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40% off Waxes and Polishes @ Supercheap Auto


Lots of bargains to be had. A few listed below:

Turtle Wax Hyb Seal N' Shine 473mL $15.95

Nu Finish Liquid Polish $11.09

Autoglym Polar Seal Wax - 1 Litre $28.19

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  • Great price for the Polar Seal. Been tossing up whether to get the Bowden's Own Happy Ending or this, both get good reviews so think I will get this.

    • it comes with Happy Ending?!

    • I don't think you can go wrong for the price, you'd struggle to get 40% off He as it's only available thru Autobarn atm. That said, I picked some up when it was 30% off and am very happy with it. I would give this a go for the price.

    • happy ending is a great product worth every penny

      • I'm sure it is, but these products both do the same job. I picked up some other BO gear in the recent sale but it's annoying how limited the availability of HE is, as well as the high price. So the Polar Seal will do the job fine for now, and will dry off with BO After Glow.

  • Whats the real benefit of a 'sealant' vs using a high quality wax (did separate polish and wax on weekend using 'Meguiars Ultimate' products - haha hilarious how they're 'always claiming to improve these products - reminds me of the cold bloc pole vaulter who was paid a big bonus each time he broke his own world record so did it in the smallest amount possible each time, Sergei Bubka IIRC)? Is it just the same/similar thing called another name or is there a real advantage of these.

    I only ask as I've a crapload of waxes I've collected over the yrs that're unused and am loathe to get another unless it's got a leg up on the others.

    Thx in advance.

    • There's so many different opinions and test on this question.
      I think, in general, a product marketed as a wax will have a deeper shine, whereas a product marketed as sealant will last longer on the surface.
      Then you have Carnauba wax vs synthetic wax. Again, in most cases, carnauba looks nicer but synthetic lasts longer.
      But most importantly, you have to prepare your surface well. This has the biggest effect on everything.

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      Sealants are synthetic liquid waxes, whereas the "high quality wax" that you mention is probably a solid carnauba-based wax. The latter typically has less durability but more gloss. There's lots of information already on the internet if you care to look.

    • Whats the real benefit of a 'sealant' vs using a high quality wax

      Mostly durability but waxes in general terms are higher in gloss. Waxed cars also get dirter than sealed cars because of protectants stickier texture.

      I only ask as I've a crapload of waxes I've collected over the yrs that're unused and am loathe to get another unless it's got a leg up on the others.

      There are some exceptions but SCA is not the place to find these types of products. If you hate applying waxes then look at sio2 spray sealants (CarPro Reload, NV Lustre, Optimum Opti-Seal). Boost real protection quickly and easily

      'Meguiars Ultimate' products - haha hilarious how they're 'always claiming to improve these products

      The Ultimate range is no gimmick. They are often based on Meguiars professional range of products which are refined for the consumer market. Eg. M105 and M205 are the professional versions of Ultimate compound and Ultimate polish

      • Meguiars have a combines SiO2 + canauba wax spray now.

        Also, Mothers have an SiO2 + TiO2 spray, thats only available at supercheap.

        Its…. Not super cheap though :p

  • Just bought another bottle of Turtle Wax Hyb Seal N' Shine Thanks OP

    • They any good? I heard the ice version is better but not available in Australia.

      • Have not tried yet. I still using "Soft 99 Fusso Coat 12 Months" from Japan and I quite like the result. Wait till the summary I will try this. Looking at some You tube clips, most of them say this one is better than both the meguiar's hybrid ceramic spray and the mothers polymer sealant consider this is half the price.

        • It’s the same stuff, just no ice name in it because of the obvious stigma around the ice epidemic

    • Hmmm, this vs Bowden's Lazy Wax?

      • Buy a tub of hard wax to provide a longer lasting protection, and spray wax to help top it up and assist with dying

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    Best price I've ever seen the Autoglym Ultra HD wax go for. This stuff is pricey but amazing.

  • The should have called it the "Mr. Miyagi Sale".

  • Meguiars Ultimate Compound the Ultimate polish would the 2 over the counter compounds I would recommend.

    Ultimate Compound has the ability to make moderate corrections but also finish down to a great gloss when matched with the right pad.

    • Can I ask for your advice? I want to do a DIY ceramic coating on a black car. After wash and decontamination would polishing with the ultimate compound be sufficient or will I need to use the ultimate polish afterwards as well before coating?

      • you can either use just the polish, or the compound and then the polish.
        compound is more rough and introduces marring into the paint, use polish after to remove them.

  • I get the whole waxing thing as it is very fashionable now to be bare, but what parts do I use the polish on?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hows Turtle Wax Dry Spray Wax ? I am just a noob looking for an easy to use wax.Any input appreciated.

  • You want something that lasts long, cause no one wants to wax monthly.
    Also, you want something easy to use so you don't spend too much time.

    Collonite 845 . I recommend it. I wax every 3 months with this now.
    Its economical. It looks good.

    Google it for more reviews and opinions.

    • Ordered 2 bottles with micro fibre towel bundle. $67 on Amazon Aus with prime free delivery.

  • As usual just as your've already bought something it goes on sale. Good price off for the wax & polishers.

    • That's true, I just bought a turtle wax yesterday. I am a SCA club member, so I should be getting credits for the difference.

      • Oh yeah. Didn't recall that. I purchased at SCA as member. At least I get credit back. Thks


    Long term real world test off various sealants/waxes in the texas sun

    • Just bought nufinish after watching it last 1.5 year in 34 products test.

      • Seems like a best case scenario.

        Can't be beat for the price despite the known issues with it (dusty of you put in too much, leaves white spots in paint chips, stains your trim and is a pain to remove from trik if you let it dry)

  • i have some high end waxes i paid $100+ for that never get used these days..

    I can spray this product on, rinse off with pressure washer and has better longevity!

    • I really like HydrO2. Not just great for the paint and trim but gives the ability to easily add protection to areas which are difficult or impossible to get to. I also like using it some areas of the engine bay, wheel faces/barrels and the wheel wells

    • seems like the same thing as the Autoglym Polar Seal Wax that OP pointed out.
      THe Hydro2 is 6 x more expensive though. Is it worth it?

      • One thing to note is the dilution factor. These two are pretty similar, 40ml and 200ml or 1:5. Bowden's Happy Ending on the other hand is 100ml and 900ml or 1:9 so you would use nearly twice as much of the other products.

  • Thank you OP.
    Bought 10 Seal N' Shine.
    Bowden lazy wax was pretty good. Hold up for a few months.
    Nufinish polish I was not too impress as it requires more work but not holding up as claim.

  • What can I do for clays? Should I get something locally or should I get a car detailer to do it for me? It's just a mazda 3, but I love her very much and she's getting long in the years.

    • A clay bar? Unless you get the car detailed regularly, just DIY, it's not hard at all and has no risk. Bowen's make a rubber that has the same effect as a clay bar that is very quick and easy to use. Otherwise get a clay bar from just about anywhere. I wouldn't bother with a specialised lube, just use car shampoo I'm a squirty bottle.

    • Had a similar question.
      Just bought some turtle seal n shine, 9 year old Mazda that's never been clay'd

      Thought I saw a link in an old bargain post about cheap 3m clay on eBay.

      Need something dummy friendly and better value than the stuff at Supercheap at rrp

      • I found some on aliexpress and ordered them. They feel like rubber. You have a link for those clay bars?
        @whitelie cheers mate, more confident in doing it now. You have a link for the Bowden one?

    • Buy the $5 ebay 3M blue ones. shipped from China. don't bother with the name brand stuff

      • This is exactly what I have! Great, thanks, will get started with a spray with few drops of dish soap after I clean her up. Claying is labour intensive, so I guess it'll be better if I do it indoors, right?

        • After washing do indoors. It's easier and less likely to get more dirt on from weather elements again after claying etc. You want to minimise dust/dirt risk