allowance? Is that it or you have an option to buy 1GB for $10?

    • +1

      I'd imagine you would just pay the $300/$150 again and get another 12/6 months.
      I'd definitely recommend turning on data-tracker on your phone if you got these deals.

  • Wait, roaming is included at no extra cost?

    They normally charge like $10 a day for this.

    • +1

      $10 a day is only available on post paid plans in selected countries.

      • -2

        why would it be free with a pre-paid plan?

        If you paid $10 a day on post paid, that would cost you $36,600 for the year. But you get it included in your $300 prepaid plan? What am I missing?

        • With this plans, you can only use the Extra Credit to use for roaming ($50 or $100 depending on your recharge). I don’t think it will go far.

        • You need actual recharge money on your number to make calls and txt to use overseas.

          You can still receive txt with no charge.

          • @snappy1234: Do they say how much calls cost when you're roaming? Do you still get data access?

            People calling you when you're overseas, they still pay as though it's a local call right?

            If they don't charge you the daily $10, you still get reception overseas and theoretically if you never make calls, you can receive calls from AU all year at no cost, right?

            • @lostn: Usually, you get charged for receiving calls while roaming.

              You're looking at this wrong. The $10/day is an offer, not an extra fee. With it you'd get 100 MB data and free calls for a day.

              If instead you're on pay as you go (available on postpaid, and the only option on prepaid), taking the USA as an example you're looking at $3/min of sent or received calls. $3/MB of data.

              You can buy data packs but they come to $29 for a single shot (not daily) of 100MB or $165 for 600MB. Still costs a lot more than the postpaid offer.

              • -1


                You're looking at this wrong. The $10/day is an offer, not an extra fee.

                Didn't call it an extra fee. But you have to pay it if you want to roam.

                Comparing it to this, it seems you get reception overseas without having to pay the $10 or buying a new sim card.

                The $10 charge is only for postpaid plans not for prepaid.

                I don't recall ever saying it is for prepaid. I'm comparing the prepaid offer to what it would normally cost for post paid people.

                $3,650 on a non leap year.

                Added one too many zeros, thanks. But it is a leap year between now and 4/7/20.

                Theoretically, if you're not going to be making calls when you spend a year overseas, you'd be saving $3,660 over what it would cost if post paid and taking roaming? Yes?

                Since I don't expect to be calling home much when I'm spending a week overseas, it would be a much better deal to just buy a $300 sim for the $100 extra credit over becoming a post paid customer and then paying $70 for the week, and then have 200GB to use for the rest of the year.

                • @lostn:

                  Didn't call it an extra fee. But you have to pay it if you want to roam.

                  Comparing it to this, it seems you get reception overseas without having to pay the $10 or buying a new sim card.

                  Again, it's an offer. It's optional. "You have to pay it to roam" would be an extra fee, but this is not. You can choose to use pay as you go on postpaid too. Except the only reason you'd ever want to do that is if you only want to receive SMS - sending SMS, making calls, receiving calls or using data are all charged at exorbitant rates. You heard of the people racking up tens of thousands in roaming costs? That's why.

                  In case it's not clear enough: receiving calls costs you, the recipient, money. At $3/min, that's incredibly expensive.

            • @lostn: Receiving calls still cost money, from memory it's like 50c to $1 a min. And data is like $1 mb without a data plan.

              Only receiving text is free.

              The $10 charge is only for postpaid plans not for prepaid.

        • +1

          $3,650 on a non leap year.

  • on its full 4G network with VoLTE & VoWiFi

    I’m on Boost… I’m getting VoLTE and Telstra Wifi Call. It anything I’m not sure abt Boost is seems like got zero support for data while intl roaming. How does Telstra Prepaid compare?

  • Does this qualify for cashback? It's prepaid so not sure it does.

  • Trying to order online but keeps failing with no error, tried using different browsers and using both Paypal and Credit Card and no success. Spoke to Customer Service Chat session and they couldn't really help. So I will now have to look for a Telstra Store to buy. They have shutdown most of the stores due to downsizing. Not happy!
    Also the process blocked my credit card.

    • You can use any $2 SIM card and pay while activating it on this plan online.

    • +3

      So you expected Australian wages and Russian prices here?

      • Bruce has a thick accent and isn't really Australian.

  • Can someone explain why are prepaid phone sims offer more data than prepaid tablet/mobile broadband plans?

    Is there anything stopping me from getting this plan and placing the sim in my ipad?

    • No

  • I had to port out from Telstra prepaid as the connectivity sucked, Its worse than Vodafone and Optus for some reason. Network is really poor on prepaid compared to Vodafone and Optus.Also, you dont get call waiting service.

  • Does anyone know can I use my apple watch cellular version with Telstra pre-paid? I used to pay $5 extra per month with Telstra post-paid

    • Nope. Post paid plans only

      • -1

        What a sad story!!!!!!!!!

  • Is there any reason why would you would pick this over Boost? Boost appears slightly better pricing.

    • The reason may be, if lose the SIM card, more easier to get replacement from Telstra store, haha.

      • +1

        You might still be able to sim swap boost at a Telstra store as it just looks prepaid to them.

    • +2

      Databank is the big one for me. My wife has an almost maxed out databank of 200GB, and if we moved to Boost, we would lose that.

      • You don’t lose your existing data on boost if you recharge before the expiry date.

        • +1

          Rollover isn't a feature of the 6 month and 12 month plans on Boost according to the CIS.

    • If you travel to areas that don't have any service or minimal Telstra service and there is a Telstra Air hotspot, you will get free access to that. Apart from that, the only things like the data bank and the convenience of getting a new sim if the sim is lost.

      With Boost, you get more international perks - UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 30 selected destinations +3600 standard mins & text to 25 selected destinations

  • +3

    Gigantic rip off too bloody expensive by miles

  • Come on Telstra. Nothing special here. Just get a boost sim

  • why Telstra so expensive?

  • telstra $120 (20% off on $150) for 6 months

    boost $135 ($15 off with coles) for 12 months

    Why people say it is worth….

    • 15$ off with coles. How? I have to get this one for my partner.

    • I too would love to know how you can get Boost that cheap

      • +1

        Different people have different needs, I suppose. To me, it's not just $ per GB.

        For example, I don't normally need lots of data but I prefer to have a databank that doesn't expire. I also like Telstra's online account management system more than that of Boost (or rather lack of thereof).

        Note that the total amount of data you can have with this offer is your recharge data amount PLUS your current data bank. In my case, after a $300 recharge I now have ~400GB (200GB from recharging + 200GB previously banked) with a 12 months expiry on the 1st 200GB part and no expiry on the 2nd.

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