This was posted 2 years 3 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Yonex Badminton Racquets 40% off @ Tennis Only


Carrying on from the string clearance last Friday. This is the remainder of our Yonex Badminton racquet stock. Its all at or slightly below cost.

All racquets were purchased from Yonex Australia and come with the normal warranties. They all come UNSTRUNG. They all come with a matching cover.

Some are missing images and descriptions so if you have any questions give us a call on Monday on 08 9317 1144.

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  • Any bargains ?

    • -1

      I think the answer is no.

    • Some of them appear to be cheaper.

      e.g. Yonex Arc Saber 6FL for $85 vs $135 at Calibre
      The Duora 10LT for $125 vs $180 at Calibre

    • The Duora 10LT is a great buy, cheapest anywhere! Sold out saddly.
      NanoRay 900 has been highly rated doubles racquet for a few years, $125 is definitely bargain!

  • +17

    Tennis Only sells Badminton Racquets. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜†

    • That's why it's on sale

    • The full name of the store is, Tennis (and Similar Sports to Tennis) Only.

  • Well, the prices are looks so so compare with calibre (famous for affordable and genuine)

    One example:

    • +1

      They have an eBay store as well so sometimes you can stack 10% with free shipping, but this is still cheaper a bit if you can find the string you want.

      • the prices before edit was like $185 and above not max $125 like right now

    • Do you recommend calibre for shuttlecocks ? Any recommended brands ?
      Tired of wasting money on the 25$ tube from the shop at the court that is very poor quality.

      • +1

        well if you buy aeroplane black label or higher you wont disappoint, doesnt matter from which shop

      • +1

        Used to run a badminton club for 7 years. Found the RCL blacks were the best flight and lasted the longest. but that was like 7 years ago….LOL (we could play 31 points and it will last 1.3 games) or the Aeroplane EG1130's? I have tried Arrow, Yonex, RSL, Cason….If they stand the test of time yes RCL Blacks or Aeroplane E1130.

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    Prices updated now nothing above $125.00

    • Z-speed as shown for 180.99

      • +1

        was 125 seconds ago, there are some ninja edit going on :D

  • So these includes strings?

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      unstrung as per descriptions

    • They do not include string. The racquet will come unstrung.

  • Hi OP, Do you stock BG65s? I can't seem to find it in the drop down.

    • Sold out of that string sorry.

  • Yonex Astrox 99 Orange Badminton Racquet 3u5
    page not foud…

    • Sold out now Sorry

  • Can you also string it? I can see the Free String option.

  • Dang Voltric 80 sold out so fast!

      • Nah after the 4U5 one.

      • How do you remove Badminton Stringing Charge from the cart.

      • It seems I canโ€™t remove the Badminton stringing charge of $9.95 from the cart as I choose no string.

        • remove the racquet from your cart and refresh. Shouldnt be there again.

          • @Tom Gibson: Arcsaber 10 sold out, but I still can add 1 to cart. Can you restock and fulfill order as I seem I could proceed with payment?

            • @neworder: Arcsaber 10 is now gone. Can't re stock sorry.

          • @Tom Gibson: Hi,

            I removed racquet from cart and re-add the racquet it still shows stringing charge $9.95 per racquet.
            Can you fix this please?

          • @Tom Gibson: Hi rep - I couldn't remove the stringing option on my order.

            I didn't want to miss out by removing the racquet from cart so put the order through. Haven't got any sort of confirmation yet but PayPal has been debited.

            Any chance that now I've paid for stringing that this can be done?


            • @Qbagger: No sorry. The stringing charge will be refunded on all orders and the racquets will come unstrung.

              • @Tom Gibson: Understood, thank you for clarifying

              • @Tom Gibson: Any reasons there's no order number ffor the racquet i paid. Its said I will get email confirmation once the order gets approved? My order history is nil order but CC already being charged? is it normal?

                • @neworder: I have the same issue with the yonex strings order as well. No confirmation order and the order was 2 days ago. Sent msg to Tom an hour ago but no reply yet.

                  • @Smaster: Hope we all get our stuff soon without issues.

                    • @neworder: You should get a confirmation email immediately after placing the order. Not sure why yours wouldn't have gone through. Regardless all orders will go out Monday. You will get an email with the tracking link once the order ships.
                      All orders will ship from our Perth warehouse via Aus Post.

                      • @Tom Gibson: Thanks. Just received email to say the order has been received. Look forward to play it soon. Cheers.

                      • @Tom Gibson: Hmmm… still no confirmation email for me. Ordered over 1 hour ago.

                      • @Tom Gibson: I also haven't received any order confirmation email. Placed the order at 7.13pm and paid with Paypal, straight away received the Paypal payment confirmation email but nothing from Tennis Only. @Tom Gibson, would you know if there is a backlog on the auto confirmation emails?

                        • @blahoz: same issue with no confirmation email

                          • +1

                            @pippohippo: hey there, I finally got the email advising that my order has been packed and is ready to be shipped out soon. Hope you've got one too

                            • +1

                              @blahoz: Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully mine is on the way. Possibly a lot of orders and manual processing.

                              • @pippohippo: Got my notification email this morning. Thanks for a great bargain OP.

                                • @Qbagger: Turns out they didn't have any stock… Showed 3 when I purchased and counter went down by 1 after I bought it. But nope…:( :(

                                  • @pippohippo: Me as well. Not happy.

                                    • @neworder: yea it was disappointing. I even got a phone call to confirm if i still wanted it without a cover and postage will be on the same day…to only receive the sad news the next day.

  • nanospeed 9900 sold out??? waaaaaaaaaa crying out loud

    • You mean NanoRay 900? I know that feeling

      • Nanospeed 9900.
        One of the best for doubles.

  • almost bought arc10, nanos9900, zspeed and God knows maybe more. All those are gems. Sold out now, my wallet says thank you

    • Out of those, what order would you put them for doubles play?

      • +1

        all are good.
        More defend play, 9900. For semi attack semi defend, arc10/11
        More attacking, zspeed.

  • Anymore stock on the Astrox 77 4U5? Was about to pay and said it was out of stock :(

    • -1

      Sorry all gone.

      • All good thanks

  • Thanks, got the z speed (assuming my order is confirmed!).

    • Congratulations. Zspeed frame is a little small so you need to have good technique to be able to hit at it's sweet spot, all the time.

      • I guess this racquet will force me to improve!

  • Thank You Tom, our badminton group has stocked up some strings and racquets.

  • I'm currently using the Voltric DG0.7 but hoping to get another one. Mainly play doubles what's a good upgrade with the remaining stock?

    I enjoy a good backcourt smash but I want to improve my smash returns, front court play and drops.

  • Am I missing out the high end ones?

    • Yeah. There were some with RRP 299.99 down to 125. Now the highest RRP is 279

  • +1

    Glanz seems to be good for intermediate.
    If you have strong shoulder/arm get voltric 70 (3u)

    • i ended up getting that - hope to get the confirmation tomorrow! Would have loved to get the arc saber but got home 2 hours too late haha.

      I already have the 0.7 and shoulder a bit sore so didn't get the 70 as well otherwise would have pulled the triggger on it easily. Loved the 0.7

      • As far as I know, only 70 (and 80) is the real deal of voltric. One digit series are entry level.

        • Yea, hence the price difference. The 0.7 was my first racquet so I'll up my game eventually.

  • Aargh missed out on the party ! Was thinking of grabbing the arcsaber

  • Hi there,

    Your system is showing "Yonex Duora 55 Badminton Racquet 3u5" , "Yonex Nanoray 50FX Badminton Racquet 4u5" and "
    Yonex Nanoray 200 Aero Badminton Racquet 3U5" as available

    BUT when I was trying to order "Yonex Nanoray 50FX Badminton Racquet 4u5" and/or "
    Yonex Nanoray 200 Aero Badminton Racquet 3U5", the page says "Duplicate transaction: payment already processed"

    Kindly fix it and let me know if the payment is actually processed and if not then allow me to buy them and I will deposit the money to your account.

    Kind Regards,
    Mobile: 0432527709

    • +4

      Lol at mobile number…

      • bot: Tom Gibson impersonation activated, calling 04xxxxxxxxx (sensitive data sanitized)

  • wheres the next decent cheap badminton racket supplier?

    • +1

      Try Calibre Sports Ebay site and use discount codes?

  • Still no confirmation email…..

    • yes same .. no confirmation email either

      • I got an email that they have no stock left…

  • None Left :( Any chance of restocking OP??

    • Sorry all stock now gone. Not getting any more.