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Grinders Coffee Espresso Blend 1kg $15.99 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Haven't had these beans for a while, but seem to be pretty good value considering that they should be fresher than the overseas roasted beans (Lavazza, Illy etc).

And don't forget cashback

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  • What is the approx roast date on these?

  • I think if you have an Aldi close by, I'd go for of the $13 single origin bags which seem to be roasted an distributed to stores in a relatively short time frame.

    Aldi also has a Robusta/Arabica blend (the same as this) for about $11.50. Robusta is a much cheaper bean than arabica, so you more often than not see it used in cheaper brands.

  • Can't comment on the Espresso blend, but I buy their Crema blend from Coles all the time and it makes a great coffee. If this is in the same league, it's good stuff.

  • surely cant go too far wrong. grinders is good coffee. having 1. cheers

  • Interesting, I didn't realise Grinders was a Coca Cola brand..

    • Wow. looks like they have been since 2005. Link

      • Yes but last time I was there (2013) a lot of the original people were still there (master roasters, buyers etc etc). CCA might took over the management and logistics but productions were still original. That’s why the quality has been consistent.

        I have not been a Grinders/CCA employees since 2013 and own no shares with them anymore. I just still think highly of their production, roasting and sourcing process.

  • Postage a killer on coffee beans so happy to buy and see how it is at that price . Buying 2 kg going to end up with stale coffee unfortunately .

  • This is my second favourite Grindr

  • I wonder if Officeworks would price beat this…..as he strokes his chin

    • T&C’s state that postage costs will be included. I don’t think they would match the free delivery with prime membership price.

  • Aldi coffee is cheaper and better

  • Coffee has the three rule.

    Green beans up to 3 years
    Roasted beans up to 3 weeks
    Ground coffee up to 3 minutes
    Coffee in the coffee basket around 3 seconds.

    Supermarket coffee only for an emergency but saying that I have been surprised in the past.
    Live in Adelaide so a visit to Rio at Stepney is a weekly occurrence.

    I am sure Grinder is a good coffee but from Amazon, is the roast date going to be under a month by the time you receive it?
    Its OK for those who use a pressurised basket and blend their coffee with milk and / or sugar but for those who drink coffee espresso, I am not sure online is a good option.

    Saying that, if you enjoy your coffee the way you make it, keep making it that way and enjoy.

    • Its OK for those who use a pressurised basket

      I'm quite certain unpressurised baskets woukd be just fine also.

      The freshness is the big question. Grinders is a Coca cola brand, they probably use the same distribution network as their corbonated beverages, which probably doesn't prioritise urgency.

      But for $16, it really doesn't bare a great deal of consideration.

      • Yes you do raise one big issue. Grinders is a Coca Cola brand. A company who spat the dummy about the container deposit legislation as well as abandoning South Australia.

        Saying that, I think most rats have left the sinking ship called South Australia.

  • Aldi is our go to coffee beans because of the high quality for their price. We tried Grinders recently and we preferred them over Aldi. The problem is $20 Grinders on sale vs $13 Aldi everyday. When Grinders are on sale we get them. Otherwise it's Aldi.