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[Amazon Prime] Edifier Studio 2.0 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers (R1700BT) $135.15 Delivered @ AU Store-V via Amazon AU


Already 20% claimed so be quick.

Edifier R1700BT 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker - 66W RMS - 3.5mm to RCA - Bluetooth - Integrated Audio Adjustments - Remote Control - Wooden Enclosure
Features & details
Bluetooth pairing capability
Dual RCA inputs for connectivity to multiple audio sources

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  • would these be better than that yamaha YAS10b soundbar for a TV?

    • absolutely, soundbars are practically a scam.

      if you're mostly interested in them for TV/Movies though, you might want to go for a seperate amp and passive speakers because that will give you an upgrade path. i.e. you can add a sub, a centre channel, replace the fronts and put the old ones at the back, etc.

      the centre channel becomes particularly important if you're watching movies with other people to be honest. Probably the one thing the soundbars have going for them actually.

      • Thanks for the detailed response buddy.
        Ended up pulling the trigger anyway….though i will be hooking this up to the TV, Im sure I'll be using this more for console gaming and music rather then movies.

      • +16 votes

        Personally, I prefer passive aggressive speakers.

  • Is this any better than the Sony xb32?

  • I didn't need this but I bought this.

  • 100% claimed already!

  • These are great. Got them for my PC a few months back and have been very impressed by the sound quality.

  • next deal be R2000 plz…

  • Got a pair of these with a Chromecast Audio - highly recommend.

  • These are (profanity) amazing. I was using headphones and a shitty JBL portable speaker and these blew them out of the water. Fills up my 4x3.5m room and has good bass for music and movies too.

  • Only buy the one above if you want really powerful speakers. Out of all the edifier products that probably holds no.1 for being the most tacky looking imo.


    The ones i've linked are more than enough for the average casual user. I bought mine on sale for around the same price a few months ago and they look far less tacky than these slanted orangey red wood ones. Even full price now it's $5 less more for a much more updated look, and updated internals (mostly the bluetooth chip).

    Sounds no less amazing, and you'd be surprised at the fantastic bass coming out of such little things without distorting the rest of the sound. By all means buy the listed one if you're looking to do a moon launch in your own room. I've got a family and live in an apartment so no 100% tremor inducing rocket launches for me.

    • Appreciate your insights. Will keep an eye on these for a future sale 🙂

    • +1 , the R1280BT's sound amazing for the price. You also get digital (Optical and coaxial) inputs on the 1280 (vs only RCA on these). Huge improvement from the doof doof Logitech's (while still producing enough bass for enjoyable listening).

    • Aww, now I regret buying.

      Maybe I can still cancel.


      Order cancelled, thanks.

      • That's a shame, the R1700BT for $135 was a total steal. The R1280BT has way less sound quality :(

        • I agree, $135 is a great price for R1700BT.
          R1280DB is still a better option for most people, and many reviewers agree more than enough sound quality.
          I would say it is the sweet-spot as it is the most popular, and the R1010BT & R980T are probably where the sound quality drops off.

        • Really?

          Now I regret cancelling …

          • @Yanoflies: The R1280DB driver size & front ported design is very similar to R1700BT.
            Specs & reviews say R1280DB actually has stronger & deeper bass.
            Depends on your preferences really.
            Others have suggested to use digital optical input for best sound out of R1280DB.

    • hard disagree on the aesthetic argument, grey on grey on grey reminds me of PC satellite speakers from the early 2000's and the aligned tweeter, woofer and port on the "tacky" speaker looks much nicer than the cramped cluster on these, but to each their own.

      the slant is a bit odd, but not ugly.

    • I actually like the wooden look

      • yeah me too. that said, i also really like the late 1980s Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

        yours sincerely,
        clark griswold

    • Ive owned these speakers for over a year now and bought the black wood style. I agree these look a bit tacky but if you manage to find this model with the black wood, they look way better.

    • Highly disagree, the sound quality on the 1700bt are miles above the 1280. so for the price, the 1700bt are a steal. I also prefer the aesthetics on the 1700bt but that's more subjective

      • It's not a huge difference to be called miles above. You get a little more bass, but the 1280's can do that with some balancing software anyways which is easy via bluetooth. I'm not sure but i'd also like to point out that from some digital/bluetooth signals the quality is actually identical so I can't be sure on your comment. I own the 1280, the luna eclipses as well as a variety of other edifier gear (have a set on the TV, the turntable and my PC) so trust when i say that the average joe will be more than pleased with the smaller set (average joe being me and 95% of people on ozbargain).

        Also someone above also pointed out the choice of optical attachments which is more useful than people think!

        Cheers for your insights tho!

        • Yes I agree, for the average consumer the R1280DB is the sweet spot (with all the inputs and decent sound). I have mentioned in the previous deal, the R1700BT lacks optical / coax inputs, so the next logical step up from R1280DB is actually R1850DB (which is identical to R1700BT but adds optical / coax input & subwoofer output).

          Someone previously mentioned the price doubles from R1700BT to R1850DB, in which case it may be a better bet to get the R2000DB on sale, which is the R1850DB on steroids (double output power, larger drivers & alloy material for woofer) and all the inputs.

    • Actually many reviewers have stated the R1280DB has better low-end extension, which is reflected when comparing the frequency response to the R1700BT.
      The R1700BT benefits from larger and better quality drivers (both tweeters & woofer) and the up-ward facing angle (which I have mentioned in past comments).
      R1850DB is same build as R1700BT, but adds optical / coax inputs and a subwoofer output (and tone controls are moved to the rear of the speaker).
      R2000DB is another step up in driver quality & size and double the power of the R1700BT/R1850DB.

  • Well saved myself $135 i guess

  • Damn it. I was look at these on the weekend. Definitely would have grabbed a pair!

  • Too late for me too. I wanted to buy one but missed out too.

  • have audioengine a2s, will this be an upgrade?

    • depends on the application. For lower volume levels on the computer desk keep the A2s, if you want to fill a room the bigger drivers are important for sure.

    • Have owned the Audioengine A2’s years ago, and they were a disappointment for the price.
      Back then I was looking for something simple and found them on sale from a PC store in VIC so I ordered them blindly to give them a try.
      First impressions, they were tiny, with small drivers (2.7-inch woofer) for the price I paid (too along ago to remember price but it was definitely more than these Edifier’s).
      Build felt good & solid, but the sound was the next issue. Severely V-shaped sound (as-if they tried everything possible to make them sound like they had a subwoofer from the 2.7-inch woofers & boosted the highs as well to mask the dark muddiness caused by the massive bass boost).
      At least the Edifier’s have Tone control (Treble / Bass) so you can tweak / correct the sound signature.
      Last impressions, after a few years one of the speakers developed a static / interference sound, and opening up to check, everything was where it should have been so fixing it was out of my capability.

      This is just my experience with the A2’s, I’m sure others may even possibly like them, but the last deal price for the most recent A2+ model was $299 and (without comparing them side-by-side) the Edifier’s at half the cost seem like a much better deal.

  • Damn…missed out! I'm after sound for my pc. r2000 next pls

  • Not a audiophile but this looks ugly AF wouldn’t a few Sonos be better?

    • A few Sonos would cost at least $450. Different league.

      But yes, the sonos does look better 😂

  • I ended up buying the 1280DB yesterday during the lightening deal. Happy to swap it with someone who picked the 1700 today and settle the difference with cash. I am in Sydney. Hit me up if someone is interested.

  • Hey all, is anyone able to tell me why the black model of these speakers are almost $50 cheaper on Amazon? Are they the same?

    • Yes they are identical. The less-popular colour always sells for cheaper.
      Also the black ones are sold by a Amazon AU, which should make returns / replacements etc easier.

      • Thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated!

        Works well as I prefer the black.