expired Telstra $65 Per Month (12 Month Plan) 60GB Data Unlimited Talk/Text Plus $400 Gift Card @ The Good Guys


For those who prefer shopping at The Good Guys or if the TGG store is located closer home compared to JB Hi-Fi.
Have a good one and as always, enjoy!


  • Available to port–in customers and new Telstra customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers. Minimum cost $1560 $780 (i.e. $65 x 12 months). Offer not in conjunction with any other offer. In store offer only. Bonus issued at Point of Sale. Click here for Full Terms & Conditions. For further details see staff in store.

  • After joining this plan and receiving your Gift Card if you would like to switch to the new Telstra Plans (offering 5G trial and Peace of Mind data), you can easily do so over 24x7 Chat without paying any ETC.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


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    Minimum cost $1560? Sounds like a 24 month plan.
    Says $780 on the banner but $1560 in the print…


    Interestingly, link from TGG website says "JB Hi-Fi Mobile Plans"



    how do they make money out of this?
    with the gift card that's means $380 for 12 months.
    and ended up paying only $32 per month for 60GB?

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      I'm fairly confident they're still profiting.

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      • Telstra = $31.67 per month (if you can use or offload the voucher) for 720GB per year.
      • Kogan = $7.35 per month (18x $4.90/40GB SIMs) for the same amount of data.

      So Telstra is $31.67 / Kogan's $7.35 = 4.31 times more expensive. (If Kogan still makes money when they are 4x times cheaper, then Telstra certainly is.) ;-p

      Edit: Or to put it another way, I'm saving $291.80 ($380 - $88.20) by using Kogan instead, without needing to use or shift a gift card.

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        However kogan is vodaphone. Telstra has better coverage for those of us rural


          Depends on the rural area. We have much much better vodafone coverage than telstra where we live. Vodafone rents out optus’ cellular sites expanding their coverage.

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          From personal experience Kogan Sims can also roam over to the Optus network without any extra charge in rural areas where there is no Vodafone coverage.


            @bigbadboogieman: Only certain towers I believe, and you're treated as a lesser customer (in my experience anyway).

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              @BuzzBuzzBuzz: Didn't see any significant impact on data speeds or call/text reception. I would disagree unless I can see some documentary evidence of "lesser customer".

              Working in IT, I think it would be more expensive for the company to maintain a separate category just to treat a few random connections as a "lesser customer" because majority of the locals of that area wouldn't have bought Kogan anyway.

              Even a "lesser connection" sure beats having no connection at all.


                @bigbadboogieman: Surely they must already maintain some sort of a list to determine which towers you're allowed to roam onto - because it's certainly not all of them. Try travelling down the great central highway on a Kogan sim and see how far you get.

                It's just anecdotal evidence but when roaming onto Optus through Kogan when compared to a Catch Connect sim the Catch Connect sim is almost always noticeably quicker.


        Which deal is it $7.35 for kogan for same amount of data? I saw kogan deal $4.90 for 30 days but you only can buy 1 voucher.

        Looking for a cheap 365 day/12 month deal.




          • Kogan SIMs = $4.90 for 40GB per 30 days.
          • This Telstra deal is 60GB per month. Which = 60GB x 12 = 720GB total.
          • So divide 720GB (1 year of Telstra) by 40GB (each Kogan SIM), to get the number of Kogan SIMs required to equal the same amount of data. Or, 720GB / 40GB = 18 SIMs.
          • Then 18x Kogan $4.90 SIMs = $88.20 per year, but they are only for 30 days, not per month, and are also only 40GB each. So…
          • $88.20 (18x Kogan $4.90 SIMs) divided by 12 months = $7.35 per month (to equal the same amount of data over 1 year).


          Oh - and you can buy more vouchers. It's only one voucher per order. Just take a new phone number that comes on each SIM, and you're effectively a 'new customer' (new account).


            @GregMonarch: Thanks for the cost breakdown.

            Lets say I only use 40GB per 30 days at home. If i use my old phone to create a hot spot and keep using new kogan sims for 4.9 each, do you forsee or have encountered problems ? The problems I am thinking of are Kogan getting sick of sending me sims or some govt agency thinking I am running an illegal operations

            Otherwise, it would seem like an almost free way to get internet to my house!

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              @lazydavy: I started doing that same thing a few weeks ago. It's great (while it lasts). ;-p

              1. First I purchased the dirt cheap 6x months of Amaysim renewals posted on here a couple of months ago. I forget exactly, but it came to only cents per month after cashback. I've seen similar Amaysim deals come up here since then. That came with 1GB per month of data. I only use that SIM when each Kogan SIM runs out of data, to activate the next SIM. (When SIM 1 runs out of data, you have no internet access to activate SIM 2. The Amaysim deal solves that.) Otherwise you need to constantly monitor how much data remains on each SIM; or need other internet access using someone's phone; or always have 2x SIMs activated, etc.

              2. Then I cancelled my Optus 100GB $70/m data SIM plan. I've been using Kogan SIMs since then.

              3. Depending how many SIMs you use, you might want to get multiple bank accounts with a credit/debit card. Macquarie Bank has a very easy online application and is a Mastercard debit card. e.g. I have 4x fee-free debit cards. The reason for this is you can only activate 5x SIMs on the same bank account in quick succession. The sixth SIM activation on the same bank account will be rejected and ask you to enter a different bank account. (The SIMs expire in 30 days, but remain 'active' - able to be recharged - for 90 days.)

              Having a few different bank accounts means you don't get blocked on any one, from activating SIMs. For example: I activate SIM 1 on bank account 1, it lasts me about 20 days, then I activate SIM 2 on bank account 2, etc. So I never have more than say 2x SIMs activated on the same bank account.

              Each activation eventually 'falls off' your bank account (it's either 30 or 90 days).

              Obviously you could also activate 5x SIMs on bank account 1, the next 5x SIMs on bank account 2, etc. I just kid myself doing it my way means I'm being less obvious.

              Four. When you activate each SIM you have to enter a 'new PIN'. The Kogan site (used to anyway) do something weird if you used the same 'new PIN' twice in a row. To avoid that just enter a different 'new PIN' for each SIM. I record them in a text file on the PC desktop to stop that happening.

              Five. After creating each new account, be sure to actually LOGIN with the new PIN, click on 'Payment Methods', and delete your credit card details and/or the automatic recharge (unless you actually want to recharge each SIM at full price for month 2).

              I've ordered a new SIM every week for a few weeks now. They still send them. ;-p

              Six. Oh - and your first order, order a spare SIM for $2. Sometimes they're $0 - but you obviously need it now. Then when SIM 1 runs out of data, you order another one, and they mail out another SIM. BUT… The activation code comes via email within 1.5 hours. If you already have a spare SIM, you can activate that one with the code - so there's no pause in internet access. When the ordered SIM arrives, put it in the draw for the next activation, and so-on.

              Seven. When the SIMs run out of data I sometimes use them for calls. In case you plan to do the same, I write A, B, C, etc. on each one with a texta and record their details against that letter in the text file I mentioned. I toss them when they expire. This is easier than getting them mixed up and trying to read the small smeared numbers on a nanosim. The texta rubs off easy but is usually still readable before they get tossed. A CD-R pen would be better though.


                @GregMonarch: @gregmonarch

                FYI, I found another Kogan deal with longer expiry. $14.9/90 day/ 60GB Kogan deal for porting customers. While it works out to be double the price at $5 / 20GB, it may help me fly under Kogan's radar for months I use less data.

                When I need to purchase and activate lots of SIMS I will follow your advice

                Thanks again for your detailed response!


        Kogan buys wholesale and resell for profit.

        Telstra sells its own network, also has to employ people to maintain the network operational, buy hardware and software to keep the network running and expanding etc.


      Optus has 80GB data for $35 after ebay card with 4GB/month of unlimited roaming data and unlimited roaming calls & txts


    Are these deals still available if you're porting in a number but to an already existing Telstra account?

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    Deal claims you can change to new plans without etc.

    Not entirely correct. Telstra will waive the etc for the plan, but Pro rata the gift card. So you'll be up for $360ish early termination fee after a month.

    Can you update deal please op


      Telstra got gift card details of those who sign up via jbhifi or Goodguys?

      Not sure on what basis you are spreading this news but was not the case with me..

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        Telstra are aware of the gift card, they were being notified with me yesterday.

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        I think he's talking about the terms of the plan, but Telstra only seem to do it for the phone credit plans.

        JB Hi-Fi Phone Credit (only available on $65 JB Hi-Fi Mobile Plan) For new and existing Telstra customers signing up to a $65 JB Hi-Fi Mobile Plan, you may be eligible to recieve a credit to put towards the purchase of an eligible JB Hi-Fi handset (Phone Credit Amount). The applicable Phone Credit Amount will be applied to the purchase price of your eligible handset at the point of sale within the JB Hi-Fi store. This Phone Credit Amount must be used at the time you sign up to the plan and is not transferable or redeemable for cash (including any unused part). If you cancel, recontract or move to an ineligible plan then you will need to pay a Phone Credit Cancellation Fee pro-rated against the remaining months on your plan, the maximum of which is set out in the table above. This is in addition to any Early Termination Charges (ETCs) set out in the above table and accessory payments. 

        Telstra do normally add in any bonuses or gifts into the plan. For example welcome credits with telstra are paid off over the 24 months, so if you cancel half way Telstra charges you the remaining balance of the credit.

        So it all depends if TGG or JB add the gift card value into the order as a welcome credit. They obviously do for the phone credit offers as per the cis above.

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    Can you get a port-in credit of $10/mth for $45 plan and also, I am already a Telstra customer, can I get this deal??


    Thanks, port-in credit?

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    This is something new.I sign up the JB $65plan few months ago and get 500$ gift card and bought an apple XS, few days later I login 24/7 app, upgraded to telstra $69 plan with $10 discount ,there is no need paid back any credit to JB. I can confirm this, please look into definition “ ineligible plan “. But with the good guys, beware the terms and conditions might different.


    Will add my 20c worth here…the port in credit finished when telstra introduced the new plans….though there are some reports that some operators are still applying the credit via 24/7 chat but its not the norm.

    You cant compare an MVNO like Kogan or Aldi to Telstra or Vodafone normal direct plans…the network do prioritise customers on speeds etc…


    I literally just signed up with Telstra 2 days ago after transferring my number off someone else's business plan. Any chance Telstra would waive the new customer requirement?

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    I just signed up to the JB hifi deal $65 per month, came home and went on chat and they moved me to the $60 new peace of mind data plan with no contract and waived the ETC fee too. Also got the $400 JB hifi gift card.


    When does this end? I’m on Beling, but says I’m not eligible. Can I just port to Vodafone and then take up this deal?


    Wow those are solid deals on the Telstra network. Still more expensive than the TPG I’m on but it’s comparable now for sure


    Did everyone get their gift card immediately?
    Went to the store on Sunday - told me the gift card would be ready when Optus releases my number to Telstra.
    Waited around for like an hour but they still didn't get it finished.

    As of today, I'm still not ported over with no gift card in hand :(

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