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QCY T1C TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones $17.99 US (~$25.63 AU) Priority Delivered @ Gearvita


Scored a good price on one of OzBargain's favourite pair of earphones.

Features include True Wireless Stereo, CVC 6.0 noise reduction for clearer calls with the inbuilt mic, S/M/L eartips, water resistance and a charging case that provides up to 20 hours of battery life. It also supports tap gestures including play/pause sound, skip forward/backward and voice assistant.

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  • Are these the best earphones for the price range?

  • My kingdom for a type c connector on these. Here's hoping for the next gen!

  • i recommend spending extra dollars and but airdots. I have these and they are great but there is almost no bass..

  • It totally looks same as "SoundPEATS True" https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07K1RXBRH/
    So are they the same?

  • +2 votes

    I got these a few months back, can confirm it's really great especially for that price

  • Is there any lag between the Left and Right earbuds? I was hoping to get a wireless neckband version as I hate for there to be a lag in audio. Any recommendations of the wireless neckband equivalents of these QCY or airdots?

    • Zero, works perfectly.

      I love having lost the cable between headphones! TWS is the best!

  • They are really solid for the price, haven't had any real issues with mine

  • Great earphones! Can't believe they are so cheap!

  • I really prefer the Haylou GT1 over these, though I really did like these to begin with. The Haylou's are smaller, but go louder, and have slightly better sound. IMO.

  • Cheers OP. Got x 2 . Excellent price

  • Big delay when watching video. Sounds quality great for very cheap earbuds. Compared to anything decent and they sounds terrible.

    • Never noticed any delay on mine, I use them all the time.

      I reckon they're great for the price. Not using them for quality - I have nice speakers and headphones at home for that. But on the go, travelling, they're great.

      • Gone through two and both had delay. Also q29, xiaomi air dots also. Makes videos mostly unwatchable

        • Did you have the T1 Pro or the ones listed above? I almost went for the pro but someone said the Bluetooth 4 was laggy, whereas these with the 5 were fine.

          • @OpenHand: T1 Pro, BT 5.0 doesn't address latency by default, it's an optional feature of BT 5 which even expensive buds don't have. The BT 5 in these cheap buds are basically BT 4.2.

  • Can anyone confirm if these or the soundpeats equivalent works with Bluetooth 4.2?

    The soundpeats product page says they work with BT 4 and above. But from what I know, TWS only works on BT 5. So I'm a bit sceptical.

    I'm still on a Galaxy S5 that doesn't have Bluetooth 5.

  • Difference between these and
    QCY T1S(T2C) TWS Wireless Bluetooth?

  • How good is the microphone for phone calls?

    • Really bad, everyone I called was complaining, that's my only complaint with these as they are otherwise great. Apparently the Haylou gt1's are a lot better for calls. They have a comparison video on YouTube but I'm guessing the problem is lack of noise cancellation which none of these seem to have.

      • Ditto.

        Love these headphones, but when I get a call, I turn off bluetooth and take the call with the handset.

    • They aren't amazing, but they are fine.

  • always wanted a pair of wireless earphones. thanks!

  • Thanks Clear picked up a pair. I also bought a pair of the A6S on one of the previous deals from you. Interested to see how they compare.

  • I think I would probably dislike the case as it seems so bulky.
    Pods case seems smaller, pocket size (see how i didn't say air).

  • Any chance you can score a good deal with the QCY T2C(T1S)? perhaps free delivery? I prefer it due to lid and battery capacity. https://gearvita.com/qcy-t1s-mini-tws-wireless-earphones-blu...

  • not a bad price but its AU $25.43 on Ali with free shipping.

  • Currently in RESTOCKING status as of 0520 AEST for black and white

  • I've misplaced mine somewhere, thinking about buying another pair…

    FYI if you drop them whilst in the case, be prepared for them to fly out upon impact (as the case had no lid). I guess others might not fly out so far if they had a lid?!

  • Ok sound for the price and works well for music with a little lag when watching video, just don't use for phone call as mic quality is horrible.

    Also some android users (s8 in my case) may be experiencing issues with volume being too low which requires an unpair and re-pair every time. There are some hack type fixes but YMMV.

    • "Also some android users (s8 in my case) may be experiencing issues with volume being too low which requires an unpair and re-pair every time. There are some hack type fixes but YMMV."
      I have this same problem with mine! Very annoying. S8 also.
      Can you direct me to some possible fixes?

  • i had same issue after last update on S8 but turn on media volume sync and works fine now

  • I go tthe soundpeats true wireless a few months ago for $30 and theyre rubbish! crap for music, wont use again and uncomfortable, what was I expecting I guess for $30 odd….? no bass at all…. but did buy sennheiser in ear ones refurbed off here for about $12 and theyre 50x better! I know sennheiser is a much more superior brand andquality but were less than half the price of the soundpeats!

    • I purchased the Soundpeats TrueEngine ones - model Q42 from memory - during the Amazon Prime sale this week.

      They supposedly arrived today so hopefully I can try them out tonight. After Prime Day deal, and all cashback, I landed them for ~$36 and given the Q42's have dual drivers hopefully the sound will be better than your experience. Fingers crossed.

  • I wouldn't say these are good by any means, but a hell of a bargain for the price. I have much nicer wired headphones, but just because of the convenience I almost only used these until one earbud stopped connecting to my phone recently (I've been using them since the start of January).

    Bluetooth isn't that great distance wise, they connect pretty well to my new galaxy s10e, but had some pairing issues with my old galaxy s6.

    They also aren't perfect for exercise as they don't have any wings that can hook into your ears. So while they mostly stay in while running, you have to re-adjust them a few times throughout.

    I would recommend them for anyone curious about what true wireless earbuds are like or who doesn't want to spend ~$250 on galaxy buds, jabra elite, airpods etc. I'm sure the true wireless buds that are ~$50 aren't much better than these.

  • How is call quality of mic compared to Haylo gt1

  • <Edited>

  • Is discount off one only?

  • Would these work with a ps4?
    Could be handy to tell a whining kid to stfu…

  • Thanks just bought a pair to try.

  • Thanks me too bought one pair.

  • I've got one. I have to say the sound quality is so so bad that even watching training videos with them on is unbearable.

    • Any suggestions of neckband wireless earphones with better sound quality in a similar price range?

  • I not recommend them. poor bluetooth range.. they loose connection even if the phone is in my pants pocket..

  • I bought a set for my wife, which arrived yesterday. Then bought another set for myself because I liked them so much. I found them comfortable and they work well so far.

  • Just received mine. very happy with the build quality, fit, size and sound quality.

    took them for a decent run and they did not fall out which was impressive.

  • Anyone tried to pair with laptop bluetooth and use?

  • Still waiting for mine, want to use these for work already! Anyone else still waiting on theirs? Placed my order more than 2 weeks ago..

  • Still waiting bought on 18/07/19.

  • sound is very choppy on my pixelbook, however on pixel 3 xl it's ok, anyone else has this problem?

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