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Gaming PC: R5-2600 | RX 570 4GB | 240GB $579 @ TechFast Website


The R5 3600 | RX 570 4GB System TA posted recently (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/471740) was extremely popular, so we're offering the R5 2600 for $120 less, with a bonus upgrade to a 240GB SSD. Also offering a 23.6" AOC Monitor option for $110 on this system only, meaning you can get a very similar system with monitor for $10 less than the 3600 system price. Think it compares well value wise.

Use code RYZEN5RX570.

We've also dropped the 16GB RAM upgrade price to $99.

Base Spec:
R5 2600 | RX 570 4GB | 8GB DDR4 | 240GB SSD | A320 MB (3000 series compatible) | 550W PSU | Leaper Small Case: $579
with 23.6 AOC Monitor: $689

Probably a very short run on this discount, just a couple of days at this stage, so be quick.

EDIT: Extended by a couple of days!


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  • Can we please have a no graphics card option?

    • +12 votes

      Saw your DM earlier, will reply with an option tomkrrow for you. If it goes live on site it can cause issues with people not understanding the whole requires GPU thing.

    • I'd be keen on this! Really need to replace my Phenom II X4 and happy enough with my HD7950 for now.

      • Probably shoot Luke a DM in regards to that mate, I don't think that'll be going up on the site.

  • Cracking deal on those wanting to get into PC gaming.

    1080p fps:
    Battlefield 1 easily over 60 fps at ultra settings
    Doom over 100 fps at ultra settings
    Witcher 3 ultra settings over 50 fps
    GTA5 over 50 fps very high settings

    Just as an FYI for those wondering.

    • How about 2k (2560x1440)

      • 1440p:
        BF1 Over 50
        Doom Over 60
        Witcher 3 Over 40
        GTA5 Over 40

        Only 4gb Vram becomes more a bottleneck at higher res.

      • For 1440p this would be able to handle it as long as you're fine turning the settings down. If you're looking into getting into higher refresh rate 1440p gaming then a 2080 or a 2070 Super is really your only option, other cheaper cards just can't push it. You can check out Techfast's other 2080 Builds and 2070 Super listings for deals on those if interested, though of course they're more expensive.

  • No USB c? :(

  • Great price for a budget entry level build, glad to see RAM price has been dropped to make it worth taking that route, though I hope it is 3000mhz speed.

  • Great price (even less than some GPU's alone) and for a whole system! Tech fast throwing out the dealz

  • Ran out of graphics cards just as I was about to place my order….

  • good entry level build

  • Is this enough to play Fortnite ?

  • This may have been asked before and could probably be googled, but would a PC with a 1060ti (or similar) be better even if it costs a little more?

    Kids want a gaming PC, will get it around Xmas time, so not in a super rush, happy to wait and see what else comes up over the next few months.

    • The 1060 is a faster card. The 6gb definitely over the 3gb variant. Not hugely faster though.

      Techdast have a week or so turn around from order to arrival now, so no rush for Christmas.

      What's your budget? They will definitely have many more deals before Christmas time!

      If this is your budget can't go wrong (great 1080p gaming / FHD that is), though waiting until later you'll get similar priced builds, but with better gear.

      With AMD having just released their new gpus their budget gfx card option will likely be in a build before Christmas from techdast :)

      • Thinking to spend around $700 (including monitor)

        Would want something that could possibly handle VR too as the my other kid wants VR for PC

        • The gfx card in this build really is the minimum of trying vr. 1060 bring comparable to it. The bundle with the monitor here is just shy of $700 as well.

          Maybe PM Luke the rep and see what his thoughts are on other possible deals for pre Christmas time.

          I reckon wait, if it's an Xmas present and get one with a better gfx card in the next few months tbh. Keep an eye out for tech fast deals in the future :)

        • VR would definitely be harder to get at this price point. Techfast's graphics cards tend to not have USB-C as an output so you may not even be able to plug in a headset in the first place. Like teereb said definitely PM Luke and see what he has to say but I'd say for a decent VR experience you should expect to pay ~$900 or so, though if you want the bare minimum (won't be very enjoyable though) then you could get it for $700 here, with the 1660 being just able to do VR. Again though, I'm not sure how enjoyable that would be, and if the card would support a VR headset. Definitely hold out and see what happens in the coming months, no rush for Christmas :)

  • What are the measurements of this case?

  • Can it work with Mac Thunderbolt monitor?

  • Sorry for the dumb question but I currently have my PC hooked up to the TV, can a system like this run 4K? I don't need to game in 4K but just general windows use would be nice/ watching movies.

    • Probably yes, but it would not be able to game in 4K for sure, unless you call 10 fps gaming haha.

  • What about an option with a b350 or b450 motherboard? I know most of you aren’t into overclocking, but they’re much better chipsets than an a320. For a small premium with the 16gb upgrade would make a very solid base to upgrade from.

    • Mate, did you even check it out? B350 and B450 upgrade options exist, and are optional upgrades. Click on the listing, go to motherboards and there's options for B350, B450 and even X570 motherboard upgrades.

  • Are Allied SSDs any good? How do they compare to a Crucial MX or Samsung Evo 860?

  • Can I ask why this offer is better than the one on ebay for $580
    And comes with the 8gb version of the 570-?

  • How many DP ports are there on the RX 570 GPU?

  • Can I upgrade the motherboard?

    Have many screens would I be able to run with this?

    • Yes, to B350, B450 or X570.

      As many as you would like. How many unique displays? 3.

  • Any mad deals on the 3900X beast?

  • where do i enter the code, is this still available?