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[eBay Plus] Crucial P1 NVMe M.2 SSD 1TB $144.46 Delivered @ Shopping Square eBay

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  • Guyysss don't do this to me I literally just bought one for 154 😂

  • I’m so tempted to buy this even though I bought a 960gig crucial from them a month ago and just installed windows on it

  • Lots of deals on NVMe and regular NAND drives. I guess they're making way for PCIE 4.0.

  • Any suggestions for USB 3.1 enclosures? Just something cheap for an Xbox One that isn't rubbish.

  • Lots of deals for these type of memory…what are you all using this on? Minipc/htpc?

  • These worth it for a NAS? I have a Synology DS1019+ and am tempted but what would like to know thoughts on the benefits?

    • Only if you aren't moving lots of data to and from it, rather just reading from it. Also if you don't intend to use more than 85% of its capacity. Limitations of QLC is lower life span if larger amounts of data is moved to and from it, speed reductions in writing lots of data to it at once, and slow downs when the data is heavily fragmented.

      If it was used a games or media storage (mainly being read from) then you wouldn't notice a difference between this and the vastly more expensive EVO Plus.

      Crucial website indicates this drive is compatible with your NAS.

      • The slow downs are really crazy.

        I bought a 1TB Crucial P1 in the Prime Day sale ($129) and the first thing I did was fill the drive with H2testw just as a quick check that it's not completely broken.

        After writing about 150GB the drive slowed down to 80-90MB/s. After that when the drive reached a temperature between 65 and 70C it throttled itself down to 40MB/s.

        It took almost 6 hours to fill the drive.

        Now the weird part was when I attempted to read verify the drive locked up and would not come back until I hard reset (power off). It did this several times. It only did this verifying with H2testw which is odd. I could read the files using other tools.

        Contacted Crucial support and they said the rated operating temp is up to 70C so the throttling I experienced is "normal". But they couldn't explain the read issue except to suggest I update the firmware which had just been released. I tried to but their Storage Executive wouldn't let me… which the rep suggested was because the firmware had just been released that day.

        I'd already messed around with the drive over 2 nights and CBFed anymore so I returned it to Amazon.

        I should note I was using this in an Alienware 15R2 laptop. It has a thermal plate next to its M.2 slots but perhaps with more active cooling overheating may be preventable. But given it's winter and I'm already facing heat issues (albeit with an artificial test) I didn't think it was worth the risk, and it doesn't feel right to have an SSD that's only fast under certain conditions (and get worse as it gets full). I know that's what QLC means but I'd rather pay a little more for TLC.

        • I truly get that.

          People often poo poo QLC (not you, your complaints seem very reasonable and is does seem like there was an issue), however in 'most' situations people will not be able to tell the difference between Crucial P1 and the EVO Plus, but the EVO Plus can cost twice as much. For those odd occasions, is twice the price worth it, I think not. That doesn't include temperature issues though, and I'm hoping yours was actually just a faulty unit with it turning off like that.

          If that data you transferred across was being downloaded from Steam, you should never encounter those speeds issues, and when you come to read from it it'll be super fast. However, if you transfer large data from one drive to another, yeah it'll definitely slow down. Hopefully people buying this SSD know that and will only expect the slow down once, when they first restore their back-ups. Perhaps they can transfer it over night.

          Glad you returned it to Amazon, what you getting instead?

          • @FabMan: I've been looking at using one of these as my Steam games drive, for that purpose only it's not worth it splashing out extra for the EVO Plus?

            • @Jazza2400: No, definitely not for Steam games drive, go with the Crucial P1 and save money. Your load times will benefit 0% using EVO Plus. Then again, going from a bog standard SSD to an EVO Plus seems to reduce loading times by only a second. There are plenty of YouTube clips proving this.

              Since downloading from Steam is a lot slower than writing that data to the Crucial P1 is capable of, you won't encounter the data write slow downs.

              The only downside you'll really encounter is if you back up your Steam data to a SSD, and transfer that data across. Once you get to 120GB transferred, it'll slow down significantly. If you are, transfer over night, you'll never experience that problem.

          • @FabMan:

            Glad you returned it to Amazon, what you getting instead?

            Nothing for now. I've been using a 1TB Crucial M550 since 2014(!) and bought the P1 on impulse… it was so cheap! Now I understand why hehe.

            Keeping an eye on the WD Black SN750 as that probably best fits my needs (lower power consumption than other drives in the prosumer bracket) but I honestly don't /need/ it. :)

            For me the P1 slowdown (and maybe I had a faulty unit) ruins the fun of SSD but I get that for most people's every day use they probably won't encounter issues. Though I still wonder how it really behaves when it's close to full given the way it uses free space for cache.

  • I bought one from Amazons recent lightning sales for $129 :P
    sorry to make you feel sad…

  • Would this be compatible with my techfast PC I just bought? I upgraded the motherboard to the B350M M-ATX, which i think they usually use Biostar…

  • Does using NVME disables one of the SATA ports?

    • the older M2 standard, which preceeds the more recent M.2, is purely sata and disables one of the sata2 ports on my motherboard .. newer M.2 form factor comes in 2 flavours: sata(B key) and NVMe(M key).
      If you have 2x M.2 slots the first slot will be PCIe only, installing a 2nd M.2 will disable a sata port.
      Read your mobo manual > some motherboards will disable sata ports regardless.

    • Depends on the board. I know in my case, on the MSI B450 Tomahawk it disables two SATA ports so might want to check the manual of your own.

      • If you use a b key m.2 it’s sata based and it’ll use a sata port. I’d you use an m key nvme it shouldn’t need to disable any sata ports…

  • Do I need this? Does it have any marked improvement over a normal SSD for gaming?

  • Damn I wish I had eBay plus

  • I just bought a mx500. Do I return it and get this instead?

    I guess this won’t really suit as a boot drive will it?

  • Thanks OP, grabbed one

  • Would this be compatible with my Macbook Pro 13inch 2013 model?