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Gaming Desktop PC: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 RTX 2080 8GB $1399 (Was $1899), AMD Ryzen 5 2600 RTX 2080 8GB $1299 (Was $1799) @ TechFast


Got coupon code from Techfast which will give you discount of $500 on these 2 gaming PCs and seems to be great price after discount.
Enjoy :)

Base spec - CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 - GPU: NVIDIA RTX 2080 8GB - RAM: 1 x 8GB 2400MHz DDR4 RAM - Motherboard: A320M - SSD: 120GB - PSU: 750W - Case: Leaper Pro RGB M-ATX. Select your upgrades from the options below! If you require multiple systems, please add each to your cart separately.

Base spec - CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 - GPU: NVIDIA RTX 2080 8GB - RAM: 1 x 8GB 2400MHz DDR4 RAM - Motherboard: A320M - SSD: 120GB - PSU: 750W - Case: Leaper Pro RGB M-ATX. Select your upgrades from the options below! If you require multiple systems, please add each to your cart separately.

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  • Love the coupon name

  • What would you recommend upgrading for either model for gaming on high settings? (Don't care too much graphics)

    It seems the PSU and motherboard are not powerful enough from what other people have commented in previous deals, also should I buy my own RAM with faster speeds?

    I've lost my touch with PCs :(

    Cheers in advance!

  • Tempting but not quite - not when Ryzen 3000 is out.

    • Yep, it’s even been lower! Was $1240 with eBay discount code a month or two ago. I understand that was eBay-funded but this is still not compelling at all. Maybe the 2700 one but I’m inclined to just build myself or at least wait for 3000 series.

  • This or the Dell Inspiron Gaming PC 5680 Desktop Intel i7-9700 for $1499?


    • Get techfast if u r gaming simply because of the gpu

    • That doesn't have a graphics card, won't be able to game on it at all. Definitely the techfast one.

      • It has a GTX 1660Ti 6GB GDDR6

        • Sorry didn't see that, I'd still definitely recommend the techfast even if everything else besides the CPU and GPU is cheap as balls it's going to be leagues better than that PC (which is also probably using the cheapest components available). As for almost all gaming these days, if you have a decent CPU from the last four years the GPU is almost always going to be the bottleneck.

    • Gaming definitely Techfast deal. 2080 is about 60% stronger than the 1660ti.

  • you get what you pay for

    A320 motherboard, AMD said they wont support Zen2, of course depends on motherboard manufacture

    2400mhz ram, zen2 requires optimal 3600mhz cl16, they will never be able to reach that frequency

    so basically, you may only keep the 2080 which will devalue as soon as 2080 super comes out

  • White case now!

  • Seems to have no OS (licence)?

    • Comes preloaded with Windows but you need to provide your own key.

    • Correct, it should come preinstalled with windows 10. You can either pay them for a key and they will enter it when they install it, you can buy your own key from a legit source or spend $20 at a semi-shady 3rd party key site, or pirate it. Gives you the choice of how much you want to spend instead of incorporating it into the build automatically and increasing the cost when you may not want it

      • I dont think Microsoft let OEM system builder ship prebuilt computers with windows but without activation like techfast does. Does techfast do something shady or sell grey market stocks?

        • It's much more convenient for the customer, so I'm grateful they do it this way. Whether it goes against microsoft's license terms or not, I don't really care. Id rather not spoil a good thing by bringing it up.

  • Most of those components are pretty bottom of the barrel but I suppose they do make for the highest price/performance

  • Buy this.

    Change 2080 for 980 in my current system.

    Resell for $600-$700

    Cheap 2080.


  • If only TechFast would offer the same with a B450, faster RAM and a better quality PSU for $200 more along with these budget builds. Seems like a area they could make more sales in.

    • agree

    • I agree with the price for those upgrades, but I just checked their site and the upgrades are: B350 for $39, more ram but still at 2400mhz $119 to go to 16gb, and $199 for the 750W 80+ Gold.

      So its there, somewhat, if people want it. I feel with the few people that go this route, they still make more money from their current upgrade system.
      Then again, they might make more quantity sales if they did what you said, so we'll see haha.

      • It's not really there though. More RAM does not equal faster RAM, especially when for $119 you could get a 16GB kit of 3000mHz, and get a decent 750W+ 80+ Gold PSU for under $200. Even the B350 is pretty bad compared to a B450, so I would probably skip the $39 upgrade and just spend an extra $60 on getting a B450 motherboard instead.

    • +4 votes

      More upgrades options coming for 300 Series. Deals coming soon.

  • Don't forget to get a larger hard drive. The 128GB are just enough for 1-2 high end games (next to windows that is).

  • Just gotta say that Techfast has proven reliable on so many occasions. Personal experience was that my GPU was damaged during shipping and they immediately offered to exchange it, even going as far as upgrading to a better brand even though it wasn’t exactly their fault. Honestly really impressed with their service.

    • 👍

    • "Just gotta say that Techfast has proven reliable on so many occasions"
      In the past they have had terrible feedback and when somewhat sorted it was all a bit odd.
      How does a GPU suffer physical damage and not have any other damage to the system? Considering at least one of your purchased systems had a major issue, exactly on how many occasions have you personally purchased a system from them that had no issue, for you to base your praise?

      • Hi Major. Just to clarify, Techfast is reliable not only because they take responsibility for their own systems they sent as well as their communication with the buyer. The negative feedback was only during the Christmas period where they were swamped with orders and to put yourself in their shoes, you would be struggling as well. On top of that, orders were all fulfilled albeit some delays. Regarding my own system, it was the foam packing that was wedged underneath the GPU causing damage to it. Human error or shipping issues, I’ll leave it up to you. But nevertheless they still took responsibility for it and even gave me an upgrade. So before you go all kinda aggressive on my genuine praise, take a chill pill.

  • What model 2080 is this? Asking for water cooling compatibility

    • A large portion will be MSI Ventus but they are not guaranteed; as always a mix of models and brands will likely be used so we can't specify for an individual system.

  • Would love to have seen a Ryzen 5 2600 with gtx 1660 ti. Looking for a cheaper rig for work up north.

  • Is this good for Premier Pro 4k Editing? the AMD Ryzen 7 2700 compared to intel?

  • wheres luke?

  • The catch is no OS license installed and poor motherboard brand.

    • Is it worth the price $1616.00 for it? I upgraded motherboard to the b350, 120mm Liquid CPU Cooler and 480GB SSD and went from $1399 to $1616.00

      • Up to you but just isn't such a good deal at least give us a decent motherboard

      • Hell no

      • the B350 is an ok upgrade for $39, SSDs are really easy to buy cheap nowadays so I'd recommend just buying one and installing it next to the current SSD, one of the easiest installs.

        Liquid cooling is unnecessary unless you plan on overclocking with overvolting. Air cooling is more than enough for an OC without OV.

        So I'd reccommend 1438 for the system with the B350 upgrade and buying a 500gb ssd for like 100$ almost anywhere else and leave liquid cooling out.

        Upto you though :)

    • Presuming anyone looking at this cpu and gpu cares about performance. Here's the catch, you will also need to buy:

      New ram
      New hard drive
      New motherboard (or pay too much for a sub-par b350 they offer through upgrade)
      The CPU is last gen, and the new gen is a huge improvement and cheap
      The case is an unknown quantity, but isn't made by a reputable manufacturer
      The power supply is an unknown quantity, probably highly inefficient

      Really amazing deal if you can get past that though.

      • So if we build it our selfs its going to be.

        $1100 for GPU then $500 for CPU then $200 for motherboard then $150 for 16gb of 3200mhz ram then $150 for power supply then $150 for 1TB SSD, $150 for case, $100 for cooling. = $2500 for an ideal build? thats $1100 more then whats offered here.

        Unless you buy stuff on very cheap bargains as they come its going to be hard to match it.

        Its a tempting offer to buy this.

        • yours are top tier components price/ release price

          similar case is $49 at msy

          $500 buy you a 3700x, not 2700x

          $100 for cooling, you can totally use an amd stock cooler

          Ozbargainers never pay for that

        • So even when you build with msy parts isn't cheaper than this?