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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 1TB $1799 ($600 off) @ JB Hi-Fi


Samsung Galaxy S10 plus 1tb $600 off until 4th August.

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    Not like they can try to sell it for $2400 soon…

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    A phone for 1800… so where’s the bargain?

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      Ridicules. Who would buy it at this price??

      • Well, people still buy Apple phones (so they spend even more for lower specs) ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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    Wild price

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    lol keep trying Samsung.

  • I would like to see $600 off for S10e

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    What would you do with 1TB?

    • +8

      store Linux ISOs

      • Yes offline access to 1 tb of Linux iso on the trains/tunnels

        • dex with linux is pretty epic.

    • +1

      1tb = 500 movies of 2gb each may include subtitles for Jav movies 😆

      • Whats Jav?

        • +3

          Japanese Adult Videos. Cmon you've been around the porn circles long enough to know that!

          • @Monstalova: Do you mean Japanese anime? I didn't know they have categorized them into adult and kids, though I do know there is a separate category known as Hentai.

            • @Overcomerak: JAV is just normal Japanese porn. It's usually blurred out anyway so no big loss. Kids? What the hell is going on in your head!

          • @Monstalova: Thinking tentacles? think monstalova
            Username checks out =)

        • i never understood the deal with porn. less so with cartoon porn. just what is the point of watching something u cant touch? my same incomprehension applies to strip clubs.

          • @Gerry H: One word - fantasy. So many genres, so many on-screen talents, so many fantasies.. Nothing matches a good japanese pork

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      take 2000-5000 selfies a day for instagram and it quickly adds up

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    No matter for which phone, $1800 aren't a bargain

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    A further $600 is what would be needed to move this post Note 10.

  • too cheap!

  • Store in Title

  • Thanks OP, got 10 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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      Maybe it's a included 1 TB immunisation vaccination at your local GP…

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    There is a phone that normally retails for $2,400?! That is absolutely ludicrous.

    • No one actually uses the phone function in phones anymore tho

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    I remember similar feedback when phones hit $1k. Interesting to see how phone capabilities and our willingness to spend on it evolve.

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      yeh but they could back it up with technology that was increasing rapidly.

      from 1000 > 2400 you're not exactly getting much more

      I buy the premier phone every 3-4 years, i back it up with I use it all the time.

      • By your logic couldn't just you buy the flagship when its a year old for probably half the price? Then still get 2-3 years out of it?

      • +1

        I half agree. Phones have improved since they started costing $1k, and cameras in particular are getting ridiculously good (my phone takes better pictures than my large bulky 2014 bridge camera which has a heaps bigger lens). But the increase in cost appears to be accelerating, while the improvements in capabilities are not really that great (as you mentioned).

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    The iPhone XS Max 512GB is AU $2,369.00 from Apple's online store and only has half the storage of S10+ 1TB. For comparison sake it's not bad but overall still too much bloody money for a phone in my opinion.

    • but in a few months the samsung will be 50% resale and can get 70-80% for iphone

      • +3

        but not every user plans to sell their phone <6months into ownership…

    • That's because Apple is a rip off

  • For $1800 might as well buy Sammy 5G version of S10, bigger screen too

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        living kills you slowly

  • OW price match to save an additional 5% too

  • hmm? yeah this totally feels like someone just handed me $600 cash.

  • If you have access to the Samsung Partnership Program (see previous deals on which employers are eligible) you can get this for $1,559.35.

  • +1

    It’s got the bigger TeeBees!

    Gonna have to update

  • What is the selling point, just 1TB storage? to save 4k home made porn?

  • The LG G8 is just as good, or even better, but only half the price. Samsung is no better than Apple now…

  • Does anybody have a code they're not using? I signed up for the JB HiFi instant deals but haven't got an email. The OP code doesn't work.

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