expired [Android] ES Pro Manager (Free), Lunescope ($1.59, Normally $6.49), SkySafari Plus $8 @ Google Play Store


Paid Apps Now Free

ES Pro Manager [File manager w/ 4.5 stars] (normally $1.39 AUD)

Mosque Wallpapers 4K PRO 🕌 HD Backgrounds (free normally $1)

Discounted Paid Apps

Lunescope Moon Viewer ($1.59, Normally $6.49): a gift to my fellow 'airheads', I was 'weighting' for this to go on sale

Default App Manager ($1.49, 50% off, probably useful with you try out a lot of programs within a certain genre)

Sky Safari Plus ($8, 67% off)

—-another airhead program but it seems to be more for telescope users rather than astrologer types content with what the naked eye can discern. There is a Pro version but at 50% off it is equivalent in price to Windows app software, at $30. The Pro version has the largest database, for people with high powered telescopes, or astronomy students/researchers.

New addition for pro musicians (definitely not me yet): MIDI Controller ($2.59 / 80% off)

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