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HP 14" FHD Laptop (Ryzen 5 2500U 8GB 256GB SSD Win10 Pro) $639.20 + $15 Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Computer Alliance eBay


HP ProBook 645 G4 14" AMD Ryzen 5 Notebook Win 10 Pro PN 5DL98PA

AMD Ryzen 5 2500U 2GHz (6M Cache, up to 3.6GHz) Quad Core CPU, 14" FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS LED Display, 8GB DDR4 (1 x 8GB) SODIMM 2400MHz Memory, 256GB M.2 PCIe SSD, Integrated AMD Radeon Vega Graphics, No Optical Drive, D-Sub (VGA), HDMI, Gigabit LAN, Wireless-AC, Bluetooth V4.0, HD Web Cam, Card Reader, 3 x USB 3.1, 1 x USB 3.1 (Gen1) Type-C, Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Warranty: 1 Year Australian Warranty & Support

Looks like a pretty good deal for a budget yet capable business laptop

Found a review: https://www.notebookcheck.net/HP-ProBook-645-G4-Ryzen-5-Pro-...

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  • This or the Dell Inspiron 15 which has identical specs but bigger screen?

  • I was needing a replacement laptop today so ended up having Harvey Norman price match JB’s 15% off, to get the Lenovo Ideapad S145 15.6” i5, for $679.. does this deal posted here rip all over the one I just bought?


    • yes, in every way

      • +16 votes

        15" 1366x768? Pass…

      • Yeah another example of retail stores ripping customers off. Just like one HN staff, keep pushing me to buy antivirus and ms Office.. seriously? He think I am stupid or what….

        • Out of curiosity, what alternatives do you use?

          • @imurgod: IMO you can get away with office apps running in the web browser for a majority of use, unless you need full functionality and it user it every day kind of thing.

            As for anti virus, well personally haven't used any virus for many years, haven't had a virus for many years. Be smart with what goes on the computer you'll be fine, but obv ymmv depending on what you do and your own experience with computers.

            • @teereb: Or u can install the free antivirus from Microsoft or so. It never hurt, as careful as we can be. I used to work in the industry several years ago, and I still install the free basic one to this day

              • @hanofee: Windows defender? Yeah that's all that's on my system these days. Updates itself, unobtrusive and doesn't use sfa system resources. I should have specified that.

        • The best anti-virus program is not even an anti-virus program, it's an ad blocker.

          Also Windows Defender is free and good.

    • Replacement as in trade exchange with your old one?

      • Nah never heard jbhi-fi do trade in laptop.

        • Nah, just a replacement for my MacBook Pro. Yes this is ordinary in comparison to that, but I only need it for remote access to my pc in the office at work. Figured this would do the job..

    • Have you opened the box?

      Unused & Unopened, packaging in good condition (product not faulty) - eg change of mind.
      100% Refund
      30 Days

      • Yep, I set it up when I got home. Never mind, it’ll do the job I want it to do, will know for next time.

    • "handles1" As far as the regular computer buyer goes, you got as decent deal to get a 15" laptop with i5 for under $700.

      On a positive note, the i5 should have longer battery life than the Ryzen 5 2500U depending on both battery capacities of course. The HD screen will help with battery life also and get's the job done for regular computer tasks.

      • Thanks, I’ll take that. I just need to remote into work, so I think the ram and SSD combo should do the job. Just would have been nicer to get more for my money I suppose!

        • For what it's worth, I have sourced a few various lenovo laptops for friends and have got one myself, as well as a Lenovo Chromebook S330 just recently ( Officeworks price drop from $399 to $299 ). They a pretty well build for the money with nice slim form factors, smaller bezels and pretty good spec for your $. The screen quality is not only about the amount of pixels, they usually have better than average screens and keyboards compared to competition.

          Getting an 8th gen QC i5, 8gb ram and a ssd all under $700 should perform nicely. Can you still upgrade the Widows 10S to full Windows for free?

          • @ozhunter68: I'm not sure how to tell, to be honest. I had to disable the 'S' mode (had never heard of it before), so I could install our VPN client etc, otherwise it would only let me use Apps from the Microsoft Store.

            • @handles1: Yeah, that's what the S mode is, only able to use apps from their Store supposedly to make it leaner and run quicker, but also to be able to run better on lower hardware and promote their store lol.

              Actually have not seen it on anything above say $500-$600. So you could just disable it? If so it must also have the Windows 10 Home Premium installed also.

          • @ozhunter68: Mate,
            Office works shows the Chromebook S330 as 388 rather than 299. Am I missing something

            • @igreen: I just checked the price online now and looks like they have put up the S330 to $388. It was $399 for the last few months as I was keeping my eye on it, then after a few weeks of not checking price went back to it last Friday and saw they reduced it to $299, so pulled the trigger on one Saturday.

              Looks like I made the right decision, but sorry you missed that price for now. They might do that price drop again in future, the C330 also was down to $388 which is also a nice unit, just wanted larger screen.

    • How much did you pay at HN?

  • Can this serve as an decent average gaming laptop?

    • No form of GPU support other than integrated graphics. So that will be a no for even average gaming

      • Thank. I was mistaken, thought it has dedicated gpu

        • The integrated GPU is no slouch and is decent enough for low end gaming on older titles and some basic new games at low resolution

          But to get acceptable performance you need to spend $50+ for another 8GB RAM, which is probably worth it, to get the full performance from dual channel

          But that said. This is a business laptop and definitely not for gamers

    • Chuck in a second RAM stick to make it dual channel and it can do 720p low for most games fine. It's not going to be a real gaming laptop (nothing in this size or price range will be), but it is roughly on par with a dedicated MX130.

  • +4 votes

    HP has the worst quality control and customer service for me in Australia!

    • for business, i find they have the best customer service/warranty. i log a warranty job every week with HP for my company and its simple. the other major players is much more of a headache to get warranty stuff done.

  • This is as about as good as you're going to get for the money.

    The e495 is close to $800 and I dont think its like $150 better.

    Dell is a non starter for me as I dont like 15" laptops. So out of this and the e495 given the 485 is EOL I'd take this.

    Yeah I know the sub 5hr battery isnt super great and the 200 nit screen is… well its beyond words but I suspect the 485/495 isnt markedly better.

  • worth to put in extra stick of 8gb ram for dual channel boosting the iGPU by quite a bit

  • 4 USB slots are good. Others usually has 3

  • Some people complain about backlit display. The brightness level is not so good.

  • I went into the computer alliance today and checked this out its ok all plastic. I asked if i can upgrade the ram myself without affecting warranty. They said HP is fussy compared to Asus and if they think the Ram you put in caused the problem they wont cover it.

    • +7 votes

      Remove RAM before contacting warranty service. Done. =)

    • Well if the upgrade parts you put in are causing the issue or have an issue then no manufacturer will honour the warranty. Even though I've never had an issue with dell warranty post upgrading a laptop I'd never expect them to cover something that's been added by me which is causing the issue…. Blaming the problem on the upgrade though different story… Lol again Dell never even questioned things such as ram or hdd upgrades if the mobo was dead or something like that…. I dnt deal with hp much apart from servers but not really surprising what CA staff mention.

      • Yeah HP arent that fussy. If they found upgraded parts in your machine they just ziplock them into bags and dont reinstall them for you.

        Granted this is only from my experience with HP at a consumer level.

        At corporate level they flat out DNGAF as they just want to replace the part where you are and go to the next job.

        • Yep exactly same for dell but that's all outsourced so it's like u say get it done… Next job…

  • The HP business line laptops are better built than their consumer grade product. Yes their screens and keyboards won't be as good as thinkpads. If you want something better, I'd buy a Thinkpad.

  • Bought 1 I was tired of keep looking around and this has keyboard lighting so I got it. 639 minus trs of 60 to about 80 depending on invoice total = 560 to 580 not bad.

  • great specs. amazing value for money.

  • Does it have USB type C charging (PD)?

    • Apparently it does
      Three USB 3.1 Gen1 ports (1 charging) and one USB-C port (PD+DP, Gen1)

      • Having a backlit keyboard was a bonus and a really nice feature to have making a really good laptop great to use.

        I have a feeling "Deepchild" is asking if you can Charge the Laptop itself via USB type C PD and not charging devices plugged in to the port which you can. So,…can you charge the laptop via USB C ( great feature in order to charge with a USB C PD Power Bank ).

        • HP has a couple of USB C chargers which are listed as accessories for this laptop
          The specs for the laptop which I linked specifies USB C (PD+DP)
          Which I believes means Power Delivery plus Display Port
          I don’t have anything to test with but I believe it will charge the laptop via USB C

          • @choofa: Cheers. That would be good if it did. I questioned an ebay seller regarding the USB C PD charging and he said no. After also reading here on earlier post that there is a Type C charger listed on HP website I told him that and queried him further and below was my response, so still unclear until someone here tests and reports back.

            "The unit doesn't have the symbol on the port to indicate charging nor does it show on the box.
            You're correct that it's listed as being able to charge with type - C on HPs site, but they're are reports this only works with HP's own proprietary adapter.
            So we cannot guarantee the charging functionality."

            • @ozhunter68: Okay. I’m wary of plugging a USB c charger in. I might wait to find if someone else can
              Mine only has the display port icon
              I’d still say there is some chance it will actually work but I wouldn’t count on it based on what you’ve mentioned

              • @choofa: Better to be sure than sorry. Might not do any damage if it does not charge laptop, but you never know, could short the power charging circuit if not reverse charge protection and then no warranty is possible.

                Had similar dilemma with an Acer and no dice with that unfortunately, but had enough self control not to plug in my 60W USB C PD power bank and risk damage lol.

                I once plugged in a Toshiba power adapter that was smaller with lower watt rating but same barrel pin thinking it would just charge slower with zero chance of damage risk only to find out I fried something in the charging area and luckily had the motherboard replaced just a month outside warranty, so now more careful. I had done this to different laptops of another brand without issue, so was surprised that happened, and shows not all tech is alike.

                Best to be patient and do your home work first.

              • @choofa: The setup guide lists the USB c port as power connector and display port
                And the accessories list recommends USB c power supplies
                Where it says the ac adapter is only listed as compatible
                So I’d say it will definitely work

  • Might want to read here i dont like the chances of usb c charging. https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-...

  • Finally got to open mine last night. I don't find this any faster than my quad core Celeron from 4 years ago with 2 gigs of ram and an sdd drive. For boot up and general web browsing no difference in speed . Hopefully when I do cpu intensive stuff it should be a lot faster. Has anyone done a clean install of Windows 10 because there is a lot of HP stuff installed. Also not everything appears clear especially text when installing programs the text is a bit out of focus on the pop up boxes.

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