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$10 off for The First 6 Months - Unlimited NBN No Contract & No Sign up Fee @ Tangerine Telecom


Discounted rates available for the first 6 months with Tangerine NBN plans:

  1. Standard Speed plan (21 Typical Evening Speed)
    • $54.90/m for the first 6 months then goes up to $64.90/m
  2. XL Speed Boosted plan (42 Typical Evening Speed)
    • $59.90/m for the first 6 months then goes up to $69.90/m
  3. XXL Speed Boosted plan (83 Typical Evening Speed)
    • $79.90/m for the first 6 months then goes up to $89.90/m

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  • AussieBB 6 months expiry in Nov can I set the connect date to Nov?

    • Sorry, not sure if they take order for that long, have to ask sales support.

  • Anyone know if there is a cooldown period with these guys?

    I was with them for 6 months, then did 6 months with ABB.

    Would I still qualify for this 6 month promo if I go back?


    • How did they compare to Aussie BB?

      Do you torrent?

      • They were good - honestly couldn't tell the difference in general usage. I am on FTTP in metro Syd

        ABB were better in terms of your 2nd q

    • +1

      Same here.. Was with them for 6 months and currently with Aussie - 6 months ending this month. Will give this a try.

      BTW, I asked this question to Aussie and they said if I come back after 6 months, I'll be treated as a new customer and will be eligible for that type of promotions :)

      • Sweet thanks mate

  • too many NBN providers, How to select which one is better?

  • Just literally signed up with Kogan after looking for deals this morning and see this one straight afterwards. In comparison though the Kogan silver for $66pm with a free modem and no contract seems like a better deal than the XL for me.

  • If only I could get NBN….

  • Honestly… It's still not worth it.

    I have had 100/40 with ABB and Kogan with no major issues… When I switched to Tangerine, I just was not able to get more than about 20/20.
    I logged speed tests daily and after the first day or two, these were just ignored.

    If you have signed up for them and having the same issue, they do have a 14 (30?) day trial period, where you can still cancel and get your money back.
    Just note that they won't send you a confirmation of the request, your internet will just be turned off randomly a few days later.

    FWIW: ABB has been the best, with Kogan at least acceptable.

    • +1

      I second it. Tangerine is not up to the mark and was plagued with congestion almost every other evening , with speeds down to single digit Mbps, in Parramatta CBD

      Singed up with kogan and speeds are ok. ABB was best though.

    • which NBN type? FTTP, FTTB, FTTC, FTTN, HFC……..
      it greatly depends on type.

  • +6

    These NBN plans are just crazy. I don't know what went wrong, but the NBN costs waaay too much and is way too slow for the price. Where did we go wrong Australia?!?!

    • +2

      NBN was never really intended to be cheap, the only way the business case stood up was with a monopoly and higher prices.

    • https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-05/nbn-legacy-how-not-to...

      Given it is an investment, the NBN has to earn a commercial return and since the costs have blown out, it has to charge retailers like a wounded bull. They, in turn, pass on those costs to you and me.

      There is almost no debate now about how to fix the problem. Everyone from ratings agency S&P to the telcos themselves are demanding the Government write down the value of the NBN by around $20 billion.

      If it did this, the NBN wouldn't need to charge as much and everyone would be better off.

      There's just one problem. Given it represents a loss, that $20 billion write-off would be very much on-budget, which essentially means taxpayers rather than NBN users would foot the bill.

      • There was nothing wrong with initial FTTP for all but all these governments F#$%ed it.
        If they would has started it from cities to regional then it would have been great success and would has sustained for digital equality.

  • +1

    Just look at the cost of your passport application and compare with other countries with similar gdp per capital and you'll get the idea

    • +1

      Imposts on Aussie beer price affects the average punter more


      "Looking at countries we typically compare ourselves with, Aussies pay many times more in beer tax:

      18-times more than Germany ($0.12 per litre),
      15-times more than Spain ($0.14),
      8-times more than the US ($0.28),
      6-times more than Canada ($0.37),
      around 5-times more than France ($0.47),
      almost double that of New Zealand ($1.18);
      almost two-fifths more than the UK ($1.37)."

      • govt should get us tap line for beer instead of water.

  • not worth risking it with small operators, might be gone next month for all you know. just like mungi and others.

  • +1

    Tangerine are the worst. Terrible speeds especially with multiple connection requests or the use of VPN.
    I have FTTP and consistently get 95Mbs/38Mbs with TPG and Superloop. But with Tangerine I was getting as low as 17Mbs/19Mbs.

    Even after contacting them, they said they couldn't do anything about it other than inform their upstream provider (iPrimus).

    So my advice, stay away!

  • Moved to Tangerine from ABB as deals expired.

    Have been using for the past few months, haven't had any issues with speed.

    FTTP 100/40 connection.
    Speed test approx 90/35mb.

    I do find that some sites are throttled, particularly cloud services. But I also found this to be the case on other ISPs. Using a VPN gives much faster speeds.

    • what speeds do you get post throttling?

  • Perfect timing, $20 off promo from ABB is finishing this month. Thanks OP. I signed up and set the activation date to late August when my ABB is cancelled. :)

    • Link to promo

  • Anyone know how does Tangerine compared to Superloop? Thanks

    • I tried to enter my address and it keeps saying I don't have NBN connection although I do have NBN connected last 5 years. So I signed up with Tangerine instead.

  • how does it compare to myrepublic.

    • Myrepublic is shite

  • I have a friend on Tangerine … has shocking congestion. I also highly suspect that they prioritise certain services so that it looks like their services are performing better than they are. Many times I have done speed tests and getting full rate, when an FTP transfer goes shockingly slow at the same time. Very sneaky.

  • +1

    Shocking speeds in Perth during evening, wouldnt recommend at all

  • +1

    Anyone know where else I could get a 100/40 plan at the same price as this elsewhere then? (prefer no lock in contract and BYO modem.)

  • How to get a referral code?

    • There is a referral link just below the main post. I’ve sent a PM with it but a quick response is not guaranteed

  • Was with them for sometime. They throttle pretty much everything. Don't even think about 4K-ing on YouTube or Netflix even with a 100 or 50 plan.

  • Used to be with Aussie broadband, signed up with them 2 weeks ago, no difference, if anyone needs referral code, pm me.

  • Sydney Eastern Suburb here. changed from ABB. No difference so far for my use (web browsing, Netflix 1080p, etc). PM me if u need referral code.

    • Just wanted to know the benefit of referral system here?

      • Both you and your referral get $25.

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