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eufy Wire-Free HD Security Cam with Home Base Kit (4 Cameras) $999 C&C /+ Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Good price for this system if you are looking for a true wireless cam kit.
I don't have this but a friend got this and loves it.
Pros are
- Crisp videos, good night vision
- Wide angle lenses (140 deg) appose to 90 - 100
- Long battery life (Friends system running for 6 months with initial charge, showing 3/4 bars out of 5 still )
- No monthly fees
- optional cloud storage
- IP65
- Good app
- Base station has battery which can run upto 48hours
- True wireless system if you have battery backup for the internet
- Facial recognition (wire claims to reduce false alarms)
- 2way audio + built in siren in each camera

There are good deals going on for other security systems at JB at the moment.

Another reasonable system for ~ 400$ is EZVIZ 4 camera system at FUTU online ebay store with code PILOT

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  • Impressive battery life. Looks like this camera started life as a kickstarter just over a year ago before moving to be exclusively sold through JB. Now a few other companies also sell it. Here’s a review I found for anyone interested. https://nerdtechy.com/eufy-evercam-review

    • That is a bloody glowing good review… Was considering ring vs arlo vs nest but now this…damn! And no subs..

      Also apparently supoorts google home?

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    Just my 2 cents, officeworks sells them to So you can get a price beat and save another $50

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      That 2 cents worth 50$!

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    I have one of these installed at home. 4 cam system (Kickstarter with entry sensors) as well and yeah it works as well as the reviewer says. Will notify you if you set it to. The alarm will go off if you try to move it when it is locked in place.
    Daytime quality is great. App works very well. Haven't integrated it yet but apparently you can add it to the echo show or Google equivalent. Battery life is going well unless you have it in very very high traffic areas. Expect only a few months battery life in that case (but then again, vs other wireless cameras, they wouldnt hold up as well at all)
    cons: cameras connect only to the base unit so it needs to be the center of your house. Luckily it can connect to your network via wifi. (can have 2 base units if you buy 2 sets as well - not confirmed)
    Night vision is definitely blurrier. Can only make out faces if you stare directly at it.
    Facial recognition isn't the best yet. Needs a shot of the face for the camera to recognize it properly.
    When Night recording, a red light will be on.
    Having said that. Will still buy this camera again.

    • is it a bright red light

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    So practically Netgear Arlo.

    • Without the sub i guess?

    • supposed to be better battery length

  • Does anyone know why the US and UK model is so different to the version sold in Australia? It seems like a relatively new product for an old version to be in play already??? https://www.amazon.com/Security-Wireless-Weatherproof-Requir...

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      US model is a new version which has ip67 rating as to this which has ip65. The camera specs are same but newer system does not support facial recognition and base station doesnt have a backup battery. Apparently newer version is supposed to be cheaper due to this. But after aud conversion , this deal is still cheaper.

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        I'm on the fence for pulling the trigger on these. While there are a lot of features that are apealing to me vs Arlo, there are a lot of complaints of promissed features not being delivered. I've just been reading through the forums that I found on the parent companies site from this link… eufylife.com
        and things like this….
        "Yeah Eufy / Anker have stated that the hardware isn’t compatible with homekit & that they are working with apple on a new system that will be compatible

        I think as they are working on the new system the existing system with its faults is now dead & buried

        Why struggle making a 1st gen device do what was advertised when you have a 3rd gen in development that can work out of the factory

        I think they are struggling with the hardware they chose for the eufycam

        If they do release a new system and forget the old then I hope everyone reviews / blogs about the downfall of the eufycam, bad publicity is 10x more effective than good publicity"

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    Two well respected cam reviewers gave Eufy the edge over Arlo Pro 2.

    Eufy Cam vs Arlo Pro 2 - LifeHackster

    Eufy Cam vs Arlo Pro 2 - Steve DOES

    What's to like?
    - Imaging never paying for a camera cloud subscription and being able to play back video footage dating back years (if sdcard is big enough)..
    - Changing batteries once a year compared to Arlo which requires the ladders out to change batteries every 2-3months.
    - MUCH better sound quality in both sound recording + 2 way audio on Eufy vs Arlo Pro 2
    - Eufy camera sounds an alarm if someone tries to jack it.
    - Eufy camera has alarm on BOTH base station unit + each Eufy camera and can be activated automatically + manually via phone app.
    - The Eufy Cam has time/date overlay on the downloaded video unlike the Arlo.
    - Both reviewers gave Eufy camera the edge over video quality + Night vision
    - Eufy cam comes with wall/roof mount as standard whereas Arlo only has wall mount.
    - Steve DOS says security camera app is one of the best and Eufy rivals Arlo/Nest/Ring app. Not bad since every other vendor charges monthly for subs.
    - All videos are stored locally with option of cloud - means you won't reach bandwidth limit caps for those with low ISP BW monthly caps

    Only con I can see is non replaceable batteries. However someone on Youtube replied with decent answer from manufacturer.
    "The battery in eufyCam can last for 300 times of charging cycle, which means 300 times from 0% to 100% and then to 0%. This is enough to last for more than 5 years of normal product use."

    I estimate that each cam probably needs a recharge every 8months so 300 charge cycles means it'll probably last ages.

    Edit: Apparently the ranges on these cams to base stations are pretty bad and you can't even use a WiFi range extender to extend it (uses different signals). Seems everyone is waiting for the eufy range extender which was suppose to come out in Q1 2019. Arlo Pro doesn't communicate on your home wifi and only communicates to base station unit as well but the range is apparently better than eufy. See https://community.anker.com/t/eufy-cam-e-r-a-n-g-e/67055/3

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      Review from whirlpool (not mine)

      My four cam setup sees the following distances from base station

      Cam 1 – 3 metre (line of sight)
      Cam 2 – 5 metre (through brick wall and aluminium joinery)
      Cam 3 – 20 metre (3 internal walls)
      Cam 4 – 25 metre (5 internal walls plus brick exterior wall)

      Cam 1 and as expected at full signal 5/5
      Cam 2 is giving 4/5 strength
      Cam 3 is also giving 5/5 strength
      Cam 4 is giving 2/5 signal – working perfectly however with the slightly weaker signal

      I'm happy with the performance, the two external cameras suffer with transversing brick walls but even then they are rock solid. I could move the base-unit into more centre positioning but I prefer it in a less obvious spot.

  • https://www.jbhifi.com.au/eufy/eufy-wire-free-hd-security-ca...

    The other eufy packages are also on sale but read the reviews on JB before buying. I was interested at first but might need to rethink this..

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    Good timing. Was in the market for a subscriptionless wireless security camera system.

  • Just tried to price match at Officeworks but they don't have any in stock (in QLD at least), and they need to have it in stock to price match.

    • Curses. Was thinking about doing that. Ill try my luck negotiating with jb staff…

    • I thought I'd try my luck on the phone with Officeworks after seeing this. Got it for $949.05. Last one in stock she said.

      • good on you! I suppose you're not from QLD? I manage to get 2 sets for around $960 from JB from 4% discounted gift card from RACQ, hope it works well

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    Appart from Whirlpool and reviews - their community forum seems to have the best info on what features are real or hype…

  • Aldi have these atm, only 2 cameras $499.99


    • FWIW that's Arlo Pro (720p), not Arlo Pro 2 (1080p) as discussed above.

      • Arlo is great to keep an eye on your house or dogs. But it’s getting left behind by nest, ring and eufy.

  • Just purchased got for $960
    Charging up now

  • This system can't operate when an internet connection is down. Read the following thread before purchasing.


    Surely there's a proper system on the market somewhere even if it costs way more. If anyone has some recommendations please list them.

    • That’s interesting. Old school, fully wired then?

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    for those only after the 2 camera pack, it is also available at amazon for 639 (same price as jb's sale) but with 7% cashback through shopback


    • Thanks. Bought one