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[PC] Free - Limbo @ Epic Games


Another freebie at Epic Games, available to download starting next week. Limbo has a 93% Very Positive rating @ Steam.

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    Damn. Someone beat Lysander in posting a deal about Epic Games.

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      You can thank the bloody Raid Stalkers in the Wildlife Reserve in Borderlands 2 in TVHM for that!
      Damn things just won't die easily! :-(

    • Just what I was gonna say! hahaha

    • +3

      He didn't upvote either :(

      • 😱

        • I'll show him some love and let him have the next one!

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    I'm getting so many good games on my epic account.

    It's smart, soon enough I'm not going to feel weird about buying a game on there instead of steam.

    • +2

      Yeah. I bought a few games that were previously PlayStation exclusive there: Journey, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, when they were on sale. It felt a bit weird, but it's alright. I think I'll work on my Steam pile of shame until Epic get cloud saves, though.

      • Whoa thanks for the heads up. Wasnt aware there were playstation exclusives available for PC!

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      On the other hand, I'm collecting all these games (many of which I already own) and I ask myself everytime why I'm even bothering adding these games as I don't plan to ever use Epic given all the the controversy over the last year and how my Epic account has been attempted to be hacked into for the last 3 years non-stop.

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    Don't forget Torchlight is free at the moment on epic!

    • +2

      thanks lysander

      • I was gonna post that this morning but figured I’d wait and let Lysander do the honours

      • Lol, I hope Lysander doesn't mind me stealing his thunder this one time. :)

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      Already got it free on GOG years ago, but what the hell. I'll take another copy of it on Epic. Because it's free. Again.

      That's the OzBargain way.

  • Awesome! I've been wanting this game for a while but kept getting other games.
    I love the art and it's dark story is intriguing. Can't wait!

    Thanks OP and still love your work Lysander!

  • I played this on the X360 trilogy pack along with Trials and 'Splosion Man.

    Great game. Art and platforming very creative.

    If you haven't played Inside, the follow-up by these devs, it's a must-play for anyone that plays games.

  • +1

    Amazing game. Inside is even better!

  • Yes!

  • One of the best games I've ever played and being free i think i may play again for the 3 time haha!
    Highly highly recommend!

  • +2
  • Epic games are on a mission whilst steam sells 20 year old games for 20 dollars.

  • Fantastic game!

  • I hate spiders. I found this game really hard to play as a result of that.

    • you mean you have aracnofobia.. lol great game

    • I think spiders would have nightmares about this game.

  • I already own it, but I won't mind a second one.

  • I played the other game made by these developers (with the factory etc. I forget what it's called), and quite liked it.

    So I decided to play Limbo and was honestly pretty disappointed. I did finish it though so I guess it can't've been that bad…

    • That game is called INSIDE (stylised that way too).

      I would've recommended Limbo first, as INSIDE is indeed a great improvement.

  • -2

    Awesome game.

  • great game…but the image style inside make me uncomfortable..

  • +1

    Are people aware that this game was offered for free on Steam back in 2011 ??

  • Just what we need, another bloody game store on the PC.

    And the idea of "console exclusives" coming to the PC:

    I'm generally all for competition, but I hope this shitty epic games store goes the way of the ovi store

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