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[eBay Plus] Apple iPad Pro 11" (3rd Gen) 64GB Wi-Fi $1,044.65, AirPods 2 & Wireless Case $271.15 + More @ Wireless1 eBay


Great prices on these ones. Enjoy :)

Australian Stock, Australian Warranty

One more popular item at great price with additional 10% off at checkout along with 15% off code.

Original Coupon Deal

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  • 11’ Means 11 feet, not 11 inches. Please change to 11”.

  • Wireless 1 Aussie stock or Grey imports ?

  • This or a 12.9" 2nd Gen?

    I'm looking for an Ipad Pro, but don't really like one that folds.

    • Youtuber's like MKBHD seem to be leaning towards the 11 inch form factor for its portability. The difference between the 11 inch 3rd gen and 12.9 inch 2nd gen is an extra 2 inches in height and 1.5 inches in width according to apple tech specs. Something to keep in mind.

    • Only you can answer that.
      As an owner of many ipads, i put this question to you.
      Do you intend to use this with a keyboard on a desk, or handheld without a keyboard?
      11" for handheld, 12.9 for laptop style use.
      I ha e the new 12.9 and it sucks as a handheld ipad, I use my gen 2 10.5 more.
      The big one is great with a keyboard on a desk, once the software catches up anyway.

      • Thanks.

        We have an Air 2 and a Pro 10.5". The Air 2 is getting a bit old and it only runs for 2 or 3 hours. The size difference between the Air 2 and 10.5" is noticeable. The 11" or 12.9" will be replacing the Air 2. We will be using a Pencil.

  • I think the coupon only works for Ebay Plus Members.

  • im seeing estimated delivery for 1 month? makes me reluctant to buy

  • Airpod2 w/o wireless charging case for 211.65.

  • I ordered a 256gb silver a month ago and it still hasn’t been sent

  • For TRS, The GST would be on the discounted amount?

  • Ordered the AirPods 2 from them a few weeks ago on discount. Super fast delivery. Ordered Sunday received on Tuesday.


    Can this be stacked with the $100 off PAPER discount?

  • Thanks bought an AirPods 2, not the best price but didn't want to wait forever.

  • Very tempted to grab the Macbook 15". Do they give you a full priced invoice? Would like to claim a further 10% through TRS.

    Just a bit worried about a design refresh?

    I said the same thing about the iMac in 2017 though and its still current so…

  • Now to find a good price on cables for these. About 5 should do the trick. Just need to find a bulk buy link somewhere.

  • So the 11" 64GB model is $1243.65 if you also buy the Apple Pencil 2.
    Pretty good deal, considering the RRP for the 11" 64GB alone is $1229.
    So tempting…

  • Australian stock and Australian warranty means that for sure Apple will repair it under warranty if something happens right? They won't be like oh no this is from eBay we dont cover it?

  • BE AWARE!!!

    They list it as having in stock when they clearly don't.

    Bought it on the 13th and after chasing them I found out they "expect" it early Aug…

    • Thanks for this.

      I bought in the 14th and they haven't even sent it off since then.

      Do you know how long it takes for refund and money to get back? I might buy from elsewhere because I'm going overseas for a long time real soon…

    • really is false advertisement and i should've known better given i saw that it was initially estimated to arrive in august but changed to july.
      Chased them up and was given the SAME answer

  • I received the iPad today, but didn't receive a GST invoice. Did anyone else get a tax invoice with their purchase?

    • I got a GST invoice when I placed the order. It was a PDF attachment in am email they sent me. I haven’t received the iPad yet though.

      • I am planning yo to buy this and get the tax refund, do you mind if you can post your gst invoice here? thanks mate

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