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[Amazon Prime] Sony SSCSE Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers (Black) $149.00 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Slightly cheaper than last year and now sold by Amazon AU rather than Amazon US.

The price will decrease from $249.00 to $149.00 at checkout for Prime members.

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2019

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  • Wow paid this much second hand a few months ago.

    • What are your thoughts on them? I'm pretty tempted, however am wondering if it is just another thing that I like the thought of, but may not actually use. It would primarily be for video games honestly

      • I feel like it just helps fill the room up with sound better, links up the front and backs for a fuller sounding whatever.

        For $150 it's not of a risk to give it a go :)

    • Do you have a center speaker? Make sure your receiver isn't downsampling from 5.1 to 2.0 or outputting 5.1 if you don't have the center channel.

      I normally increase the volume of the center channel a fair bit because of the same problem.

  • For those on the fence about ATMOS, it's legit, 100% the best thing tech wise I've experienced in a while (up there with VR).

    Now I share this vid in pretty much every OzB post on ATMOS as I personally thought it was a great way to demo the "lifelike" movement of sound throughout the room, as my Dog chases and tries to catch a bird flying around.

    If you're interested it's a 2:50 long video, the system is a 5.1.2 ceiling mounted, however, these speakers (the Sony's in the deal) some argue can create a sense of a higher soundstage if setup correctly.

    The video was also shared by Dolby themselves earlier this year, so they seem to approve of my demonstration :D


    • Is that your video mate?

    • That's a cool vid but wouldn't the sound in that room be super splashy with heaps of reflections, flutter echo, etc? All those bare right-angled walls, and looks like there's almost no acoustic treatment aside from maybe big black curtains in the back of the room?

      • Yeap GREAT observation! On my list of projects for the room are building some large acoustic panels for each main reflection point. But just been stuck doing other projects at the moment :(

        But yes you would want to minimise reflections to especially help separate from the height channels and currently, there's a lot of possibility for some!

        It's a work in progress, all speakers have precise placement to sit as close to a mixture of Dolby Digital, ATMOS & DTS:X specifications, to try and make it more versatile for different sources of content.

    • I'm a complete nub with this stuff.. so do these speakers provide the .2 (5.1.2) in the setup of your demonstration. Cheers.

    • Noob Q. Does Dolby atmos require the speakers to support it as well?
      I have a Dolby Atmos receiver but not getting a good effect from my speakers.

  • Is there a genuine difference/advantage to using these over a pair of similar sized speakers angled in the same way?
    I have some spare speakers that are a match for my rear channel speakers - could i put them on top of my front floorstanding speakers and chock them up with a bit of wood to get the angle the same as these?

    • I can't think of a reason why, unless the cones are somehow shaped for a more "direct" instead of wide throw of sound.
      If anything you could obtain a better result in being able to make the angle custom.

      What I'd do is attach a laser pointer to the side of the speaker cabinet, in line with the driver, then have someone hold a mirror on the ceiling, adjust the speaker angle and the mirror back and forward until the laser hits head height on your couch, bingo, direct firing from the reflection point to your listener :)

    • +1 vote

      I myself have satellite versions of my tower speakers acting as Atmos. Getting the same speaker or close to it is a far better sound match in my experience.

    • Is there a genuine difference/advantage to using these over a pair of similar sized speakers angled in the same way?

      No that's literally all these "atmos" speakers are. It's just a normal speaker, angled up. If you're happy to angle a normal bookshelf speaker it will do exactly the same job. Although it's not going to look as clean and you need to make sure you get the angle correct.

      • I would think you need front ported speakers for it to work otherwise rear port may not have enough clearance at the point it is angled down.

  • I'm a bit of a noob in terms of speakers, but I have a Yamaha YAS 107B soundbar with DTS:X. Can I add these speakers to that?

  • If I don't have much native Atmos content, do these sound decent using DSU/Neural:X? Or is upmixing not really worth it?

  • Are these wired or wireless

  • A lot of discussion on atmos in this thread, but does anyone have experience with these speakers and their should quality? Or don't people care for a effects speaker?

  • My wife will be well pleased that these are sold out.