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30% off Pitmaster's Powder BBQ Dry Rub $7.69/150g (was $10.99) | Zero Salt BBQ Rub | $4.99 Post (Free $25+) @ SpiceSource.com.au


Hi OzBargainers. Been a while since we posted our last deal and, given the cold weather in Sydney and awesome support we get from our deals, we're keen for some warmth from you lot.

This deal's for one of our top sellers - Pitmaster's Powder (Barbecue Dry Rub). Again, it's a salt free rub we produce in fresh batches. Developed for pork but also great with beef, seafood, salmon and vegetables.

Most other commercial rubs are littered with salt, but we've kept away from salt entirely so that you're not wasting money on a product that's mostly filled with salt. Salt's cheap as it is and leaving it out helps to avoid doubling up on salt (e.g. salt from dry-brining vs salt from other rubs) and/or to control your salt intake.

About SpiceSource.com.au

Spice Source is Australian based and relatively new to the barbecue dry rubs scene but have a great range of well blended, salt-free (and occasionally sugar-free) rubs usually containing only herbs/spices (2-3 rubs include sugar for bark/texture).

The Deal

Apply the code at checkout to score 30% off Pitmaster's Powder 150g
$4.99 flat-rate shipping or free shipping for orders $25+

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  • 75% sugar!

    • LOL the rub will make ya fat!

    • +6 votes

      Er, not quite at all. And for a slab of ribs, you're ending up with at most a tsp. of sugar. As for why we've included sugar, it's one of our few rubs that have it - and for good reason. Other than enhancing flavour, it helps form the crust or bark for meals like ribs or other smoke roasted pork which this rub is often used for.

      • I'm not saying it's a good or bad thing. I was just surprised to see that the rub is 75% sugar which seems like a lot.

    • Every made your own sauce or rub for ribs? the amount of brown sugar is rediculous but ridiculously good…

      • I have, a rib rub almost always has plenty of sugar. I wrap in foil after 2 or 3 hours with butter, honey and a good helping of more brown sugar!

  • Do you have a rub combo that enhances Umami flavours or emulates 30 day dry-aged beef?

  • How long will these last in the pantry?

  • "so that you're not wasting money on a product that's mostly filled with salt" …… but is 75% sugar.
    Just seems a little disingenuous doesnt it ?

    • Straight to the point.

    • +1 vote

      The difference being salt's usually a cheap, non-essential filler to keep costs low for other suppliers; sugar's deliberately been kept in this particular product of ours because it's essential to taste and texture (refer to my earlier comment re the need for sugar to create crust on ribs). Leave sugar out and your texture will suffer.

  • some good reading on their website, I'm too lazy to read the books they have for sale, but this little snippet is a decent read about salt and dry brining: https://spicesource.com.au/pages/our-salt-free-solution

  • Any idea how well these would work as a seasoning when cooking meat using a sous vide?

  • These spice mixes are THE BUSINESS! Absolutely love em, got pitmaster, for the birds, raise the steaks and red dust… All incredible and unlike anything you can buy at a grocery store