expired Corsair Rm1000i 1000W 80 Plus Gold PSU $175.20 Shipped @ Tech Mall (PC Byte) eBay


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Makes it the normal price of a RM750x for those of you who have missed out on the amazon prime days

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    White! I was looking all over for a decently priced white PSU… then realised my case has a PSU shroud anyway and you couldn't even see the thing (from the side)

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    I've actually been considering this for two weeks but I hear that the cables are extra thick and difficult to work with. I'm hoping to find an HX850i sale in the next few months.

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    If your system requires less than 500w do not get this as it will run less efficient than a gold 750w psu. Id say this is pretty much the case for most single gpu systems. This is because these psus run more efficiently at 50-75% of their load capacity. More is not always better.

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      +1 Almost nobody actually needs a 1000W GPU these days. The average gaming rig really only needs about 350W under maximum load.

      A good rule of thumb is to add the TDP of both the CPU and GPU, and add ~50W for other components. That gives you a minimum baseline - move to the next size up if you want quieter running and/or headroom for future upgrades.

      A high quality efficient PSU is better than a bigger, cheaper PSU.

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        Mostly true, unless you're overclocking.


          Are you talking about water cooled systems, or the extra power to overclock?
          Because I reckon either way you won't be drawing a substantial amount of additional power anyway.

          Graphics cards however are power hungry. Running two in SLI, plus a light show in the case etc. would probably be worth the bump up in power supply, but I reckon gone are the days where it was a mandatory thing to have a 1000w supply.

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            @UFO: Sorry meant CPU OC'd on load can draw more than 50W over TDP, depending on CPU of course.
            But agree with the above, 1000W is overkill. Even SLI I'd prob still go an 850/860.


          Always true, especially when overclocking.
          The assumption is that as long as the power needs are met, better quality / regulation is better.


        My AX1600i has state-of-the-art gallium nitride transistors… your argument is invalid.

        You probably don't even have RAM water blocks, LOL!
        laughter intensifies


    Good price, but I’m waiting for a deal on a 650/750 Cosair (recommendations welcome). I’ve got an R5 3600X and MSI 2080 waiting for some mild overclocking (I’ve got big coolers).


    The deal is back use code POSTIE