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[NSW] Free Minor Indoor Tap Leak Repairs & Outdoor Tap Replacement + $11/$22 WELS 4star Rated Showerhead Offers @ Sydney Water


I'm unsure whether these offers were provided previously but thought it is a good reminder to save water & money considering the latest water restrictions due to the drought.

Website has the following limited time offers:

  1. Up to 3 free minor indoor tap leak repairs;

  2. Up to 1 free outdoor tap replacement;

  3. $11* 4star standard hand held showerhead

    • Single function
    • Chrome
    • 7.5L/minute
    • WELS 4 star

  4. $22* 4star premium hand held & wall mount showerheads

    • Multi function
    • Chrome
    • 7.5L/minute
    • WELS 4 star

    *Price includes removing and disposing of existing showerhead, plus supplying and installing the new one. No call out fee for WaterFix appointments Mon-Sat.

WaterFix Terms and Conditions

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    Wow wish there is something similar in Melbourne

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    has anyone installed these? are there any hidden fees outside of $22 if i want i want to replace a showerhead?

    • asking the same thing here

    • Usually, if it looks too good to be true, then stay away. I just phoned them up and DURING THIS PROMO PERIOD ONLY, there is no call-out fee.

      At other times, if you click on the deal and check the schedule of charges, you'll see the $60 call-out fee (payable regardless) & $140ph labour fee. Best ring them first I'd say. Your local plumber may be cheaper - mine is! Only charges $85 ph.

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    Wow, this is exactly what I need. I have about 2 leaky taps. Thanks OP!!!

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    No call out fee but if no ones home it's $60.

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    So its up to 3 free leaky taps repaired with no call out fees or any other charges??

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      Yes. Still cheaper than building a new dam.

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    Do we know what the tap/shower head model?

    • Didn’t ask. They said the premium showerhead retails for over $200

      • Methven?

    • Click on the link

  • What do they consider a minor tap leak?

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      Probably reseat and new washer

    • +9

      Room under water, probably not

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      Per the Schedule of Service and Charges -

      Minor tap leak repairs
      A minor tap leak repair includes washer and o-ring replacement and reseating the tap.
      It does not include repairs to flick mixers (taps where both hot and cold-water come from
      a single spout controlled by a lever), outdoor taps, ceramic cartridge taps or quarter
      turn mixing taps. In the case of toilets, a minor leak repair does not include repair of
      cracked or leaking cisterns or toilet pans.


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        Much appreciated, thank you!

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        I had a tap that couldnt be reseated no matter how many times i tried, would reseat and replace washer and it was still leakimg half the time. In the end i replaced it with a retrofit quarter turn tap, and even though it sat on the same seat the new tap works fine. Onky paid 40 bucks from bunnings.

        Having said that i am still curious as to why reseating wouldnt work, and am only more curious now that the retrofit tap has worked when it sits on the same seat?

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    A tap with leaking hot and cold water counts as one repair or two repairs?

    • -3

      A tap …

      Wasn't that you answered your own question …. -_-!

    • Depends if one or both are leaking

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      Doing well mate

  • Interesting. Im renting an apartment, tap in the bathroom started dripping last week even tightening beyond what we did before it seems to still slightly drip. So i can get this mob out to fix it… for free…?! Seems preferable to calling the real estate clowns.

    • You need to read the T&Cs

      • I did, it seems to be focused on charged items, unless for the purpose of T&Cs there is no distinction but thats not clear at least to me.

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      If you're renting, wouldn't you need permission from your landlord?
      I'd assume the landlord should also bear any costs incurred.

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      As above, you'll need signed consent from the landlord. Either way you'll have to deal with the clowns.

      • Cheers Hinee

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      If you're paying water usage charges get your landlord to fix it.

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    Ozbargainers hitting the hotline hard.

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    A meter tap leak can be fixed free if you can wait 5-10 days https://www.sydneywater.com.au/SW/water-the-environment/what... link at bottom of page.

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        Click the link above, scroll to the bottom and click "Who will fix the tap at your water meter?"

        I can't link to it as it's a pop out page

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      I've had my meter leak fixed for free just by notifying Sydney water. They fixed it within two days which was surprising

  • Ordering the services
    To book a WaterFix® appointment, you must either call 1800 807 475 between 7.30 am and 5.00 pm,
    Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) or email [email protected]. Our qualified plumbers are available between:

  • Same Picture for Both Standard and Premium handheld shower heads on the website -_-

    Great deal though.

    • +2

      The premium is mode adjustable. The standard is fixed mode. Same hose and mount etc.


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        I have picked up the Estilo (Bunnings) brand hand shower with rail for as cheap as 30 bucks. The first one I picked up was 10 years ago and gets daily use and still going strong. Not sure of the wells Star rating but I prefer a rail so that tall and short people can raise or lower the shower head if required

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    can i do this for my investment property?

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    Thanks so much op! I have an outside tap leaking. I’ll get that fixed and also get 2 shower heads replaced

  • No call out fee, but do you have to pay the hourly charge of $140? Unclear.

  • $44 each outdoor tap replacement - but no other fee?

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    Nice, parents B'day present sorted. Only cost me $22.

  • +1

    Great deal, thanks OP

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    Can anyone review the Four star premium wall mount showerhead 7.5L per.minute? For example, is the water pressure decent? Thanks in advance.

    • +2

      Stop overthinking. The labour cost alone to get this $11 shower head replace your nasty 15 year old rusted crap is worth it.

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    Guys, make sure to double and triple check the shower head model when the plumber comes, I was fobbed a cheap shower head with the wrong water flow rating that didn't look anything like the website photo. The plumbers seem to keep the good model and try to install a cheap no name version and keep the good model for themselves and charge you extra (They wanted $55 for the $22 model). Make sure you know exactly the model you are getting. I had the plumber remove it, put the correct model in and charge the correct price for it. It could have been an honest mistake but I doubt it.

    • Hi mate, Which model did you get for $22? Thanks in advance.

      • Four star premium wall mount showerhead

        • @dreamscene - What brand is the $22 model?

          • +1

            @StonedWizard: Posh Solus MK3 Hi Rise Shower 3 Functions Chrome. It has adjustable 3 pattern spray.(4 Star) https://www.reece.com.au/product/showers-c458/shower-heads-o...

            The shifty plumber tried to install a $10 bunnings no name shower head and keep this better Posh model (RRP $108) supplied by Sydney Water and then also charge $55 for it instead of $22. Be careful and double check you get exactly as the picture shows on the Sydney Water website depending on which model you pick.

            • @dreamscene: that's very shifty - should report it to Sydney water

              How do you find the pressure on the 4 star water rating showers?

  • I'm unsure whether these offers were provided previously but thought it is a good reminder to save water & money considering the latest water restrictions due to the drought lack of planning by our governments to cater for increased population and water usage.

    Fixed the description.

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    Multiple members have asked the question as to whether the labour fee shown in several documents applies, on top of the replacement items selected.
    No clear answer yet, so anyone who has used this service, I would appreciate clarification please.

    • would be good to know this - whether it's $22 installation fee included or on top of the $55/$22 for the showerhead you choose

    • +4

      Use this service 2 weeks ago. Invoice that I signed was $22. It was charged to my next water bill. No extra labour fee.

      • awesome - thanks for confirming!

  • I have to say that most water saving showers suck. You get so little water its not really a proper shower.

    I prefer the old school environmentally less friendly showers….

  • Wish Hunter Water would do something like this. I need a few washers replaced, and a sink mixer which I installed myself and which has now got a split in the spout… underneath, thank goodness, otherwise you'd be having a shower every time you fill the sink.

  • Has anyone got installed - Standard handheld showerhead? Does it have mechanism to hold well in its position? My current one keeps dropping and have to use wire to hold it in its position.

  • Merged from [NSW] Free 4 Stars Shower Head Replacement for Residential Property @ Sydney Water
    Go to Deal

    Free services includes:

    • Minor indoor tap leak repairs
    • 4 stars showerhead replacements
    • Leaking outdoor tap replacements
    • Minor toilet leak repairs

    Who is eligible for WaterFix®?

    If you own any residential property connected to a Sydney Water water main, you’re eligible for WaterFix®! This includes strata units, villas and townhouses.

    If you own or manage a strata property, you might be able to have WaterFix® visit the whole complex.

    *In Hong Kong, Majority of residential units uses seawater for flushing toilet.
    Consider one flush is 3.5+ meter of water (more than a normal person drinks in a day), if government really wants to save water, they should invest in having a separate water system.

    • +3

      Boggles my mind that we don't use sea water for flushing toilets, but maybe the cost of maintaining two sets of pipes is too much.

    • +1

      if government really wants to save water, they should invest in having a separate water system.

      Ain't going to happen

      It will cost billions of dollars and end up like the NBN, a big fail

      In my opinion, better to have a rain water tank and connect it to your laundry/toilet. And also government investing in dam networks with hydro electric plants (renewable energy )

      • Yeah but rainwater is what we drink, if all the rainwater was diverted to toilets, it's still less water in the dam

    • It shouldn't matter how much it costs, we SHOULD be doing this, and more.
      In the end, when there is no more water left in this world, you won't be able to drink the money saved by not doing this….

      • -1

        We will probably end up with desalination plants (sea water) for human consumption and sewerage filtration plants for agricultural use.

        • Residential usage of water only accounts for a marginal proportion of total water use, so recycling sewage would be relatively pointless.

          Restricting climate-inappropriate farms from operating, such as the Canadian owned almond farms, or at least prosecuting farmers for illegally depleting waterways, would go a lot further.

          Farmers are a precious PR commodity, though, so that won't happen.

      • +1

        when there is no more water left in this world

        Water doesn't go anywhere though. It all gets reused and put back into the cycle.
        It's not like fossil fuels or something.

    • +2

      Low flow? I don't like the sound of that!

      • +1

        Nicely done with the Seinfeld reference. =)

    • -2

      the on-site plumber will turn to car salesman and forces you to change this, change that; that's how they get the money from.

      • Nah, the government probably paid a ludicrous amount for the service.

        That site proudly proclaims saving they've helped save over 300 million litres of water over 20 years.

        So what, $600k worth of water at $2 a kilo-litre, compared to what they paid for the service.

      • +1

        Just had them coming last weekend. Ended with changing the washers of my leaking showers. They didn't try to sell anything and left once it was done. It was quick, painless and the best thing… it was free.

    • Just another example of ridiculous, ill-thought out policy.

      If you own your own place - it's easy for you to choose to participate and get your free water efficient showerhead.

      But forget about even trying if you are a tenant.

      The second you contact your real estate agent with a special request - is the second your landlord will respond by immediately upping your rent.

      So that "free" showerhead can end up costing tenants hundreds overtime - just for asking.

      Sydney water once gave out free, very effective, do it yourself water saving kits that anyone with a spanner could easily self install.

      Now thousands of homes, in the middle of our dam draining drought - could together save millions of litres of water if they received such kits.

      But no … our idiot, totally disconnected bureaucracy now creates a water saving program that pointlessly is only accessible by the property owning elite.

      • Most older apartments (pre-circa 2005) don't have individually metered water outlets, which means as an owner of an investment property, you can agree to this service if your tenant requests it; or continue to split the higher than average cost across the strata if you refuse. Owners still paying for the water usage.

        Only individually metered water can attract a water usage charge for the tenant, the owner pays for it. Service charges are separate, but water usage unless individually metered in NSW cannot be passed on to the tenant. If my tenant requests it; of course I would agree to it, as I pay the water bill (service charges I can shift to them, but not the actual water consumption).

        Houses you are spot on, though increasing rent on the back of reducing water flow to the shower isn't going to happen. Tenants in a lot of areas still hold the power; not the owners.

        My 2c, I might be totally wrong.

      • I see it as improving the value of the asset either through maintenance or new showerheads/fittings/etc which the landlord would've otherwise paid for. If my agent told me there was a free option like this for a property of mine which could benefit, I would jump at it and hope the tenant saw the benefit in making time for the tradesman to come out.

        As for whether this would increase rent… honestly, I don't see the connection. As a landlord myself, what dictates the rent when a lease expires or I'm advertising is whatever my agent tells me is the market rate for a property like mine in the area it's in.

    • +1

      I find that people talk about water saver, it is all marketing gimmick. The place i work changed the toilets cistern to water saver, so each flush is like half of the water. But then I have to flush it 3 -4 times in order to flush a big ome through. Are we really saving water that way?

    • Like good initiative but bad execution.
      Good luck getting anything like this as a tenant in a house. Maybe in an apartment block, you'd have more chance, but nope not gonna go for.
      If landlord wants, he can do it himself. I'm not going to give him an excuse to charge him more for an "upgraded" water supply.

      • why would he charge you more for an 'upgraded' water features?

        • Simple. He's 'improved living standards' so rent will increase. Not the first time he's done it either. Of course, it won't cost him a cent but oh well what can I do? It's market rate. He can easily find someone to pay an extra $10-$20 a week if I'm not.

          "It's taken time to organise" might be another excuse.

    • Why not make solar panels and rain water tanks compulsory on all new builds? If they subsidise the cost like with solar now, It would only be a few grand extra.
      Even if you only use the rain water to water the garden and wash the car it helps. No reason the water can't be used to wash clothes and in the toilet untreated.

      • I understand rain water tank is already compulsory for new builds, at least for my council in NSW.

  • Offer only valid for Sydney Water areas - Sydney & Wollongong only. Nowhere else.

  • +1

    The plumber came, fix a leaky toilet and replaced 2 showerhead to Posh multi function shower head. No fuss, all free.

    In terms of water flow rate, the shower is definitely slower than the old shower head but the family is happy with it.


    • Thanks for the feedback, @squashy. 👍

  • The plumber was scheduled for 9:30, called me at 7:40 asking if he's OK to come over now. Nope, earliest will be 9:10 but the bloke turned up at 8:50 regardless.

    Most of my taps actually leak like a sieve and needs attention but nope they're fine and gunning for all the easy >$66 jobs like a kid in a candy store.

    When will the govco ever learn when there's a gravy train, there's a will to milk the fk outta them by unscrupulous operators.

    • That's not good & you're right - there will always be those unscrupulous operators that will take advantage of such offers.

      A neighbour contacted Sydney Water when her garden tap started leaking again 5 months after it was serviced under the Water Program & they arranged another plumber to attend the same day with no charge. He was impressed as the warranty is only 3 months as per the T&Cs.

      Suggest providing feedback to Sydney Water & see what they advise.