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Samsung M2020W Mono Laser Printer $38 + Delivery (Free via Shipster) or Free Pickup @ Harvey Norman


Link works again!

Samsung M2020W Mono Laser Printer $38 @Harvey Norman.

It has NFC tap and print, Samsung mobile print, Google Cloud print, Air Print, and WiFi Direct.

Expensive to run from what I've read, but cheap enough as a throw away I suppose, unless you buy cheap generic toner cartridges - some as cheap as $18 on eBay - found another one for $12 and free postage (thanks to everyone who posted links to some of these cheap cartridges in the comments)

Delivery is $5-15.

Unless you can pick one up in store for free by using click and collect at checkout.

Delivery is also free with Shipster if you have it (thanks to people who pointed that out in comments).

Ps. This deal is different from the one posted a few months ago for $48, and is now expired.

This one is another 20% off, and is now a clearance item.

Original deal that I posted earlier: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/473558

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Ink cost?

  • Throwaway printers. Crazy how wasteful we are!

    • I picked up my last 2 printers from the kerb, both worked fine when i got them, but after some time both had issues. I can almost certianly fix them too, but no time so they are just sitting at the moment. Its quite sad that even someone who is relatively eco-minded is still considering buying one of these. The only solution I can think of is that manufacturers need to be made responsible for their own products. Forget abput just carbon, what about the unit going into landfill?

      • Yea, good points. Companies that make things don't pay for landfill. We all pay ourselves, but also indirectly, so we also have little incentive to be conscious about end of life for our products.

        I mean, if we all had to appropriately pay for our waste, we'd all think twice about shopping at amazon. I got my box of huggies nappies, delivered in a amazon box, with more paper filler waste. I literally have twice as much cardboard from amazon than from normal shopping. I used to think, at least it gets recycled. But it's doubtful these days.

      • Was gonna get one. Your comment changed my mind. Have a +

        • Great stuff, now I can get one wo2thout feeling guilty knowing that I caused you not to get one! Just kidding mate lets be strong together on it! :)

      • The only solution I can think of is that manufacturers need to be made responsible for their own products.

        Why not the purchaser/end-consumer? They're the one deciding to buy and use them.

          • @Jackson: Wtf, that's a tad flagrant. But I'm not sure how that's not just a law-enforcement/policing issue.

            Catch the people breaking the law. (I know it's easier said than done, but that's how we deal with all other crime, which is what this is). Also:

            While Mr Atkins said tipping fees were often cited as the reason for illegal dumping, he thought it was more to do with people being lazy.

            This is also someone just being batshit insane. Literally in the middle of the street, not even cul-de-sac or anything.

        • As a consumer we are paying for it.

          Council rates for rubbish collection (includes recycling) are going up a fair bit more than inflation.

          The problem, as I said, its indirect. I pay the same as my neighbour, whom may throw 2x, 3x more cardboard away. Or even use my bins if its more free. Cant stop that.

          Until you can determine who creates more waste, you cant make them pay.

      • The best second hand printers I've ever had were from ebay.

        I spent a dollar and got 8 enterprise printers. I ended up with 3 fully functional highly specced printers with spares and toners. Anything that is made for an office is going to do 25K off a single toner. The service manuals are on the web, and the machines are designed to be serviced and repaired.

    • -12 votes


      You say we like you think we control Government rather than the business's responsible for the upcoming lack of polar icecaps at the same time in 2024.

      (That's the feedback loops arriving 80 years before it was supposed to be a problem).

      • +17 votes

        Yes 'WE'. WE are members of government. WE are people who elect our governments. WE are people who work for and run corporations. WE are consumers who support companies that provide what WE want.

        Get out of your victimhood mentality and take some responsibility.

      • I just meant we the people, all encompassing. I get what you are saying though, there are strong forces at work undoubtedly, blocking everything from green energy subsidies to recycling in some cases. Sometimes its lobbies, but sometimes its poorly designed systems. Regardless we need to be organised to do something about it. There could be an entire post about waste and wasteful things (in fact maybe I should start one?) I do heaps of things to try to be more efficient, but its amazing how often people will think its to save money and not to do my personal due dilligence in taking care of the place we live

      • +1 vote

        I’ve read this a few times and it still makes no sense

    • We can drop the old printers and computer accessories in Officeworks, but keep in mind "Customers can bring in up to 5 items for recycling"


      Beautiful people, please do the right thing!

      • Probably gets shipped off to the lowest bidder for processing, aka SKM recycling…

    • When you can't scan a document because it is low on one colour. It was always destined for the bin.

    • Why is it a throwaway printer?

      • Printer manufacturers often sell printers so cheap (often losing money on them) that people buy them thinking it's a bargain.

        Then, when it's time to get an ink/toner refill, they find out that these sometimes cost several times more than the printer, so it's sometimes cheaper to buy a new printer than refill the one you already have.

        This works for printer manufacturers because these ink/toner cartridges are copyright and chipped, so that only original manufacturer cartridges will work with the printer.

        They go as far as to count how many pages you have printed, and if you have (for example) a thousand page cartridge, it will stop printing more than one thousand or so, even if there is still ink/toner left in the cartridge for a few hundred more pages.

  • It's laser you can probably get cheap generics on ebay

  • My Samsung laser printer I got for free 6 years ago, I print all the time get good mileage out of generics.

  • Can’t find any stock around Melbourne

  • +16 votes

    Brother HL-1110 is a better buy, the generic toner cartridge is half the price while prints 50% more. Just abit more at $59 at Harveys

    • I prefer Brother printers too, but this one is a Samsung which I'm guessing will be easier to print from my Samsung phone.

    • I got one of those years ago for $30 from officeworks but it's badged as a Fuji Xerox P115b.
      Uses the same toner, Brother TN-1070 or Fuji Xerox CT202137 - some sellers stock both at different prices, which is pretty sneaky.

    • Gosh I remember this printer constantly being posted on Ozbargain courtesy of Dick Smith.

    • The HL-1110 has no network connection, I believe? Not even ethernet. USB only.

    • I checked this printer, it says the drum can print 10,000 pages but the toners not included?

      Googling confused me :/ alls I came away with is, its an empty cartrige thats more expensive then a full cartridge.

      Brother TN-1070 and Brother DR-1070.

      Note: going from https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/brother-mo...

      • What exactly are you confused about?
        The HL-1110 comes with a full toner cartridge, lasts roughly 1000 pages.
        Some people say it only comes with a starter toner cartridge that lasts less but that was not the case for me and there are many reviews on that page stating the first toner lasted ~1000 pages.
        Replacement toner cartridges are less than $30 if you shop around.

      • The "Drum" is not the cartridge - it is the container that collects and stores toner "spilled over" during the printing process. It is like a rubbish bin for used toner that doesn't end up on the page, and can generally hold the waste toner from several cartridges. That's why the drum will always be rated for more "pages" (print jobs) than the cartridge.

  • I printed many hundreds of pages on this one or something very similar. Cheap renewables on eBay.

    ML 2010 was my one.

  • I think Samsung's printer section bought by HP couple of years ago.
    I got a ML-1865W the wireless setup drops off very now and then and not easy to reconnect. Brother is easier to setup and more stable.

  • Oh oh!

    I just had a look at the Samsung specifications page for this printer.

    It looks like it is not compatible with Windows 10 (unless Samsung released a driver since then).


  • Does anyone have any recommendations for a good colour laser printer at a reasonable price? Thanks!

    • I find out useful to have a blank and white laser multifunction unit.. Convenient to copy and print at home, at times, and effectively zero upkeep.

      • Can you suggest a laser multifunction please. Always been looking but never find a recommended one.

        • FWIW I have a Brother HL-L2380DW, but it's a little hard to compare value as it's no longer made, and I bought it second hand regardless.

          Based on my experience working at an electronics retailer, though, I'd say:
          - Brother was by far the most reliable brand we stocked, and had most if the consumer level range available to us.
          - I wouldn't bother with any brand's entry series unless you want something disposable (build quality was often a bit off, and key features like a proper paper tray weren't always there).
          - The extra you spend on a laser unit will be recouped relatively quickly if you consider the ongoing maintenance of inkjets.

          Take this with a grain of salt as I moved on from working retail a couple of years ago now.

          • @todayssawyer: I still have two Brother laser printers, one 10 years old, the other 5 years old.

            The 10 year old one kept me going through 3 years of uni, and I printed literally thousands of pages with the cartridge that came with it.

            Both still work but the older one smudges, so I'll use the toner from it in the newer one.

            I bought this Samsung laser printer mainly because I can print wirelessly.

    • Children doing assignments… You want them to go to Officeworks and print? I am not sure the petrol cost and time (for every trip) will be worth the saving.

      Also, after 9PM, if you need to print something… what would you do?

      But, if you hardly print, I guess just go to OfficeWorks.

  • Im still using a Samsung ML-1610 which I picked up from Harvey Norman for $60. They certainly last.

  • laser printers are bae

  • I was able to place an order and select pick up free in store, but not many stores have stock, and it's a clearance item … so I'm not sure how long this will last.

    There was also a place to enter a code, wish I had one to bring the price even lower.

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