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spryCloud - Backup & Sync Powered by Nextcloud - Free 10GB Account


Backup and sharing your files has been made easier with spryCloud. Powered by the opensource Nextcloud server, spryCloud is a powerful file syncing and sharing service. It has similar features as Dropbox or Google Drive, but is completely open source. You can backup, sync and share from all your devices. Sync clients available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iPhone and Android. Head on over to our order page to get started with spryCloud today with 10GB free! No credit card required.

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  • SpyCloud

    • Show your Evidence, thanks…?

      PS OpenSource enough that we can
      protect our "cloud-ed" files, ie, by
      running this puppy on, dedicated
      box, here in the Office…?

      If so, I guess you could increase
      the Space Allocation. :~) Right?

  • Created 2 nano accounts … works with multiples.

    • what you mean by multiples?
      I am feeling great there is alternative sync drive other than Giant: Google, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe.. But I am guessing from tier 2, the storage limit from 5 to 25 gb.
      Edited: It is from private sector, instead directly from nextcloud, a bit misleading from title.

  • Exclude the ignorance.. but doesn't nextcloud already provide backup/sync functionality??

  • Is it only me? I've got the followed message.

    This site can’t be reached.
    The webpage at https://www.spryservers.net/sprycloud might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.